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Tomorrow is Easter and I’ve decided to not have a blog post that day.

It’s a day of rejoicing in the Catholic and Christian faiths.  Our Savior has risen from the dead.

Therefore, I will spend the day rejoicing at Mass and with my family.

Today there will be an Easter egg hunt at the Admiral Baker Park here in San Diego.  Hubby and I will be taking M there.

I’m hoping she will have fun.  She’s not really an outdoorsy kind of kid.  She doesn’t like walking on surfaces that aren’t solid floor or concrete. 

If you stand her in grass, or sand, or dirt… she won’t move!

Did your kid ever do this?!  Share in the comments below!

A few weeks ago, I had to leave work early and pick up M for some reason.  I forget the details..

So, in the morning, before I went to work, I set up the diaper bag with new “going out” clothes that I could change her into when I picked her up from Grandma and Grandpa’s.

I left a note and the diaper bag by Hubby’s wallet telling him to bring the diaper bag with him when he drops M off and to leave it in the SUV.

Then, I went to work.

About half an hour later, I get a text from Hubby asking me where the diaper bag was.


That is my desk at work.  And there is the diaper bag.

I had subconsciously (unconsciously?!) put the diaper bag on and took it to work.  I realized that I had brought it with me when I had arrived to work and was leaving my car.  So, I brought it in with me and stuck it under my desk.

If that isn’t a case of the “mommy brain,” I don’t know what is!!!


My sleep deprivation is hitting an all time low..

I BEGGED M to fall asleep the other night.

Is that normal?

We  went to bed.. she played around like her usual self, but I was literally falling asleep by her.. I was only partially awake enough to know that she was still by my side, but the minute she would move around, I’d wake up.  And then, she’d try to wake me up!

So.. I begged her.

“Please M.  Just fall asleep.  Mimi is sooo tired.  She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since the time change.”

She made me read “Go, Dog, Go” one more time… then she snuggled up next to me.. and fell asleep.

Oh my gosh!  Did she understand me?! 

I thanked her angelic sleeping face and fell asleep.

I wonder what tonight will be like..

You know you’re a parent when you’re super happy that you’re child used the potty for a good chunk of the evening before bed.

I mean, seriously…

Her little Pull-Up was DRY!

And she told me she needed to potty three times that night!

I know.. it’s a small triumph in the big scheme of potty training.. but a good day is a good day.. yesterday was good.. tomorrow she might pee on the floor.. every day is a new day.. so I gotta celebrate these little victories!


I’ve mentioned before that M was such a good newborn.  I’ve told you how I thought M was the easiest newborn I’ve come across.  I’ve told you that I could never commiserate with the other moms about sleepless nights and incessant crying when M was a newborn..

Well.. it looks like it’s finally caught up with me.. and now I must pay my dues.

It’s been really hard to get a good night’s sleep lately.  I don’t know if it’s the time change.. or M is just being really particular about things lately.. or just both!

Almost every night, it’s something..

She’s crying because she just wants to sit on the potty.  She’s crying because she wants to watch Dora.  She’s crying because she wants Hubby to come to bed.

Or, she’ll wake up in the middle of the night for something.

I don’t mind if she wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty.  I think it’s great that she wakes up to know the feeling and can control it in her sleep enough to wake up and want to go.

But I miss my chunks of sleep.  I miss my uninteruppted hours and hours of sleep, especially if it took a long time to get her to go to sleep in the first place.

My sleep is cut short because it takes so long to get to bed.. plus waking up in the middle of the night.. plus having to wake up early to go to work..

Can you say “dark circles?!”

Sigh.. a parent’s work is never done!

I guess I had to pay my sleep-deprived dues eventually…

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been adding pictures to some of my blog posts.

Yes, those are pictures of my real life.  Those are actual pictures that I had taken on my iPhone. 

Why am I adding them now?

Oh, I don’t know. 

Maybe because I read somewhere that people like to read blogs that have some sort of visuals with them.  Maybe because I read that people read blogs where they post some pictures of their real life.  It helps connect the reader to the writer on a more personal level.

Maybe because I needed a change.  It DOES get monotonous just reading words on a blog post.

My other blog has pictures..

And sometimes, the pictures DO help with what I’m tryng to say.

So, ya.. changes are coming to this carpool lane.. come along for the ride!

I leave for work early.  I leave so early that it’s not even light out.

I don’t like leaving before the sun.  It makes it feel so much earlier than it really is.  This girl loves her sleep, so to wake up and be out of the house before the sun is heartbreaking!


This is my view every morning while I walk to my car.  Cold and dark, and I wish I lived in a place with an attached garage.

I hate walking through the dark cold to get to my car.

It makes the workweek seem so much more depressing..

Tomorrow is Monday..

Any work week complaints you want to share?

Today is Hubby’s birthday.  Today, Hubby turns 35.

When I first met him, he had just turned 30.  Sheesh!  That’s FIVE years ago! 

Hubby is five years away from forty…  what an old man!

When I was young, I never imagined being in my 30s, or even having a husband in his mid-thirties.. it just seemed like that was eons in the future..

Now, we are here.  We are living our 30s.. and it’s definitely not bad at all..

Happy birthday, Hubby.  M and I love you so very much.  You’re a great hubby and daddy.  We couldn’t ask for anything more!


The picture on the left was taken some time in December 2012.  The picture on the right was taken two days ago.

I tried to zoom in the pictures to match in size as much as I could.

I can’t believe how much 3-4 months can make a difference in the growth of a toddler..

My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Well, it’s finally happened.. M’s gotten brave.

She’s gotten brave enough to start climbing things.. AND she’s finally tall enough to climb things successfully.

I used to take pride in the fact that my child was just “too girly” to climb things.  I figured she would get up onto the couch like a lady once she was old enough.

Ha!  Who am I kidding!?

She’s been trying to climb onto the couches and other things for the longest time!  It’s only now that she realized that she is old enough to be successful.

Now, she loves being at different height levels… but boy does it make my heart skip a beat!

Although I AM guilty of telling her to get onto the bins and say “cheese” for the sake of these following pictures:


Toddlers, you gotta love ’em!

P.S.  Is it even possible to have a clean living room with a toddler around?!

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