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One year ago today.. Hubby and I got married.

Two months later.. we moved into our own place.. and not much time after that.. we got pregnant.

Thirty-six weeks later.. we had our first child together..

I’d say that this has been the greatest year so far..

It seems like only yesterday that Hubby and I became engaged and started the 10mo long process of planning a wedding.. It seems like only yesterday that I was walking down the aisle towards him.. crying my eyes out.

Hubby:  You looked so beautiful walking down the aisle.  You know what would have made you look better.. if you weren’t BAWLING!!!!

He has a point.. but I couldn’t help it!

To look back on this first year of marriage, I have to say that it’s been fun.  It’s been one adventure after another and I’m glad I have this blog to document some of those moments.. I can’t imagine experiencing any of these moments with anyone else..

Happy anniversary, hubby!  I pray we have many more of these to come.. I can’t wait for what else future has in store for us.

I had my follow-up appointment with my OB-GYN yesterday… I can’t believe it’s been six weeks or so since I’ve given birth.. nor can I believe how much Little M has changed in the past six weeks or so..

Thank God everything has healed well and I can resume life as I was pre-prego!

That means that I can start working out and working on losing this baby weight.. I just might be able to fit into pre-prego pants before I have to go back to work!

In the spirit of accountability, I am hoping to track my progress on my blog.. no pictures.. just written updates.. hee hee.

Today I weighted in at 158lbs.  My goal is to get under 130lbs.  That means I have 28lbs to lose..

I’m going to try to get some actual exercise in.  I have the kettleball my mom bought, and I found some easy, beginner ab exercises in an issue of Fit Pregnancy I found at the hospital…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll work on hitting up the treadmill again.. slowly..

I also get a pretty good workout carrying my little one.. and swaying around to calm her..

If only I can stop watching and craving sweets.. it’s definitely a hard habit to break..

Growing up, my mom would always say “I bet you’ll have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU!”

Apparently, I kept her life interesting.. in a good AND not so good way.. but don’t all daughters keep their mothers on their toes?!

My mom has been around helping me with Little M and she’s realized that a lot of Little M’s quirks and behaviors are very reminiscent of me.

I truly do have a daughter JUST LIKE ME.

A perk to having my mom help me out is that she’s already raised me!  Therefore, taking care of Little M should be a cake walk for her!  Since Little M is just like me, my mom already knows what to do.. making my life easier when my mom’s around helping me.

I hope Little M isn’t too much like me.. there are certain personality traits that I possess that I would hate to have to deal with in a daughter.. eek!


Pregnant people gain weight.  That’s a given.

Breastfeeding helps the get the weight off.  That’s what I’ve heard.

Six weeks into this pregnancy, and my impatience is asking me why the weight isn’t flying off as fast as I would like.

In all honesty, it only has been six weeks since I’ve given birth.  But here I am, expecting a miracle weight loss.

It’s my blog, let me be completely honest.

I started the pregnancy about at about 125 lbs, give or take a pound or two.  I ended the pregnancy weighing in at 185 lbs.  I gained a total of 60 lbs.!!!


Here I was, actually thinking that most of the weight gain was because I was going to have this ginormous 8-9 pound baby, and Little M came out a mere 5 lbs, 3 oz.

I blame the french fries and the chocolate milkshakes..

REALITY CHECK:  All that weight gain was on ME!

So, six weeks later, I weigh about 160 lbs, give or take a pound or two.  That means I’ve already lost 25 pounds..

I’m not used to looking and feeling like this.  I HATE looking at myself in the mirror.  But I have to remind myself that I just had a baby, and all this weight will come off if I start working on it.


I don’t even fit into my pre-prego “big” pants.  Those are the pants that I had to put away when I lost weight for the wedding because they got too big.

Now I’m going to be easy on myself.  I’m going to set my weight loss goal to be under 130 lbs.  I also need to be able to fit into some of my bigger pre-prego pants again before I go back to work.  I can sort of get them up, it’s the fact that my fat thighs can barely squeeze into them and that I can’t button them.. that’s the issue.

I’m posting this here because I want to be held accountable for my weight loss..

That pregnancy habit of “eat what you want” is a hard habit to break, and I have to retrain myself to eat the way I used before the pregnancy.  I also have to start exercising and getting some normalcy back into my life.

So, my first goal is to fit into some pants.. by the end of the year, I should fit into some pre-prego pants..

Then we will take it from there!


For the past few days, we have not been able to put Little M down when she goes to sleep.  Every time she did, she would just squirm herself awake, and the start crying..

Lately, she’s loved being put down while she’s awake.. but she never wanted it when she slept.  That’s made it very difficult to do anything while alone at home.  That’s why I haven’t really written any posts here lately.  It’s hard to type things one-handed.

Tonight, after her bath, she ate and just knocked out.  For some reason, she kept stretching backward like she wanted to be put down… so.. I did!

And voila!

She’s been lying down on the floor on blankets ever since.  Granted, I can’t go too far away because she seems to startle easily and I have to come in close and pat her back to sleep.. but she’s still there!

I’m hoping it’s a start to getting her to start sleeping in her own space instead of sleeping on my chest every night and every nap..

My only worry is when she’s in her sleeper at night, that I’m not close enough to comfort her when she startles herself awake.  I think we are going to have to sleep on the floor in the living room for awhile so I can be close enough to comfort her back to sleep when she startles at night..

At this point, I’m just glad she was able to go down right now.  We’ll take it one sleep at a time.. hopefully she gets used to lying down again..


Little M is lying on my lap, sleeping.

She’s wearing a yellow sleeper gown.  On her feet, she’s got these bright fushia socks.

I’ve become THAT mom.. the type of mom that just throws clothes on her child without any thought of color coordination or style.  The type of mom that just throws clothes on her child for the sake of keeping her feet warm, her head covered, etc..

Even Hubby said, “What do you have her in?  She clashes like crazy!”

If it’s any consolation, I don’t plan on taking her out like this in public.. ever.

I hope.

After the birth of Little M.. the next big thing that needs to be planned is her baptism.

Being Catholic, I believe in infant baptism.  It is her first sacrament and sets the foundation, as I plan on raising my daughter under the Catholic faith.  It’s important to me that she get her baptism done as soon as possible and so we were able to tentatively schedule her baptism for December 3rd.  Coincidentally, on her 3 month birthday.  I totally just realized that!

So now, the planning begins.  The godparents, hubby, and I have to take baptismal prep classes and turn in all the required paperwork that the diocese requires of us.  That’s the easiest part of it all.

I need to buy Little M her little white dress.. that’s probably pretty easy too..

The hardest part is planning the reception.  Do we go with a restaurant, or do we rent out a hall and get it catered?   How many people are we to invite?  How big/small do we want this event to be?

Most importantly, do I have time to make the invitations myself?  Honestly, I would LOVE to do it.. but it’s so hard with a newborn and my constant need to sleep.  She sleeps so well during the day that I tend to catch up with most of my sleep during the day.. and I just can’t function at night.

Planning parties is definitely NOT my thing.  I’d much rather create the papercrafts and goods for such parties..

I need to start getting used to minimal sleep so I can be functional again!

I like to think of Little M as being super efficient.. she tends to do her poops while she’s eating.. it’s an efficient system.. but this is what hubby thinks..

Hubby:  She poops and eats at the same time..
Me:  Yup.. she’s efficient!
Hubby:  That’s like me bringing my dinner plate into the bathroom..
Me:  Well, geez.. if you put it in those terms.. it’s gross..
Hubby:  That’s pretty much what it is..

Thanks Hubby, it was totally cute until you turned it into “adult” terms..

I’m not a patient person. I’ve never really been known for my patient personality.. it’s a personality flaw that I’m hoping my daughter doesn’t get from me..

Parenting means I need to be to have patience.. I’m having a crash course in patience.. and it’s not always fun.

I’m used to instant results and instant gratification.. you don’t get that with a newborn.. you can’t get a newborn to sleep when you want her to.. you can’t get a newborn to burp right after a feeding.. and you can’t get a newborn to be still when changing a diaper.. and you can’t get a newborn to NOT pee when you are changing  her diaper..

It’s a true learning experience.. but I know I can do it.. one day at a time..

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