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I like listening to podcasts.

I used to have more time while I was a working mom.  I’d listen to them while at my desk or while in the lab.  I would be able to go through so many podcast episodes in one day.

Because of this, I was able to be hooked on several different podcasts.

Now, because my time is limited, I am only limited to two podcast series.

Serial – I was completely addicted to the first season.  I just seem to get into the second season, but I’m still subscribed to it.  I’m hoping the third season might make me want to listen again.

Gilmore Guys – So I’m binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix in preparation for the new Gilmore Girls mini-series coming soon, but that’s another blog post for another time.  I have this thing about having to listen to a podcast from Episode 1 and these early episodes are pretty scatter-brained and all over the place.  However, I’m pushing on, and hoping that the podcast gets better because I love the Gilmore Girls and I love listening to podcasts that dissect television shows.

Any other podcasts I should try?

Leave me suggestions in the comments!

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I’m still pregnant.  Still not working due to all the pregnancy complications..

The following has also happened..

  • We’ve moved from our apartment to a home we are now renting
  • I’m days away from my third trimester
  • I’ve been off bedrest.. back on bedrest.. and now have a wheelchair to get out of the house with a handicap placard to place on my car
  • I’ve been having weekly doctors visits making sure my cervix isn’t shrinking to worrisome lengths
  • I went from weekly progesterone shots to nightly progesterone dosages
  • I’ve had family here off and on to help me out with day to day activities
  • I turned 34
  • M turned 3
  • M had a peanut reaction and test confirmed she has a peanut allergy
  • We now carry a bottle of benadryl and an epi pen everywhere we go
  • We’ve had potty training setbacks and triumphs
  • I became a Jamberry Independent Nail Consultant
  • Hubby has been beyond amazingly supportive
  • Hubby and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary

I’m sure I’m forgetting so many things that have happened since August.  But I’m back, and I’m going to try my best to keep up with this.  I realized how much I actually need this blog.  It’s not only to document the events of my little family’s lives, but because it’s a great outlet for me to sort through feelings and thoughts.


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Malia either watches too much TV, or she has a great memory, or she just loves singing.

Malia knows and loves so many television theme songs.. it’s actually quite comical.

Paw Patrol
Callie’s Wild West Adventure
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Strawberry Shortcake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Sofia The First

Big Bang Theory
Modern Family (
she says, “hey!” over and over)
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl

It’s the theme songs to the shows that Hubby and I watch that make me giggle when she sings along.  We didn’t even know she knew them until she’d just start singing them when the show would start.  The most amusing one at the moment is when she sings the ‘hey!’ parts of the Modern Family theme song.  

What theme songs do your kids know and sing?

My “14 Loves” countdown to Valentines Day series is over for the year.  It was my first time doing it and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out.   It gave me a great reason to blog every day again.

If you noticed, I didn’t include Hubby, M, God, my Catholic faith, and any other obvious loves that everyone always includes in their “I love…” type lists.


It’s not because I don’t love them.  I actually love a lot.  It’s pretty obvious how much I love them all. 

I didn’t put them on the list because I wanted to focus on the little things.  Every day, I get consumed with the mundane details of daily life.  I start to complain about life.  I start to feel bored.  I start to yearn for change and excitement.

“14 Loves” allowed me to focus on the little things in my life that aren’t as mundane as I thought.  It allowed me to realize that my life is full of love and happiness, even in my day-to-day activities.  It reminded me that my life is good, not boring.

Take some time to find the little things you love about your life and hopefully next year you can join me doing “14 Loves.”

For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love my life…

Despite my usual complaints, I really do love my life.  I really do think that I’m fully blessed in this life.  I enjoy my life, I enjoy the people that surround me.  I thank God every day for the blessings He grants me every day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers! 

I hope everyone enjoyed “14 Loves” and will join me next year finding 14 things in your everyday life that you love!


For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love space heaters..

I hate being cold.  I love the warm, cozy feeling of  being surrounded by warmth.  It’s very comforting to be under blankets and comforters.  I hate have cold feet.  I especially hate getting out of the shower into a cold bathroom!

The space heater is the best invention for people like me!

I have to have a space heater in the bathroom while I take a shower.  I have to be warm before, during, and after the shower.  I get paralyzed with coldness if there is no warmth to welcome me out of the shower.  Yes, I realize I have issues..

I have a heater with me in my cubicle.   I don’t think I could manage working all day if I was cold.  That’s just impossible.

Thank God for heaters! Thank God for warmth!

For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love Starbucks, but Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf more…

I love coffee.  If I could, I’d drink coffee everyday.  But since we are trying for another baby, and coffee every weekday usually leads to headaches on the weekends, I haven’t been drinking any caffienated drinks.  This slight obstacle doesn’t stop me from making frequent visits to Starbucks.  I love that they have oatmeal for breakfast and sandwiches and salads for lunch.  If Coffee Bean was more accessible, I’d probably go there for their tea lattes. 

I love that Starbucks has their rewards system.  I love that Starbucks has an app to pay.  I love how convenient Starbucks likes making my life.

I go to Starbucks so much that M even knows the logo.  It never fails that every time we see the logo she exclaims, “Starbucks!”

Yup.. I love Starbucks!

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