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Sunday was my 29th birthday..

I’ve now officially entered the last year of my twenties..when did that happen?

I honestly have no idea when I entered my late 20s… but here I am.. in the latest 20s I can get.. next year.. I’m 30.. I shudder to think of it..

It was a great birthday weekend.. my boyfriend was totally awesome about it all.. I’m really blessed to have a caring person like him in my life.

The last year of my twenties..

It’s just crazy to believe I’m at that point in my life now.. it’s just.. weird.  I always pictured my life differently.. but.. here I am.. and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way!

It was a scene from the Criminal Minds season premier that I saw a few nights ago..

WARNING:  Slightly spoiler-ish.. skip the paragraph ahead if you haven’t seen the episode and you are looking forward to it.

An agent’s wife and child have had their lives under a threat of danger, causing the wife and child to go into protective custody.  The agent’s wife goes to the agent that is in the hospital to talk to him.  She’s obviously feeling a wide range of emotions.  She’s scared, anger, sad.. worried.  However, the minute she brings their son into the room, she sucks it all in and musters up a smile for the little guy.

It’s her portrayal of that strength in front of her son that I found suddenly profound on my long commute to work this morning.

A mother has this profound ability to make things seem “ok” in front of their children.

The world could seem to be crumbling around them, yet, they have the ability to look and act so strong.. especially when it comes to their children.

It’s amazing.

Could I be that woman?

Could I be THAT strong in the face of adversity when my kids are involved?

Could I ever muster up that much courage and that much strength for the sake of my children?

It seems that something happens to people.. women especially.. when they become mothers.. they learn of this sudden courage.. and strength.. and this love that they have never known existed until that point..

When the Lord blesses me with the gift of children.. would that be me too?

If I were to be faced with something I feel I cannot do.. but have to do alone.. could I do it?

I guess only time will tell.. and I know that.. like always.. the Lord will provide..

I guess it’s just one of those things that has to be experienced and felt once I do have a child of my own..

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This wordpress dashboard is quite nifty.. It shows me what people have been searching and how they came to find my little piece of the Internet here on Living life in the carpool lane..

For all you lovely readers out there.. and I do get a few.. maybe one or two a day.. thanks for stopping by.. and I hope you’re enjoying what you read..

Anyway.. I noticed that there was a search for “ultreya witness talk..”

And I know that I have promised to post mine up and I have been a total flake and haven’t yet..

I promise soon.. maybe someone should remind me.. leave me a comment.. and I’ll post it..

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t posted it yet.. it’s on a Word document in my personal laptop.. all I got to do is “copy and paste” it onto here.. read it over.. edit it a little.. and POOF..

I’ve been lazy, I guess..

I could have posted it today.. but silly me forgot my personal laptop at home.. so I’m without that file while I’m here at work..

People have said that it was a good talk.. maybe it’s because they found out something about me that they didn’t know previously.. those that have known me for the past three-five years would know what it was about.. but those that have just met me.. or have just re-acquainted themselves with me.. will find this is something new..

Overall.. the talk was about my journey of knowing how to “let go.. and let God.”  It was my journey about learning to pray.. learning to trust.. and learning to love the life I have.. because no matter what obstacles had come my way.. my life was a gift from God.. how could I hate something so beautiful as LIFE…

The talk wasn’t over-dramatic.. putting my life in perspective of others.. it’s been fairly easy.. but we all have our personal struggles and our personal crosses.. and the talk was about mine.. how I got through it.. and how the Cursillo helped me gain that strength..

Now a favor to my lovely and loyal readers that are waiting for this talk to blossom on the pages of my humble blog.. if I don’t post the talk by the end of the month.. please give me a lovely comment reminding me to do so..

Any other comments are welcome.. any questions.. suggestions.. compliments.. and complaints.. I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone..

Just make sure you go to to leave them.. thanks!

I’m sitting here on my “monday” at work.  It’s my first day back at work from a looooong weekend.

To clarify:
Last week, I worked Mon-Wednesday.  Then, I was on a retreat from Thurs-Sun.  I was off Mon-Tues.  Now I work the rest of the week, Wed-Fri.

Next week should start to become “normal.”

I have simply been NON-STOP lately because on top of all these things, I’ve been having to juggle school!

Lord, have mercy!

I shouldn’t complain.  Being busy is good.  It makes the time go by faster and I do feel productive and needed.

A nap would be nice though.

Photo 1

New job.. day 2.  I officially need coffee to stay awake… and I got hungry this morning.

I think I need to start bringing my own coffee from home and buy a bunch of breakfast foods so I don’t have to spend so much money on a coffee/breakfast habit.

I’m at my desk.. doing so much computer work.. reading all this paperwork.. preparing myself mentally to do a lot of writing and updating.. yikes!

Photo 2

Working.. hard.. hard.. hard..

Gonna try to control the clutter at my desk.. I’m determined not to make it a total disaster!

I’m watching one of those Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” show and he is in Tokyo, Japan.

I soooo want to go there.  There are soooo many places I would love to travel to.

I should make a list.

BUT.. if I make a list, I’m just going to disappoint myself if I can’t get to at least half of the places I’d write down.

But if I had the money and the time and the resources.. I’d be a total jet-setter.. and life would be wonderful.

Maybe I’ll get to travel to some places during my lifetime.. it’ll happen.. and if not.. I’m sure I’ll be fine just watching the Travel Channel all day..

Since Wednesday was my last day at my previous job, I have had yesterday and today to just sit around and do nothing.

I guess you can say I’m “in between jobs” right now.  Unemployed for two days.

I thought it would be easy because I’d just be lazy and go around and shop and do anything I please.


I’ve been so busy with so many errands and so many things do that I’m absolutely more exhausted than I was when I was working a 8am-5pm job!

My new work schedule will be 6am-6pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  That leaves me Tuesdays and Thursdays and the weekends to do things.  It should be less stressful because I will have some weekdays to get stuff done that is usually crammed into the weekends.  I hope it works out

The twelve hour days shouldn’t be a problem.  I know there is a lot of work to be done and now I will feel like I have all day to get it done.

I’m looking forward to what I have to there.. I’m just not looking forward to the commute.  I think the hours I find myself on the road should be better than during true “rush hour” traffic.  Hopefully.

For now.. I’m enjoying my “unemployement..”

But I wish I had more time for some naps!

Today is the last day of working at the animal health and food safetly lab.. after three years of being there..

I thought it was going to be easy to just leave.. but I was wrong..

I got so teary-eyed.. and I was actually hesitant to leave the building because I know that the next time I’ll be there.. I won’t be an employee.. I’ll just be a visitor.. and that was a weird feeling..

It even feels weird now.. knowing that I don’t work there.. knowing that on Monday.. I’ll be working in Orange County.. it’s just a weird feeling..

I’m ready for what the future holds.. it’s just a little sad to see the end of an era..

So I’m back from a nice trip to the Bay Area with my boyfriend.  We spent Labor Day weekend up there because we had two weddings to go to on Saturday.

Honestly.. I am all “wedding’d out!”

Two weddings.. they were both very nice.. but I ended the day extremely exhausted.. I’m getting to old for that kinda busy stuff.. haha..

The boyfriend lived up there for several years… and he took a little trip down memory lane on Sunday… we drove to all the places he used to live and to the place he used to work at… it was nice getting to know about him a little bit more… we’ve been together for almost a year and half… it’s the thing to do…

It was nice to know a little bit of his past… and I hope we can continue working on our future…

I’ve got pictures… so when I figure out how to post them without them being ginormous… I’ll put them on some blog entries..

Continuing with yesterday’s post.. today is the list of the things I won’t miss working here..

  • Incubated stinky stuff
  • The smell of “colon” permeating through the hallway
  • High and dusty winds
  • Being in San Bernardino
  • Fighting for the shady parking
  • Seemingly endless poop samples
  • Sharing a work computer
  • People not following the designated colored-pen of the day
  • Monthly internal audits
  • Annual internal audits
  • Controlled documents
  • Weekend duties
  • Venturing into the Necropsy room alone on  a Saturday

Those are my lists.. now I’m ready for the next step..

Oh.. ya.. and I owe you a copy of my Ultreya Witness Talk.. perhaps tomorrow..

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