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I keep telling Hubby that he should sing songs to Little M.  Unfortunately, Hubby hasn’t really had much experience, or practice, singing to little kids.. here’s an example.

Old MacDonald
Hubby:  Old MacDonald had a car..
Me:  Farm.
Hubby:  What?
Me:  Old MacDonald had a FARM..
Hubby:  He had a tractor!

At least he’s trying..



Little M and I ventured out of our apartment on our own today..

It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.  It wasn’t as hectic as I was expecting.  I think because I thought the worst, I was pleasantly surprised when things came out a lot easier.

We had a little doctors appointment today because I had noticed what I thought was bruising around her feet and ankles.  I noticed it when she was newborn, but I thought it was because of all the little heel pricks she had to endure when checking her blood sugar.

Last week, I noticed that the marks were more prominent, so I decided to get a doctors appointment just to be sure there wasn’t anything wrong.

Turns out that those “bruises” are Mongolian spots.   I’ve never known them to be anywhere other than a babies bootie and back, but apparently they can appear on feet and anywhere else.  Luckily, the spots should go away eventually.

I’d rather it be Mongolian spots than anything else..

After the doctors appointment, we drove to the Church to turn in the remaining paperwork needed for Little M’s baptism.  Hopefully we can finally confirm the date and get everything underway for one of the most important days of her life thus far.

We then went to see Hubby for lunch.

It was a busy day for us.  We got home at around 1:30ish, she slept around 2:45ish and she’s still asleep now!

I’m glad I was able to tackle travel without any help.  It was a big accomplishment and I’m glad I did it with my sanity in tact.

Now that I know we can totally go out on our own.. the possibilities are endless!  We can start going to the crafting stores!  Yes!

Here’s a description of a recent mall excursion I took with Little M.

For starters, it takes a good hour after getting our clothes changed to even get out the door.  This extra hour of prep time consists of preparing the diaper bag, getting her into her carrier, loading her into the car, putting the stroller into the trunk..

My mom and I thought it was great strategy to start out the excursion with lunch since Little M fell asleep during the drive to the mall..Cheesecake Factory.. for lunch.

Cheesecake Factory takes a long time for their food to come out because I only ate for five minutes when Little M woke up and decided to do a Number Two in her diaper..

Little M has outgrown her size 1 diapers so she’s been blowing them out left and right.. but I only had a few left so I decided to just let her use them.. big mistake.

I spent a good part of my lunch in the ladies room cleaning up a blown diaper with a squirmy (and angry) kid attached to it.  Needless to say that restrooms really echo a babies screams!

So Little M goes into the bathroom in one outfit.. and comes out of the bathroom in another.

I spent the next 10 minutes enjoying the left of my lunch and some red velvet cheesecake, hoping Little M wasn’t going to get too fussy being stuck in the booth while we ate.

Leaving the restaurant meant going straight to the family bathroom in the mall to make sure that I cleaned her off thoroughly..

After leaving the family restroom, Little M decides she’s hungry.. so we end up on some benches so I can feed her a bottle..

We’ve been at the mall for about two or three hours and we haven’t shopped yet!

She falls asleep and we can finally get going.. but sticking her back into the stroller woke her back up and when we got into one of the department stores, instead of shopping, I had to roll her around until she calmed down a little..

She eventually got used to her situation and we were able to shop.. but by the time we were able to shop, our time was limited because we had somewhere else to go.

We then spent about half an hour getting her back into the car and putting the stroller into the trunk and all that jazz..

I’ll get used to the routine eventually.. but for now.. this is how we shop.

Total time out: 4 hours
Actual shopping time: 45 minutes

I love being a new mommy.

Little M and I have decided to visit my parents house this past week and next week.  This past week was a little uneventful because the weather has been pretty yucky.

Little M has discovered a new toy at my parents house…..

The ceiling fan.

For the longest time earlier in the week she would stare at it.. she’d just stare at it over and over.  These past few days we decided to let it turn for her to see..

She loves watching the ceiling fan turn..

Maybe I should tie some stuffed animals on the blades and make it her mobile..

Babies love the wierdest things..


No excuses, but it’s hard to have strict exercise schedule when caring for a newborn..

Sure she takes naps, but I tend to take naps with her.. or there are other errands I need to take care of when she’s napping that exercising takes a back seat..

I can’t really “diet” the way I want to because of the fact that I’m breastfeeding…

I worked on abs twice last week, and I played with the kettlebell twice last week.. but my exercising is sporadic.. so I don’t know how well I will see results..

I’ve been trying to cut down on my sweets intake.. and I think I’ve been doing a good job on that.. except for the chocolate binge I had yesterday at my parents house..

And now I have a definitive day to return to work.  My first day back to work will be January 30.

That gives me a good two months or so to really work on getting into some pre-prego pants.. I kind of don’t want to buy new jeans.. nor do I want to go back to work wearing maternity pants..

I didn’t lose weight.. but the great news is that I haven’t gained any either..

So.. I guess there is hope for me yet!

I can’t believe how fast time flies.. especially with a child..

Little M is officially 2 months old today and I don’t know how we got here.. didn’t I just take her home from the hospital as a newborn?

Now she’s a cooing, cuddly baby.. with an occasional smile that’s not contributed to gas.. she’s outgrown all her newborn clothes and fits into 3month sleepers and outfits.. her cries sometimes sound like whines.. and her eyes stare at me with the recognition that I’m her mother.. it’s the greatest feeling in the whole world when she looks at me knowing who I am.

She had her first set of immunizations last Tuesday and that was probably one of the saddest things I had to witness.  She cried sooo hard when the needle would enter her little thighs.. I have never seen her cry like that before and my heart was breaking because I didn’t want her to go through that much pain.  My consolation was that after the shots were done she literally stopped crying.. so that pain didn’t last long..

However.. going home and once that first dose of Tylenol wore off… the cries started again.  I felt so bad.. nothing I did until the medicine kicked in again helped her.  Luckily the pain in her thighs didn’t last long, but she did have slight fevers Tuesday and yesterday.  The fevers were only low-grade and she didnt’ seem like she didn’t feel good.  I was happy that was all it was.

At two months of motherhood, I’m still waking up twice a night.. depending on the time I sleep.. if I sleep late enough I really only wake up once.. so it’s kind of relative.  I’m getting used to waking up in the middle of the night, but I still need to nap at least once during the day..

I’m still working on losing weight.. it’s pretty hard to find the time to work out.  I only really “worked out” once.. yesterday.  Only yesterday.  I’m trying to watch what I eat, but since I’m still breastfeeding I can’t watch my quantities.. I weighed myself today and I’m still pretty much stuck at 158lbs.  I’m going to try to start walking around the apartment complex a little bit with her in the stroller.. I know every little bit helps.  I’m just trying to avoid buying a new set of clothes for my return to work.. that would be the worst shopping experience ever..

Two months of motherhood.. two of the best months of my life..

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