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Me:  Hurry, quick.. give me the computer..
Hubby:   Hold on..

(He’s watching videos on the phone app “Angry Birds.”)

Me:  Hurry!  I need the computer..
Hubby:  Hold on..

(Hands me the laptop.)

Me:  Good.. I have to harvest my crops on Farmville
Hubby:  THATS what you needed to do?!  You made it sound so urgent.
Me:  It IS!
Hubby:  Don’t tell me that you have email alerts on Farmville..
Me: …
Hubby:  You have email alerts for Farmville!
Me: …
Hubby:  Oh. My. Gosh.


So.. I’m not the traditional “black Friday” person that camps out in front of a Wal-Mart.. or ventures out to stores at 2am.. nope.. I love my warm bed and adore my sleep.

That being said.. I was still able to participate in some Black Friday festivities.. at MICHAEL’S CRAFT STORE!!!

They are having some awesome sale items.. and Cricut cartridges are about 60% off!  It’s amazingly cheap.. and I love that!  I bought two cartridges.. a ton of paper.. and all these doo-dads.. and odds and ends.. and crafty markers and stuff..

Hubby seemed overwhelmed.. hahah..

I didn’t want to do any other Black Friday shopping.. other than Michaels..

Great thing is that they had all these coupons I could print out.. one for every day of this weekend.. today there was a 25% off entire purchase coupon if used from opening til noon.. then.. there was a coupon for 50% off a single item to be used from noon til closing..

We did the obvious thing and hit up the store TWICE.. gotta love my patient, understanding hubby that totally went along with it all..

I think we tackled our first Black Friday together with much success..

Hope everyone else had a successful day today..

Last week I was with the hubby all week.. we were playing “house” while we were also looking for a place to live..

I went back home this week.. and I gotta say.. life is sooo much easier at home with mommy and daddy..

For one.. I don’t HAVE to cook..

At home.. Mommy will either cook something.. or we just go out and buy something.. and if I do cook.. it’s cuz I WANT to.. and not HAVE to.. big difference..

Another.. thing is that I’m a lot more comfortable in my own home.. and that’s totally a given.. you’re always more comfortable in your home.. so.. that’s really nothing to make a big deal about.. and I know that once Joe and I find a place to live.. I’ll be comfortable there too.. it’s just that.. it’s wierd to me.. I don’t know..

I love having Mom and Dad around.. it’s a security blanket for me.. I’ve never lived on my own.. I’ve always lived with them.. knowing they are just a room away is still comforting.. I know.. I’m 30.. but still.. it’s not like my parents and I have a bad relationship.. and I’m not saying that I don’t wanna be independent.. I just have mixed feelings about it all..

And we all know that we do eventually grow up and leave the comforts of home.. so I shouldn’t be hesitant to leave.. but like I said.. it’s so comfortable being at home.. it’s scary to venture off on your own.. but knowing that I have Joe with me is reassuring.. he’s there to go along with the ride.. it’s all part of the adventure..

The thought that I am actually married still hasn’t sunken in.. Joe and I tell each other all the time that we are married.. we call each other ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey.’  But.. being “married” isn’t a concept to me yet..

I think it’s because we still live apart.. and we are still a commuter-couple.. we know we are married.. but nothing’s really changed yet..

It’s that initial first-step to independence.. it’s that initial snip of the virtual umbilical cord.. it’s scary to me.. the unknown has always been scary to me.. but it’s always something that I seek..

All I gotta do is take that first step.. make that first effort to “be married.” 

I AM married.. but I haven’t had the chance to “BE” married.. you know what I mean? 

It’s complicated.. and I’m probably rambling.. but I think that some of you may understand what I mean.. right?

So.. first comes marriage.. next comes apartment hunting..

Our agreement was this:
I move to SD so the wedding would be in the IE.  Simple as that..

After we agreed to that.. everything seemed to have fallen into place.. I ended up with a job in Temecula.. and we figured we’d live about 30 or so minutes from there.. because my commute would be against traffic and easy..

We visited about three apartment complexes.. and I fell in love with one.. it’s got the biggest master bedroom.. and the layout seemed to be the best.. and I really loved the kitchen..

I guess there are a couple more places that he wants us to look at.. but I am pretty set on this one for now.. we’ve filled up the application.. but we haven’t turned it in yet.. since it’s a Sunday..

We’ll see what will happen.. God knows what’s best for us..

We still have to open all our gifts and start working on Thank You cards.. all on top of trying to find a place to live..

It’s all part of the adventure!

(While sorting through wedding and shower gifts, we come across Corning Ware Lite set)

Hubby: What’s this?  Did we register for this?
Me: No, my aunt gave us that.
Hubby:  What’s it for?
Me:  It’s Corning Ware Lite, it’s a bake set that’s light, so it’s not heavy.
Hubby: ….

Apparently I say funny stuff too!

(After telling me one of his stories about his old dating days..)

Hubby: (sings and dances like the scene from Glee) “You.. make.. me.. feel like I’m living a.. teen.. age.. dream..
Me:  (Lying in bed watching all this)  It’s amazing other girls would even want to make out with you..

Oooh.. typing it out makes it sound mean.. but I swear it wasn’t.. he then proceeded to attack me with tickles…

He always knows how to retaliate.

(While surfing the internet and watching a video on the cheesiest lines in movies..)
Movie: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry..
Hubby:  Is that why you never say sorry, because you love me?
Me:  That’s exactly it.

Happy three week wedding anniversary to us!

Married life is funny.. we’ve been playing house this week and living at his parents house while they’ve been away on a cruise..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mother for making me the spoiled brat that I am.. I LOVE the spoiled brat lifestyle.. I do!  I love the pampered princess lifestyle that I have at home..

At home, when I get home from work.. dinner’s either ready.. or my parents are ready for us to go out to eat..

Here, I have to make sure I dont stay too late at work so that we have time to get some sort of dinner prepared.. then I have to wait for it to be done before I eat..and by then.. I’m STARVING!!


Other than that.. married life has been a fun non-stop entertaining adventure.. I’ve got Joe 24/7 and he does some pretty funny things..

So I started a new blog category called “Things my husband does/says.. ”

It’s to remind me that no matter where we end up in life.. what ups and downs we will go through in this marriage.. that my husband is always someone I can go to for laughs and love.. it’s to remind me that we were young and stupid when I look back at this many years from now.. and I hope that things won’t change much as we do get older… and he will still be as entertaining as ever..


(Hubby is flipping channels on the TV while I’m on the computer.)

Hubby:  No… no.. no.. don’t watch.. don’t watch.
Me:  But you’re just flipping channels.
Hubby:  Don’t watch!
Me:  Why??!?
Hubby:  Because I don’t want something to catch your eye and then I’ll be stuck having to watch it..


(Watching TV, Express clothing commerical comes on)

Me:  Hunny, let’s go to Express.. they have a bunch of cute dresses.
Hubby:  Only if they’re short and skanky..
Me:  They are.

(Joe RUNS into the room to catch the end of the commercial)

Me:  You HAD to run..
Hubby:  Commercials are only 30 seconds long!


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