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Every beginning of the new year, I’m always strangely and overly optimistic that this is the year that my life is going to change profoundly…

Ok, 2010 was one of those years..

Oh.. definitely 2011 was one too..

But, every year, I think to myself that things are going to change.. life is going to change.  I always take the beginning of the year as a fresh start..

“This is the year I’m going to change the world!”

This feeling usually dies down about a week later.. when I’m living my life day to day the same way I was living it the previous year.

I’m still in the middle of feeling very optimistic..

This is the year I will learn to save money!  This is the year that I will start scrapbooking, or at least Project Life!  This is the year I will get my Etsy store set up and actually selling things!  This is the year I will take couponing a little more seriously!  This is the year that I will do exactly everything I say I will do!  This is the year I will be more organized!  This is the year that I will lose all the baby weight!

This is the year I will keep my motivation up!

2013 is my year!

I’m in one of those moods again..

Where I want to take on a new hobby.. or a new life-changing project.. or something..

I’m in one of those inspired moods where I feel like I can start a new business.. or a new blog.. about something I’m inspired to do..

I wanna make a craft blog.. and post all the stuff I do.. and possibly sell it..  like the million other crafty people out there doing the same..

I wanna make a small etsy or ebay business doing cross-stitching.. like the million other cross-stitch ebay/etsy users out there..

I want to take on some major project..

But then again.. who has time..

I’ve got a baby on the way.. this “major life-altering project” can only last about 5 months before I lose all my time to a newborn..

Hahah.. like all my moods of this manner.. this too shall pass..

I just thought I’d share..

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