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I’m a scientist.  I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, with emphasis on Pathology and Microbiology.. and a minor in Chemistry.

I’m a scientist working on her Masters in Business Administration.

What am I doing getting a business degree?

Honestly.. sometimes I really don’t know.

I was fine and content with my science career.. and my science geek lifestyle.

I guess that was it.. I was content.

I needed change.. and I needed to stretch my brain into learning new concepts and learning how to think about things at a different angle.

Sometimes its working.. sometimes.. like now.. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells.. this class makes me feel so out of my element that I am killing my brain cells trying to absorb it all.

Someone remind me how great it will be once I get my MBA..

I confess that I am a major fan of all those super sappy Filipino romantic comedies.. they are wonderfully sappy movies.. always with a happy ending.. always some sort of super cutesy romantic gesture at the end.. and they always.. always.. ALWAYS.. make me cry..

I love them so..

Here’s a list of a few that I have seen.. and loved..

Got 2 Believe
Wonderful movie.. it’s got a great theme song.. the song is actually stuck in my head right now.. it’s what promted me to write this blog entry..

A Very Special Love
I just recently saw this movie.. it was sooo cute.  It had a cute story line and a cute actor.. and oh.. it was so sappy.. of course I cried at the end.. and there was the obligatory moment when you think it all falls apart.. then it doesn’t and they live happily ever after..

Now That I Have You
I loved the leads in this movie so much that when they did a press tour in the US.. I had to go and I got my copy of the movie autographed.  I even have pictures with the two leads.. ah.. memories..

Those are the top three.. for now.. there are the romantic movies that are more serious.. those are the kind of movies where I am pretty much crying from beginning to end.. I always feel so emotionally drained after those movies..

Those Filipinos.. really know how to work the emotions of their audience..

I just got back from a very fun “boyfriend weekend” in the city that he lives in.

It was a fun weekend, and whenever I spend time with him, it makes it so much harder to leave.. or to watch him leave..

It’s especially hard when you know that you may not see each other for a whole month due to both of your busy schedules..

We both knew what we were going to get into when we first met.. and we both decided to continue dating.  I’ve always figured our distance was a good thing.  The distance prevented us from really getting tired of each other too soon.  The distance really allowed our relationship a healthy slow pace.  With us both being burned by our past relationships.. it’s nice to be able to take it a little slower than what we (especially me) are usually used to.

The distance was also good because it gave us a better appreciation of each other and the relationship.  We make the most of our time together and we know not to take each other for granted.  Every weekend we get to have together is special and we know that if God allows us to be together, that we will not take our relationship for granted because we know what we had gone through in the beginning.

Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder..

As good as the distance is.. there are also the bad parts..

Missing him is hard at times.. sometimes.. all I want is a nice comforting hug from him at the end of a hard day.. and it’s just not there..”Scheduling” time to spend with him is hard when you see every other couple easily going out or hanging out.. If we want to do something or go somewhere.. we have to “make a weekend” for it.. we can’t just go when ever we please..It’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye whenever the weekends are over..

I know that if God permits.. we will take the hard experiences we’ve had over this time.. and cherish it.. if we can survive this distance.. I’m sure we can survive a lot more..

By the way.. today (April 26) is the one-year anniversary of our first date.. we went to Disneyland..

There are times in our lives that prayer and our faith in God are the only things that can keep us going..

I believe that all that I have achieved would not be possible if I didn’t trust in the Lord and pray for the success and guidance I have gotten from Him. 

There have been many times in my life that I have wondered why I was put here and what my purpose is.. and why I have been brought in the directions that I have been brought to..

There are many instances where I’ve questioned why I had to go through a certain ordeal.. or why I don’t have what others have.. or why other people seem to have the life that I’ve always wanted..

Why do they get to live the way I’ve wanted to live.. and they don’t go to Church ever week.. they don’t practice a religion.. they don’t have a strong faith in God.. why do they get the life that I want?

How is that even fair?

I’ve found myself questioning God over and over again about that..

But what I WANT.. may not necessarily be what I NEED.. what I want may be detrimental to my life.. or may steer me in the wrong direction in the long run.. in any case.. He knows what’s best.. even if it’s something I didn’t want.. He knows what I need..

I’m being looked out for.. and that’s the consolation I need to know that I am being taken care of.. that I am loved and that I am never going to be given something that I can’t handle..

So.. take some time out of your day.. thank God for all that He has given you.. a simple prayer of thanks.. because He really is just a prayer away..

If I find a quote I like in a movie or a TV show, I will use it until everyone gets sick of it. Sorry!

Let’s see.. I’ve been using “Sweet niblets!” from Hannah Montana.. um..”___ would be perfection..” from Friends.. and so many other different sayings from so many different television shows and movies..

I think it stems from my lack of originality.. I have to take quotes and catchphrases from other sources..

Yes.. that is.. perfection..

So.. I saw the Hannah Montana movie this weekend.. yes.. guilty!!

I had an excuse!  I took my cousin’s eight year old daughter with me because her older sister’s didn’t want to see it!!!  I had a valid excuse!

Who am I kidding?  I wasn’t intending on taking her in the first place.. she just happened to find out.. so I invited her along.. I was totally going to go see that movie no matter what this weekend..

I liked it.. I thought it was a very cute movie with a very cute story.. I even cried.. but then again.. I cry at every movie.. seriously.. I do.. it’s actually one of the random factoids that will be coming up on future blog entries.. I am a big cry baby!

So.. I have nothing to be ashamed about.. there were people there that didn’t bring kids with them.. and saw the movie.. that’s how it was when I went to go see the 3D concert.. so.. ya.. there are many people out there like me!

I watched the Hannah Montana movie.. and liked it.. so.. there!

My boyfriend butt-dialed me this morning.. or so he claims.

He texted me this morning while I was at work.. then suddenly.. he called.. so I called.. and he didn’t answer..

I texted him to ask if he called me.. and he said no..

Hahah.. butt dialing.

Ok.. it’s trivial.. it’s juvenile.. it’s immature (isn’t that the same thing as juvenile?!)

I have to confess that I do love that commericial they used to play for the Blackberry Pearl that flips closed.. so no more butt-dialing.. yay!

I just thought it was the funniest commercial.. EVER.. ok.. maybe not to that extent..

Butt-humor is just so funny to me..

For your viewing pleasure.. please.. enjoy!

I’m a person that likes warm weather.  I’ve grown up in Southern California.. warm weather is pretty much how I thrive.

The weather lately has been.. well.. questionable.

The sun is out.. the sky is blue.. but oh.. my.. stars.. is it cold.  The wind blows the coldest air I’ve ever experienced and it’s not fun to walk around.

I need my sunny Southern California weather.  I don’t like wearing sweaters and jeans.  I am a short skirt and top kind of girl.  I love the sun.. I love warm.  I’m not a cold person.  I don’t enjoy the cold.

I don’t mind the rain if the weather is warm.  I like walking in the rain when I don’t have to bundle up in a thick coat and sweater and layers and layers.

I really shouldn’t complain.  When I went to Arizona, I was talking to so many people from the east coast and mid-west.. and boy.. am I lucky to live in Southern California.  I don’t think I could handle the weather that they deal with over there.  I think I would absolutely die!

I miss warmth.

 I have a weakness for purses, shoes and other accessories. The more expensive they are, the better.

Sadly.. yes.. this is true.. I really can’t get enough!

Once, when I went to Las Vegas.. I happened to stumble into the Louis Vuitton store.. and bought this really expensive wallet.. I shocked my boyfriend.. which.. at the time.. we had just started dating.. I’m glad I didn’t scare him off!

I usually go to the South Coast Plaza.. and hit all the high end purse stores.. I love looking at it all.. and every so often.. I buy one..

It’s not bad.. I don’t think it is.. it’s a little treat for myself for all the hard work I did to get that money.. and I’ve toned down.. a lot.. at least with the purses..

Shoes.. well.. let’s just say that I’d really benefit from having a whole other separate room just to house them.. it runs in the family though.. we all just love shoes!

I’ve been so busy this past weekend that I have neglected to enter a blog entry for a few days now. 

It’s ok.. absence makes the heart grow fonder..

That’s what they tell me all the time..

We had an awesome Easter Sunday.  Went to Mass.. crowded as usual because of all the Catholics that seem to remember they are Catholic only on Easter and Christmas.. oh ya.. and also Ash Wednesday..

When you are Catholic.. you are Catholic all the time.. you go to Mass every Sunday.. but that rant is for a whole other blog entry.. we are here to talk about Easter..

After Mass we went to visit my cousin and the whole rest of the family.  We all had a good time.. nice bbq..

The kids had a cute egg hunt.. my cousin did a great job hiding some of the eggs that some of the older kids couldn’t find theirs for awhile..

For our family, we have such a wide range of kids we had to develop rules to our egg hunts.. every kid is limited to a certain amount of “non-named” eggs.. and they also have a series of eggs with their specific names on them.. my cousin set it up so that the older they are.. the harder it was  to find the ones with their names on it.

That was actually quite fun helping those lost older ones find their named eggs..

All in all.. that was a very Blessed day for the family.. we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord with family and love and lots of laughs.. God’s Grace was with us all that day.. as it is with every other day..with which we should all always be thankful..

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