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Today is a sad day. 

Today is the last day of validity for my Disneyland Premium Annual Passport.. I’ve been a passholder for the last 3ish years.. and today.. is my last day..

I’m not at Disneyland though.. I’m at work.

My last visit to Disneyland was earlier this year.. and it’s been so hard to go back since then..

I’m not renewing it for several reasons.. the first being that its crazy expensive now!  When I first got the pass, I was paying a little ovr $350 for it.. I thought it was expensive then.. now it’s over $400!!!  Sheesh!

And with the baby coming, I highly doubt we’d be visiting Disneyland anytime within the first year or so of her life..

And it’s harder now.. considering where I live.. it’s feels like a weekend endeavor for a simple visit.. not like before when it was 45 minutes away and I could jet on down after work during the summers..

Life has definitely changed for me.. but in a good way..

So.. this is not “good-bye,”  but a “see you real soon, Disneyland!”  I’ll miss you, but I know that the next time I see you, I’ll have my little princess in tow and I’d be able to show her why I love you so much!  I hope she enjoys the Disney magic as much as I do!

My dreams are wierd.. before the pregnancy my dreams were already wierd.. but now that I’m pregnant.. these dreams are insane..

I think some of it has to do with the slight nervousness I have about upcoming parenthood.. I’m sure this following dream screams “ANXIETY ISSUES..”

 I had a dream last night that I had given birth to our daughter.. she looked nothing like the hubby or I.. she had lighter skin tone AND she had blue eyes..

Stretch marks hadn’t formed at all during the pregnancy, but now that I had given birth.. my stretch marks were EVERYWHERE.. it looked pretty gross from what I remember in my dream..

Throughout the dream, I kept forgetting to take care of the baby.. every time I would remember the baby, I’d run into the room and find that my mom had already taken care of what the baby needed.. I don’t think I even fed her once in my dream. 

I couldn’t incorporate the baby into my everyday life.. I would constantly forget she was born and when I did remember.. my mom had it all taken care of..

I have a lot of other wierd dreams.. like one where I was on the show Criminal Minds while pregnant solving cases with the rest of the cast.. that was interesting because there was a lot of gun fire involved in that one..

I always try to remember my dreams during the first five minutes of waking up.. I try to think really hard to remember them because some of them seem so vivid that it would be a shame to forget it all..

These pregnancy dreams are no exception!

Yesterday I was on the phone for about a half an hour with the hospital’s education department setting the hubby and up for various classes and tours..

I signed up for a tour of our Labor and Delivery facility, a Baby Basics care class, Infant CPR, and our Lamaze class..

We’re going  to be running around a lot in July and August.. it’s gonna be pretty crazy..

Scheduling these classes set the reality that our baby is really going to come soon.. it’s a lot of preparation.. a lot..

This past weekend, hubby and I finally drove down to the hospital where the Labor & Delivery is located.  I told the hubby we needed to drive it at least once a month from now til the baby is born so we get an idea of how to get there and it becomes second nature without having to use his Google Maps app on his phone. 

Hubby thinks I’m “over-preparing.”  But is there really a chance of “over-preparing” when dealing with childbirth?  Hmm..  I don’t know.. but I don’t think so..

I’ve dealt with so many babies in the past 10+years.  Once my cousins started having babies, I was there experiencing a lot of it with them.  I feel like I know how to do a lot of the baby care, but at the same time, I think it will be a little different when it’s my own kid.  The techniques are the same, but I think I will be a little more nervous knowing this is my own child.  A Baby Basics class will allow me to learn about the things a parent does that I didn’t experience with my cousin’s kids..

I’m sure these classes are going to help relieve some of my nerves about taking care of our baby.. I’m sure hubby and I will do fine.. but I can’t help but feel the fears of the unknown..

I’m learning that being very pregnant in the summer means that I’m hot all the time.. last night was no exception..

Me:  Hunny, it’s hot.  Your body heat is only useful in the winter.
Hubby:  You want me to sleep in the living room?
Me:  No!
Hubby:  Fine.. I’ll get the fan in here..

Hubby gets the electric fan and sets it up in our bedroom.. cool air begins to circulate

Me:  Ahhh.. now I need blanket.
Hubby:  What?!  You just said you were hot!
Me:  Yes.. now there’s cold air.. so I need blanket..
Hubby:  You’re weird.
Me:  I need to sleep with a blanket.. but it’s too hot.. so now that there’s cool air.. I can sleep with the blanket now..
Hubby:  You’re wierd.
Me:  You married me.


Ok.. I have a problem..

I like fruit.. but I most enjoy my fruit in smoothie form.. from Jamba Juice or from Juice It Up.. or any other smoothie place.. but we all know that the most healthiest form of fruit is to just eat it naturally..

That’s where my problem gets in the way..

I like my food free of any wierd blemish.. therefore.. my fruit has to be IMMACULATE.. I’m serious.. there cannot be a bruise or a brown spot.. or a dent or any other mark on it..

I think that’s why I enjoy processed foods so much.. they are all automated to look perfect each time..

Natural foods come with natural marks and blemishes..

I can deal with mushy fruit.. I can’t deal with ripened or over-ripened fruit..

When I buy fruit, I have a two day window to eat it.. anything after two days goes to the hubby to eat.  I think that’s why when we go shopping for fruit, I buy no more than three pieces.. because I know if I buy more.. they will go to waste once the bruises and the soft spots come in. 

Yesterday.. hubby bought a new package of strawberries..

Hubby:  I’m gonna make you a kiwi-strawberry fruit salad
Me:  Ok.. but the strawberries are all old and icky now (“old and icky” means past two days old)
Hubby:  I bought a new package
Me:  Ok.. make sure you get the perfect ones.. I had to throw out some last time cuz they had soft spots..
Hubby:  YOU choose the strawberries..

Out of the entire package of strawberries.. I found 5 that were up to standard.. FIVE.. and that was a big package..

Another issue I have with fruit is that it has to be sour.. I’m not big on super sweet fruit.. I like sour fruit.. sour and hard.. especially with mango.. I LOVE mango.. but it has to be hard and sour and sooo not ripe..

I know I have major issues.. it makes it soo hard to eat fruit on a daily basis..

I’m going to try not to teach my daughter to have my fruit habit.. so that it doesn’t limit her fruit intake.. I’ll let hubby teach her his fruit eating ways..

Everyone that knows me knows that through out this pregnancy my one true love has been french fries.. mmm.. french fries.. during the first trimester.. I’d have them almost everyday just to help me not feel car sick on the drive home from work.. for the most part of the second trimester.. I just got them because they were an easy snack fix when I was hungry.. it’s such a bad habit.. I know!

Today, God decided that I needed a little wake up call.. and He wanted me to make sure that I was really starting to eat a lot more healthier and that I needed to do away with the french fries because there are way better things to snack on when I get hungry during the day..

Honestly.. I’ve been pretty good lately.. I rarely have to go and get a “fast food” fix on my way home from work in the afternoon.. I’ve been pretty good about eating fruits during my morning snack time.. and my lunches have been homemade and relatively healthy..

But today at my appointment, my doctor raised some slight concerns about my blood pressure.. which ended up an all day ordeal having to wait in the lab to get tubes of blood drawn.. I ended up not going to work because I wouldn’t have had any time to be productive had I showed up so late to work..

I got all the test results already (thanks to the Internet!) and everything is NORMAL!!  Thank God!!

I think this was just God’s little way of reminding me that I’m not doing this just for myself, but for my little girl.

I was sooo nervous taking all those blood tests.. I felt like I was failing my baby in some way by not being healthy enough for her.. after everything I’ve been doing.. I felt like I still wasn’t doing enough.. but thank God everything is still normal.. and I hope that it stays that way..

I love this stage of pregnancy.. if I had a choice.. I’d stay at this point forever..

I LOVE feeling my little ballerina kicks, twirls, and tumbles.. I LOVE seeing my belly bounce up and down as my princess explores her ever shrinking world in my uterus.. I LOVE that I can interact with her through touching my belly and that she responds.. when she wants to.. I LOVE that I can pretend she has the beginnings of some sort of personality while in my womb..

She’s big enough to feel.. and not big enough to jab me in the ribs.. I think it’s perfect..

But I know that time keeps moving.. and whether I like it or not.. she’s going to get bigger.. and she will eventually start jabbing me in the ribs..

She’s growing.. and our time as one entity will soon come to an end.. and every time I feel her kicking and rolling.. the more I really, really want to meet the little person Hubby and I have created..

Keep on dancing, my little ballerina.  It makes mommy and daddy secure knowing your thriving in there.. and makes us feel more in tune with you.. we love you soooo much!

Yesterday was Father’s Day..

It was hubby’s first.. his “father-to-be” day..

We went out to lunch.. I watched him as he practiced his golf swing at the driving range.. we ran some errands.. and just spent the day together.. he and I. 

We were winding down from our little vacation with the fam.. so it was nice to just relax at home for a bit.. while doing laundry and unpacking..

Next year is going to be so different for the both of us.. we’ll have our little one around to greet us and knowing that make it so much more exciting..

Hubby enjoyed the day.. but I know that it probably hasn’t hit him until our princess is out in the world.. in some ways.. it hasn’t hit me much too.. except when she does hit me… then the reality sets in.. hee hee..

Websites were saying that if he were to put his ear up against my belly.. and we were really still and quiet.. he’d be able to start hearing her heartbeat.. well.. we tried that.. and all he got were a couple kicks to the head..

I told him that she was just giving her daddy “father’s day kisses”.  It makes it much sweeter..

I can’t wait to make Hubby an official daddy.. I know he will be a great provider and will love his family unconditionally.  We couldn’t be more blessed to have him in our lives..

Las Vegas when pregnant was so much more different than I anticipated..

Before pregnancy.. I could walk up and down the strip like nobody’s business.. casino hopping was a cake walk.. and I never went back to the hotel room until it was time to sleep or change into my evening wear.. and the only time I rested during the day was when I was laying out by the pool..

This week.. I have never felt more pregnant in my life..

A lot of it is because I feel like I have literally grown in belly practically overnight.. I thought I was big before.. but I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger..

Walking is fine.. but not for long periods of time.. not only do I get tired.. but my calves and ankles swell by the end of the night..

It also tires me out to be out and about all day.. we had to take a mid-day break into the hotel and take a rest..

The heat also got to me a bit.. I was sweaty and icky walking in the shade..

I also used to be out til the late evening hours before I was prego.. now.. I would tire out and want to go to bed..

I guess this was just a huge wake-up call for me and the whole pregnancy.. I knew that my life and my body was changing.. but this sort of sealed the deal for me.. not that it’s a bad thing.. it’s just that it totally made me realize how different my life truly is and is going to be..

I still had lots of fun with the hubby and the family.. if God allows.. on the next vacation.. we’ll be tagging a long a little princess.. can’t wait!

So.. funny story while on the first half of our vacation this week.

We found ourselves in Solvang… Yes.. I’ve finally gone.. after two years.. click here to understand.

Anyway.. we came on a great day because as we were going to Mass at the local mission there.. we found out that the Prince of Denmark was coming..

Now… when we all think of “princes,” what comes to mind?

We think of that image that Disney has printed in our heads of young, strapping men.. wearing uniforms adorned in all sorts of official “prince-like” stuff.. or we think of Prince William.. wearing his military garb on his wedding day…

So.. with that said.. we got out of Mass just in time as the Prince was making his rounds around the little city..

We sat ourselves on a bench right in the path he was taking down one of the streets..

Anticipation was building up as we saw the crowd of photographers and officials come towards us.. my cousin’s little daughter and I were probably most excited to see a “real life prince.”

As the crowd goes through.. we see the security men.. dressed in their dark suits and glasses.. and several men wearing simple suits.. one in particular was wearing a lighter grey suite than the rest of them and was in awe of all that he was seeing and being shown.. apparently.. that was the prince..

But in the silence of the whole event.. while all the cameras were rolling by us.. and photographers were taking many pictures.. one voice seemed to resonate through the crowd..

That voice was my cousin’s seven year old daughter..

“Where’s the prince?”

Yes.. our dreams of Prince Charming and that magic touch of royalty were shattered by this older, sharply (but simply) dressed man that is the Prince of Denmark..

Thank you, Prince of Denmark, for bringing our Disney dreams of princes and royalty to a crash on the floor..

I do hope the Prince had a great time though.. he really seemed to enjoy what he was seeing.. but for the my sake.. and for the sake of a seven year old girl.. maybe you should have “Prince’d” it up a bit.. humor us.

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