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Winding down today.. laptop on desk.. Tchaikovsky blaring from my iTunes (its for the baby..)

We had a busy day of house blessings, UFC fights.. and eating.. eating.. and more eating..

Today is our six month wedding anniversary.. can you believe our wedding was six months ago?  If feels like its been ages since we said our “i do’s”.. but in a good way..

Six months of marriage.. four and a half months pregnant.. I say we are off to a great start..

If God permits, we’ll have our little one here to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary.. awww…

What does one give their spouse on their six month wedding anniversary.. I know the one year is supposed to be something like paper..

My six month wedding anniversary gift is pregnancy.. for our one year anniversary gift.. it’ll be the baby!

I am set for life on this gift thing!  Sweet.. I’ll just say, “I gave you a child..”  That should suffice.. he’s not picky..

Sometimes, you just have to step back from the situation and see the big picture..

The other night.. we were playing with my tummy.. and hubby looks at me and says.. “Can you believe there’s a baby in there?!”

It’s easy to say “yes, there’s a baby in there..”

But can I really wrap my head around it?  I know that I’m pregnant, I know that my belly is growing, I know that I hear the child’s heartbeat, I know I saw the 8wk sonogram picture.. so I know there’s a baby in there..

We’re going to be parents.. and that’s what’s a little overwhelming to believe..

Sometimes, I step back.. and I can’t believe I’m actually married!

Not in a bad way, like “OMG, what did I do?!”

But in a “Wow, look at all he and I have accomplished in the past year..” way.

It’s unbelievable what we have gone through in the past year.. and what this year is bringing us.  I feel blessed beyond words.. it’s so unbelievable what a difference a year can make in a person’s life..

And yes.. I do believe that there’s a baby in there.. thank God for miracles.

Hubby:  What date is it today?
Me: April 26th, why?
Hubby:  Nothing.. just wondering..

After a few minutes, I finally realize what he was trying to tell me this morning..

Today is the 3 year anniversary of our first date. 

I think I got through this every year on this date.. so I won’t elaborate much anymore..

Let’s just say that I’m really blessed that we had that opportunity to meet.. and now to build our future together. 

Marriage.. and starting a family.. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to do this all with..

So.. I know you read this.. happy 3yrs date-iversary! 

Hey hun, why is the seat wet?!

Hubby and I went to the zoo this weekend..

It’s the first “outing” we’ve been on since we came back from our honeymoon..

Let me tell you.. it was a totally different experience than what outings used to be..

Before I got preggers.. I took very minimal restroom breaks (that’s probably cuz I dont’ drink very much of anything.. shhh.. I know that’s soo bad!).  I didn’t have to take snack breaks either.. I was fine with breakfast.. a quick lunch.. and the rest of the day was pretty much easy peasy..

Now that I’m preggers (currently 17 weeks).. hubby heard a lot of the following:

“Ok.. next bathroom we see.. we need to stop..”
“Ok.. next bench we see.. we need to sit..”
“I’m hungry.. and NO.. I can’t wait..”
“I’m thirsty.. ”
(I brought two water bottles.. and drank them BOTH)
“Feed me.”
“Hold on.. I need to sit..”

It was an interesting outing and I have to really give it to hubby for being totally patient with me and all these prego-symptoms.. especially the hunger! 

We enjoyed the visit.. I especially enjoyed watching all the families with their young children looking at the animals.. and all the kiddos getting excited.. we figure that when our child is old enough to start recognizing animals.. we could start taking him/her to the zoo.. I really can’t wait!

Hubby and I switched sides of the bed last night..

Since we moved in.. I had always slept on the side farthest from the master bathroom.. that is also the side that is closest to the wall..

Hubby slept on the side closest to the open space of our bedroom..

When we got pregnant, we figured that for the first few months.. the crib would be in our bedroom.. on hubby’s side of the bed.. and a few weeks before the baby is born.. we’d switch sides of the bed so we can get used to sleeping opposite..

But.. this child has found a permanent resting spot on my bladder.. and I’m constantly getting up in the middle of the night..

To solve this problem.. we decided to switch sides now..

It may not be a big deal to him…. but it felt like a whole new world to me!

Our bed is only a queen-sized.. yet.. the things I saw before sleeping felt totally foreign.. AND my phone and it’s charger are now on the other side!

Ok.. I’m making a huge deal out of nothing.. and we had every intention of switching sides in the first place.. but I didn’t realize that the subtle change would be THAT wierd to me..

Haha.. marriage is fun!

I’m Catholic.. I don’t know I would say I’m “devout..” I definitely have my flaws.. and my faith journey is miles and miles and miles long..

But I do know that I love my God.. and I love the Faith and religion that has brought me closer to my God..

The pregnancy has gotten me thinking a lot about my Catholic faith.. my faith journey.. and the future.. every bit of my maternal instinct wants to see this child grow into the faith that I have learned to love over the years..

Having a child is a great responsibility.. because now.. I’m not journeying through my faith alone.. I’m journeying with child.  This child is going to follow my examples.. and I’m going to be setting her foundation from day one!  That’s a huge and overwhelming thought to process.

I’m sure every mother has gone through the thought process of what a huge responsibility motherhood really is.  It’s not only physically creating this human being.. but being the example in which they learn how to live their life.. from Day One..

I’m in one of those moods again..

Where I want to take on a new hobby.. or a new life-changing project.. or something..

I’m in one of those inspired moods where I feel like I can start a new business.. or a new blog.. about something I’m inspired to do..

I wanna make a craft blog.. and post all the stuff I do.. and possibly sell it..  like the million other crafty people out there doing the same..

I wanna make a small etsy or ebay business doing cross-stitching.. like the million other cross-stitch ebay/etsy users out there..

I want to take on some major project..

But then again.. who has time..

I’ve got a baby on the way.. this “major life-altering project” can only last about 5 months before I lose all my time to a newborn..

Hahah.. like all my moods of this manner.. this too shall pass..

I just thought I’d share..

Hubby is in Vegas this weekend.. and we were having a text conversation.  I told him that me and the baby miss him.. this is the text conversation that resulted..

Hubby:  I miss you and baby and baby..
Me:  Why baby twice?
Hubby:  I miss baby double..
Me:  Meanie.
Hubby:  That’s not mean.. I love baby.
Me:  I love baby more!
Hubby: I do!
Me:  I’m carrying her! (Lets just say “her” for the sake of not having to do the whole “him/her” thing everytime I reference the baby..)
Hubby:  I made her!
Me:  With MY help!
Hubby:  I donated..
Me:  Ya.. but I got all the symptoms..
Hubby:  I do too!
Me:  Like what?!
Hubby:  Um… dealing with your craziness..
Me:  That’s not a symptom.. THAT’S YOUR LIFE!!!

Let’s just say I won that conversation!

Yesterday, hubby was packing for a Guy’s Weekend Vegas trip.  I let him take my sample sized contact lens solution so he could just bring his duffle as a carry-on.

Me:  You can take the sample size.  I’ll just use your generic brand contact solution.
Hubby:  Awww, really?  You’d use generic for me?
Me:  Well, if my eyes fall out.. then you know why.
Hubby:  Oh please, I’ve been using that for years.. I’m fine.
Me:  I’m sensitive though..
Hubby:  Me too.. When you say mean things, I get sad.
Me:  Not THAT kind of sensitive!!
Hubby:  That’s going on the blog now, huh?!

Hubby is so smart!

Have fun on your weekend, hunny!  Love you!!

Tomorrow is 16 weeks.. I’m almost to the half-way point..

I’m starting to realize that not all my clothes were meant for use during a pregnancy.  A lot of my shirts, particularly the one I’m wearing today, are getting really tight around the belly region.. they are also starting ride up.. and that’s sooo not attractive… Good thing for the full-belly panel of my prego pants.. or it could be totally embarrassing!!!

I’ve been wearing the prego pants for awhile now.. but I have hesitated buying any tops because I have a lot of shirts that can kind of pass off as maternity.. and I didn’t think i was big enough to really invest in the prego tops..

I need to start separating out the tops I know don’t fit me at the moment.. put those away.. somewhere.. in a box labeled “I WILL wear these again.. I SWEAR!!”

Putting them away so I can make some room for new clothes!!  New clothes are always fun.. I also have a bunch of summery loose tops still left at my parents house that I can pass off as maternity for awhile..

And a lot of moms have told me to save money on buying “maternity” and just buy some cute fashionable tops in a bigger size.. so I’m definitely gonna start looking into that..

Changes.. changes.. changes..

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