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Island Kauai, Na Pali Coast

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Today is September 30th.. do you know what that means?

That means that a month from tomorrow I’ll be lying on a beach in Hawaii..

Oh ya.. and that a month from today.. I’ll be saying “I do” and marrying my best friend and love..

But I’ll also be going to Hawaii shortly after!!!!!

I can’t believe we are at the ONE MONTH mark.. seems like yesterday he proposed and the madness began..

I’m getting excited and nervous and anxious all at the same time..

How did YOU feel when you hit the one-month mark?

Sierra's Birthday Cake

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There are two blog entries that I must do every year.. one on my birthday.. and one around the new year.. It’s September 27th.. so that means it’s time for a birthday blog..

Yes.. today is my birthday.. the big 3-0.

Where did all the time go.. I suddenly find myself 30 years old.. it’s just odd how I feel time has just flown.. seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my 25th birthday.. now.. I’m 30.. it’s.. wierd.

This year is even more different than previous birthdays.

If God permits, this is my last “single lady” birthday.  Next month is the wedding..

It’s amazing how much things can change in a year.. I mean.. last year..

Last year.. Joe and I decided to start looking at engagement rings on my birthday.. we knew the wedding was inevitable.. and we knew it was sometime in the 2010.. but to know that it’s coming so soon.. it still feels very surreal.

2010 is definitely a year of change for me.. God willing.. it’s going to be an awesome rest of the year..

Hello 30’s, I’m Rachel.. I’m here to party!

Oh geez.. four weeks left.. in a few days we will be exactly 1 month away from our big day..

Time is going soo fast.  I’m getting excited.. whenever I see him I can’t believe that we’ll be husband and wife soon.. God willing.

We’re starting to look at places to live.. even though that’s really the last thing on my mind.. it doesn’t really hurt to look.. I just want to get the wedding done.. that’s my priority.

My hair is driving me crazy.. its just getting way too long.. it’s usually at this point that I make an appointment for a nice trim and restyling of the layers.. but since I need the hair for my wedding style.. which I’m still not 100% sure of what I want.. I need to keep my hair long..

I anticipate that once the wedding is done I’ll be making an appointment with my stylist and I’ll probably cut my hair considerably..

I was watching the season premier of Bones the other night on the DVR and really liked Bones’ hair cut this season.. what’s her name.. Emily Deschanel.. her hair is really cute this season.. I’m thinking of getting it cut that short!

The wedding is fast approaching.. it makes me start thinking about how much my life is going to change.. God willing.. I’ll be someone’s wife.. I’ll be leaving home.. moving to a new city.. thinking about it makes it a little overwhelming.. but knowing I have such a strong support system in my life.. and all my blessings from God.. I know that I can handle it..

There’s still so much stuff to do in wedding prep.. we’re getting our marriage license on Monday.. that’s a huge step.. it’s all coming together.. I can’t believe how fast the year is going!

Bachelor Party (film)

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I have to admit.. I’m cheating  a little bit.  I’m actually writing this on Thursday instead of Saturday.. but I’ve set it to post on Saturday.

The thing is.. this weekend is a tad bit too busy for my regular countdown blog entry..

I’ll be working at the Cursillo retreat.. and Joe’s living it up in Vegas at his Bachelor Party..

Five weeks left..

There’s a wierd feeling of apprehension you feel when a countdown reaches “5.”

Our family usually starts our New Year’s countdown at “5.”

When we play hide-n-seek.. we usually start screaming out the countdown when it reaches “5.”

1.. blast off!

It just feels like it’s soooooo close now! 

Yet.. there’s still so much to do!

We had a great wedding shower last weekend.. it was amazing.. and fun.. and happy.. and all those great words that people use to describe great events..

This next week we have to get our marriage license..

I have to finish the wedding shower thank you cards..

I have to get my wedding program typed out for my bestie to format..

I have to start making placecards for the wedding attendees I know for sure we won’t be shuffling around in the seating chart..

I have to start thinking of wedding thank you card prototypes..

I have to start putting together the gifts I have to give for those involved in the wedding..

There’s so many other things I have to think of that I don’t remember at the moment..

Then.. I have my Bachelorette party! 

I think I need another week.. or another month..

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Then I’m a married woman.. it’s still so surreal..

Things I think I would like to do in the near future:

Participate in a blog hop:
I visit several crafting blogs and they always seem to have blog hops.. or do cute blog-community sorta things.  So it’s a random thing I want to participate in.. maybe when life settles down a bit..

Start a craft blog
I like doing my cards and my crafting things.. why not make a blog.. and be famous in the “craft world” like those people I tend to frequent..

I’m such a nerd… but.. moving on!

Start a blog based on a one-year personal project:
Ok.. so I’m totally stealing this idea from that whole Julie/Julia movie.. I’m getting up there in age.. I feel my life is slightly stagnant.. why not force myself to go through a one-year self-discovery sort of project.. it’s like high-tech middle age syndrome for Generation-Y.. Or is it Generation-X.. I don’t even know what Generation “Letter” I should associate with!

Start a little business
I like making cards.. why not get paid for it.. I’ve got a cute little business name in my head too.. and it’s not like I want this to be something that I will totally abandon my career in the biotech industry for.. it’s just something for a little extra spending cash.. cha-ching.. cha-ching!

Ok.. so a lot of it has to do with crafting and blogging..

Ugh.. NERD!

These weeks are counting down at lightning speed.. it’s insane!

Anyway.. this past week was productive.. but at the same time.. it didn’t feel productive.  I got stuff for the wedding shower done.. and we’re ready to party it up this weekend.. it’s gonna good fun with good friends and good bbq.

I’m hoping for some decent weather.. something not too hot.  I don’t want to be burning in the hot sun.. I have to make sure I wear something without sleeves so that I avoid tanlines…

Next week, there are several things I need to take care of.. I need to start working with my hairstylist about the number of people getting their hair done, I need to talk to the people in charge of the church choir, I need to talk to the sound guy at the church, I also need to call about getting some sort of decorative backdrop for our sweetheart table..

I also need to look into the details of my guest book idea..

I need to pick pictures for our wedding photo montage..

I need to start making place cards..

I need to start looking at various “thank you” card prototypes..

I need to work on the little things for my bridesmaids and others involved in the wedding..

All that in 6 weeks..

No one ever said wedding planning was easy.. but I’m sure it will be totally worth it..

So far.. I’m still keeping my cool.. I think.. I can’t promise that I’ll remain this cool.. hahha!

I’m in denial.

I refuse to believe that we are in the month of September.. nor do I want to believe that by the time this month ends.. I will be saying goodbye to one decade.. and entering into another..

I’m a lady.. a lady does not talk about their age..

I mean.. it’s not a bad thing..

Honestly.. I get a lot of compliments from people saying that I don’t look my age.. and I certainly don’t ACT my age.. well.. not all the time..

And everyone likes to say “age is only a number..”

But when that number is much higher than what you truly feel.. it’s truly a blow of reality..

I’m not looking forward to entering into the club that most of my friends have been entering into this year.. the only club I look forward to entering is the “married club..”  Definitely not the “dirrty thirry club.”

There.. I said it.

Good bye, twenties.

Hello, thirties..

I really shouldn’t have a problem.. but it feels like I’m so far behind in life that I really should only be in my mid-twenties..

Oh well.. I know my life has been full of many blessings.. so I can’t be bitter.. I’ve done a lot in my life and I know that God plans for much more..

So.. yes.. age is just a number..

I just wish the numbers didn’t need to increase every year..

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