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It seems like every big purchase we have bought lately has had something to do with the apartment..

It’s somewhat of a rude awakening to me.. who, in the past, was a person that always bought stuff for myself.. like my papercrafts.. or clothes.. shoes.. purses!

It’s been awhile since I got a new outfit.. or even a pair of shoes.. everything is for our little place..

I know I had been warned of this phenomenon many, many times during the wedding planning..

Anyway.. this weekend’s goodies are a bookshelf AND a shoe rack.. all from Ikea.. so the hubby has to go and assemble it all.. AND the apartment is full of boxes and wood pieces..

The madness never ends..

Those State Farm insurance commercials are really getting to hubby and I..

We’ve found ourselves singing “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

Sadly.. nothing changes after we sing it.. but who knows.. one day.. we may get lucky!

We’re almost done with January, folks!

We JUST started 2011.. and now the first month is almost done.. where did the month go?

Hubby and I spent our first full month in our humble abode.. it gets more and more exciting as time goes by.. there are lots of little adventures we are going through in this marriage.. and its all good fun..

I really can’t wait for what the future has in store.. it’s all good..

We need to all take advantage of 2011 because it’s going to fly by sooo fast.. just like every other year that has passed us by..

Me:  Hunny, do something funny so I can put it on the blog..
Hubby:  Ok.


Hubby wants to write his own blog.. about my behavior.. I don’t know what he’s talking about.. I’m always on my best behavior (hee hee)

Hubby:  That’s going on the blog!
Me:  What blog?  I don’t write stuff about myself..
Hubby:  I’m gonna start a blog.. “My crazy wife..”
Me:  You can’t keep up with a blog..
Hubby:  Uh huh. You’ll give me plenty to write about.. “Crazy Wife Logic..”
Me:  No you won’t..
Hubby:  “Crazy sh*it my wife pulls..”
Me:  Hey!




Ok.. so it’s either I’m putting WAAAAY too much thought into this grocery shopping thing.. or I really have no idea what I’m doing..

Last night.. I was on the floor of our living room with flyers from Ralphs, Vons, Albersons, Sprouts, and Henry’s spread out around me.. and I was going nuts trying to figure out where to go and what had the best value and when and why.. Grrrr..

My good friends and family on Facebook gave me wonderful answers to my blog questions from “Grocery gameplan..”

This is all new to me.. and I know I’m not going to get it all right away.. but I’m the impatient type that’s used to getting things right away.. and getting things done right immediately.. I usually pride myself on being a fast learner.. but this thing is ridiculous.. it’s really taking a toll of my patience level..

So.. do you grocery store hop for the best deal?  Or do you stick to just one store?

I know that eventually I’ll get the hang of all this “wife stuff..”

I just hope I keep my sanity during the process..

Since I started that whole “Things my hubby say/does.. ” I looked at every interaction as a potential blog entry.. so much so that every other time hubby say something remotely interesting.. my first response is “That’s going on the blog!”

Hubby has become a lot more interesting now that he has become the source of my blog entertainment..

Gotta love the guy!

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