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Getting rid of the diaper bag was a great idea. 

We didn’t need to carry so much baby stuff, so it was pointless to go around carrying a huge diaper bag/backpack around anymore.

I transitioned into my biggest purse, which is a Burberry that I splurged and bought myself around 2012.  It had cost me several hundred dollars to purchase.  The thought of using it again was delightful!

It was great until I realized that I was still a mom, and although I didn’t need half of the stuff I was carrying anymore, there were still plenty things that I needed to be carrying around. 

Diapers.  Wipes.  Sometimes an extra shirt.  Sometimes an extra pair of pants.  Sometimes shoes.  Most recently, due to her asthma attacks earlier this year, an inhaler.  It wasn’t a small one either.  It had that long tube that kids use to inhale the medicine properly.

My poor Burberry was going to burst at the seams!  I couldn’t even zip it anymore.

It made me so sad.  I bought that purse as a major splurge in my early 20s.  It was expensive and so very special to me.  It was taking a lot of abuse.

I had to do something.

Hence, the intermediate diaper bag!

I received notification online that Petunia Picklebottom was holding an outlet sale on some of their diaper bags and purses.  I decided I needed to check it out. 

I came across one that looked like a purse but was big like a diaper bag.  It cost about $115, but was on sale for about $89.  I wanted it immediately, but I needed to feel the purse before purchasing.  I went to Nordstroms Rack to see if they had any available.  I came across the same bag, but different color and pattern.  I tried it out and knew I liked it.  It was the perfect accessory for a mom of  a toddler. 

Nordstroms Rack sold the purse for the same price as the Petunia Picklebottom outlet sale.  I decide to buy it right there and then.  By purchasing it at Nordstroms Rack, I didn’t have to worry about shipping fees, so that saved me money!  Cha-ching!


There it is, in all it’s glory. 

I’ve always had a flare for the bold, even though I never usually execute.  I love the red.  It may not go with ALL my outfits, but it seems to work with most.  I’m not usually too concerned about those minor details.   All I need to know is that it’s functional for me.

The one drawback was that I didn’t realize how heavy this purse gets when it’s stocked full of “M necessities.”   I try to keep it as minimally stocked as possible.

I know it feels like a step back from liberating myself of carry too many “baby things,” but I’m overall happy with my decision to go back.  I feel more organized and more functional as a mom to a toddler.  I can zip it shut now! 

Most of all, my favorite Burberry purse has it’s dignity again!

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As a parent, there are tons of gross things that we all have to deal with.

Getting pee’d on.
Cleaning up leaking pee.
Poop that falls out of a diaper.
Poop explosions.
Oozing poop.
Chewed up food.

I can tolerate all of those things, except vomit.  I can’t do vomit.

Yesterday, M vomited.  Not only was it just vomit, it was projectile vomit.  It was almost “The Exorcist” like, projectile vomit.  It had range.  It was substance.  It had smell.

Ugh.  The smell.

I can’t do the vomit smell.  I makes me want to vomit too!

I’m so glad I hadn’t eaten dinner yet when this occured. 

Of course, she was sitting on my lap the whole time this vomit-fest occurred, so we were both pretty much soaked in grossness.

Even SHE thought it was gross.  She would shake hands and whine to get all the ickiness off of her.  So disgusting.

Toddlers do a lot of disgusting things that appear to be very normal to them.  If a toddler thinks it’s disgusting, then it MUST be disgusting. 

M and I both jumped into the shower immediately and I let me iron-stomached Hubby take care of the clean up.  Thank God for my Hubby.  He’s always willing to deal with the vomit. 

I think M finally caught the bug that’s been going around lately.  That bug I’ve been so desperately trying to fight has finally caught up to us.  I’m still not 100% better, and she’s starting to have fevers. 

Poor kid.  This year has just been one virus after another.

Will it ever end?

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M has a baby doll.  She named it “brother.”

She loves that doll.

It’s supposed to be a baby girl.  It’s one of those that have the dirt marks on it and warm water “washes” it away.

The baby had a bathrobe and a diaper but she removed them and carries the doll around naked.  I think this is why she’s attributed a male gender to the doll.  She calls him ‘brother’ and tells me, “he’s so cute!”

She rocks him to sleep and sings a nap-time lullaby. 

She gently lays him down on the couch and gently kisses his forehead.

It’s so cute watching her give her doll love.  It shows how loved she is that she can emulate the same actions and feelings towards her doll. 

She looks so ready to have a new baby in the family.  I wonder if that’s a sign….


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I’ve been seriously considering making videos of my crafting for awhile now.  I started with this quick overview of all the scrapbook layouts I have completed since I started scrapbooking.  I used the Youtube Capture app on my phone.

Please view and if crafting is something you like, consider subscribing to my channel.

I’m in the process of updating my crafting blog, but if you want to check it out, please click here, “CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

Hope you enjoy it!

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I’ve been a part of the Top Mommy Blogs network for almost two months now and I have seen some great results.

In the specific category that I have chosen my blog to be in, I have been ranked around #22.  Overall, I’m ranked at #102.

It’s truly been a blessing to be voted for and for climbing the ranks to those spots.

Here is your little reminder to continue to click the badges at the bottom of each post whenever you read my blog.  All you have to do is click.  There is no need to sign up.  There is no need to contribute anymore than just a click.

Let’s try to get me into the top #100 blogs in the network! 

Thanks again for all the support.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to see me review or if there are any topics you want to see me cover!

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When M was younger, we used to listen to child-appropriate music in the car.  This meant that we would listen to CDs full of nursery rhymes and kid songs. 

The music eventually transitioned into the Sofia The First soundtrack, and now it’s all about the Frozen soundtrack.

The music gets to be way too repetitive as we have to listen to the CDs over and over and over and over again.  While it’s super cute to hear M sing along, we do get very tired of the songs. 

So, we listen to the radio.

She used to never really sing to the songs on the radio, so we never really realized she knew what she was listening to..

We were wrong.

Here are a list of songs that we had no idea M knew enough to sing along to:

The Monster – Eminem feat. Rhianna
Roar – Katy Perry
Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo
I Don’t Care – IconoPop
Turn Down For What – Lil Jon

There are probably many more that I can’t think of the moment and many more that she will surprise us with singing along. 

How did we find out that she knew some of these songs?

Hubby and I have a habit of absent-mindedly singing some of these songs at home while doing some things.  Suddenly, M would finish the line to the song.  This was especially true with “Talk Dirty.”  I would hum the little musical part right before he sings, “Talk dirty to me..”  I was humming it while I was working on cards at my craft table and M was playing in the room with me.  Suddenly, M says, “Talk dirty to me..”

That was surprising and so funny.  We had her do it over and over again.

What sort of pop songs do your kids surprise you with knowing??

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Since we got married in 2010, I have had so many issues trying to figure out the best way to grocery shop and meal plan.

I’ve tried everything.

I’ve tried to meal plan for the week ahead and then buy accordingly. 

I’ve tried to figure out what I’m going to cook for dinner than night and hit the grocery store after work to buy accordingly.

I’ve tried just forgetting all the grocery shopping all together and rely on eating out.  Ok, maybe not this so much, but I’ve been tempted to..

I think that I’ve finally figured out a system that works for me.  It may not be the most efficient way, but it’s been working for me for the past month, and I’m really enjoying my success.

About once a week, I go to the grocery store.  I start in the produce section and just start looking around.  It is while I’m looking around that I start to think of foods I can make with the produce in front of me.  While I’m planning these meals in my head, I start to buy accordingly.

Once I’m finished with the produce, I proceed to go down the store aisle by aisle brainstorming ideas just by looking at all the foods available.  Sometimes, I have to go back to the produce section to buy more vegetables that go well with a food I thought of making during my stroll.

I can walk out of the store with at least 3-5 meal ideas that can last us about a week, depending on how many leftovers we accumulate.

It’s a great system for me.  I’ve also found that walking aisle by aisle down a grocery store to be a little relaxing.

I joked with Hubby that I used to do these strolls at the mall, now I do them in a grocery store!

I’m glad I found a system that works. 

What’s your grocery style?!

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