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This past weekend, hubby, me, and my parents went to Babies R Us to start stroller shopping.

I know.. I’m only 15 1/2 weeks along.. but with a hubby that likes to do A LOT of research before making a decision.. it’s never too early to start looking at our options..

Plus.. I think it’s good that we start looking into these things.. time is flying by faster than we all anticipate.. and before we know it.. we’ll need that stroller..

I have to say that watching Hubby push the stroller around the store was the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.. he looked like he was ready to be such a dad.. it was so cute and I can’t wait to see that moment come to fruition..

We decided that the most cost effective option would be to get the carseat/stroller bundles.. and there were a lot of brands and styles to choose from.  We also decided that we weren’t going to get gender specific (i.e. pink or blue) themed items either.. because we hope that we can pass on as much as we can to future children and not have to worry about the gender of the next little ones..

We found a stroller/carseat set that we liked.. SafetyFirst AeroLite Sport LX.. it sounds like a car!!  It had a very high safety rating.. and the carseat looked very secure too.  This baby will be doing a lot of traveling from SD to the IE.. that’s a good hour and some drive.. I want to make sure my baby is safe!

The stroller was very easy to maneuver.. easy to fold and unfold.. my only reservation was that it didn’t recline all the way to a lying down position like the Chicco Cortina stroller did.  But the Chicco didn’t have a carseat included.  I don’t know if that recline is really THAT important.. what do you think?

Anyway.. we now have a better idea of what we are looking for in a stroller.. and I think it’s adorable that Hubby was very into it as well.. I’m sure that when we are absolutely ready to make the stroller decision.. something better might be out.. but at least we have an idea of what we want and what features we want for our kiddo.

Ahh.. the joys of parenthood preparation…


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