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I’ve been watching Sex and the City on my iPad.

Thank you, Amazon Prime.

This has got to be the third time that I have gone through this series in my lifetime.  I can’t help it.  Once I start it, I have to go through the whole series.  It doesn’t seem to get old.  It’s gotta be one of my favorite television shows.

I find myself narrating my blog posts as I type it in a total “Carrie Bradshaw” way…

I think it’s amusing.

Read about my ABC blog series here.

Look back – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K


The Little Charmers is a new television show on Nick Jr.  This show is M’s current favorite television show.  This show has got to be the girliest show that M has gotten herself obsessed with.  It’s pretty interesting to see her into something this girlie.  She’s usually more into action-packed shows like Paw Patrol, and most recently, Blaze and the Monster Machines.

She loves that they have magic wands and brooms (the call “broomies”) to fly around to get to the places they need to be.  She loves their individual pets.  She’s memorized their theme song and the little song they sing when the put all their little charming powers together.

I won’t be surprised if she wants to buy the merchandise when it starts hitting the stores.

While googling a photo for this particular blog post, she got so excited to see “Little Charmies” on my computer screen.

I’m glad she’s well rounded in the types of shows she likes.

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First, there’s just about everything on the Food Network.

Then.. there’s the stuff on the Travel Channel.  Man V Food.  Bizarre Foods, Bizarre Foods America, all those Worlds Greatest whatever food, all those Anthony Bourdain shows about traveling and food…

Food.  Food.  Food.

It’s no wonder I’m gaining way too much weight!

It’s all I want to watch right now.

Food, and those reality shows on TLC, but that’s for another blog entry.

All the food television makes me crave whatever I watch.  If steak is the feature, I’m craving a steak badly.  If it’s a sandwhich on the TV, I’m calling Hubby to bring home a nice, hearty sandwhich.  If it’s burritos, you better believe Hubby is hitting up the 24hr Mexican place down the street to get me a good California burrito (the ones with the fries inside.. mmmm).

I know I should just avoid all food television, but I just can’t.  It’s like an addiction.  I NEED to watch it.  I NEED to eat it afterwards.

I think I NEED help… 🙂

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Malia either watches too much TV, or she has a great memory, or she just loves singing.

Malia knows and loves so many television theme songs.. it’s actually quite comical.

Paw Patrol
Callie’s Wild West Adventure
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Strawberry Shortcake
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Sofia The First

Big Bang Theory
Modern Family (
she says, “hey!” over and over)
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl

It’s the theme songs to the shows that Hubby and I watch that make me giggle when she sings along.  We didn’t even know she knew them until she’d just start singing them when the show would start.  The most amusing one at the moment is when she sings the ‘hey!’ parts of the Modern Family theme song.  

What theme songs do your kids know and sing?

I know it’s only January 16th, but I have to say that the best purchase of 2014 for our family was the Chromecast.

We purchased it at our local Best Buy for $29.99 and have used it every day since.  I think we’ve been watching more from our Chromecast than our cable television.

If you haven’t heard of Chromecast, the best way I can describe it is a way to get your TV to display what you are watching on your computer or your phone.

We love watching Youtube videos on it.  M loves watching the songs from Frozen on the TV through our Chromecast.  We haven’t shown her that she can actually watch her Play Doh videos on the TV because I know once we do that, she will definitely take over the TV.

I’m sure the Chromecast is capable of other things than just projecting Youtube videos on our TV, but we just haven’t had much time to really play with it’s full capability.

I highly recommend a Chromecast.

It’s great!

It’s been fascinating to see M’s imagination developing..

She loves to watch certain television shows and DVDs of television shows..

One in particular is Lalaloopsy Land.. something about pillow.. I can’t think of the name.

One of the main characters is called Pillow Featherbed.. she LOVES Pillow.. so much so that we actually had to scour the internet to try to find a Pillow doll for her..

Lately, she’s been pretending to be Pillow.  There are times where she’ll lie down on a pillow and say, “Shhh.  Pillow sleep.”  Or she’ll pretend to catch Sheep, Pillow’s pet.

Sometimes she likes it when we call her Pillow.

Or she’ll watch another show and she’ll pretend that she’s running and jumping with the other characters.. or she’ll copy their dialogue..

Sometimes, when the TV is NOT on, she’ll reenact dialogue or sing a song they sing while doing a dance they do.. or she’ll call her self that particular character and mimic actions they do in the show or movie..

It’s pretty amazing watching her imagination develop with the shows she watches.. and how she begins to actually interact with the characters she sees on tv and how she incorporates that into her play time..

It’s so much fun to watch..

M still loves Dora the Explorer.. and since she was about 15 months, maybe earlier, she’s known the names of every character..

This blog entry is purely for record-keeping.  I love the way she says their names, and I needed a place to record this..

Why not this blog?

The italics are her words..

Doh-wa (Dora)
Boot (Boots)
Pack (Backpack)
Map (Map)
Tico (Tico) – which can also mean “tickle” depending on the context of her saying it..
Ban-nay (Benny)
Eye-sa (Isa the Iguana) – it was Ee-nah at first, but I think it was because of the word “iguana”
Toll (Troll)
Mom and Dad (Dora’s parents)
Ahw-mahn (Swiper) – she calls him “aw man!” because thats what he says when he gets caught about to swipe something
Chi-gun (Big Red Chicken) – or any chicken for that matter
Day-ee-go (Diego)

I think I got everyone.. I really should get some audio for this.. I love baby talk!

Little M is obsessed.

She’s obsessed with Dora the Explorer..

Me:  M, what do you want to watch?
M:  Doh-wah.

She’ll take the remote control while Hubby and I are watching television, press a few buttons and say:  “I wat doh-wah.”

That could be interpreted as “I want Dora” or “I watch Dora.”  You decide.

She LOVES her Dora.

So to compromise, we’ve been having her watch one or two episodes on Netflix some night before bed.  It helps her unwind and settle down after playing around all day.  On nights where we don’t let her watch Dora, she makes us read her little Dora book that we had purchased on a whim one trip to Costco.  Thank goodness for that whim, it’s become her favorite book!

Oh Dora, what have you done to my kid?!

With age comes the development of the superpowers I have eventually inherited from my parents…

This year saw one great super power that has affected my family in many, many ways..

I have developed the superpower of tuning out everyone talking to me while I watch TV.

Here I am on a Tuesday night, Dance Moms is on and I’m watching intently at the reveal of this week’s pyramid.  Suddenly, Hubby is frantically trying to get my attention..

Apparently, he was talking to me for the last 5 minutes and asked me a question..


It’s not like I tune out completely all the time.  I’m still developing this superpower and learning how it works.. The superpower only works when I have Little M in my lap and she is also staring intently at the television screen.

Much to my hubby’s dismay, it looks like this power may be developing sooner in Little M than later..

She and I must learn to use these powers for good.  With great power comes great responsibility…

I must remember to thank my dad for passing on his powers to us..

I’m watching Little Miss Perfect on WeTV.

I apparently watch A LOT of shows on WeTV.

Little kiddie pageants.  It just never ceases to amaze me what lengths mothers go to in order to create a “Little Miss Perfect.”

I guess I can’t really say anything.. not be a mother or anything..

The glitz and the glamour.. the MONEY!  But these mothers must spend so much more money than they get from their winnings..

These kids.. poor kids..

Some of them look like the genuinely enjoy it.. but others look like they are being forced and their mothers are living vicariously through them..

Are there any pageants like that here in California?

I’ve noticed that those pageants are mainly in the south or midwest.. hmmmm…

And seriously.. does he really have to sing.. really?!?!

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