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There was been a deafening silence coming from my blog recently. 

I have only one explanation.

I’m busy.

Work has kept me so busy that I haven’t had the time to collect my thoughts.  I usually come in a little early before work and find some time to put down a couple of blog ideas on paper so I can type them up during a break or when I get home.  It’s usually on my commute when I think of the ideas, so getting to them to paper as soon as I get to work helps me not forget them. 

Home life has been busy.   CutieQ Cards n Crafts has been working on projects non-stop.  I’ve got at least 5 custom orders I need to get out and so home life has been a hectic juggle of mommy duties and crafting duties.  All the running around leaves me very little time to blog.  The spare time I do have, I spend hugging and cuddling M… and playing with Play Doh..

My One Little Word this year is CHALLENGE and I wanted that word to help push myself to blog every day, here and on the craft blog.  It’s slowly evolving into a CHALLENGE to keep myself balanced and sane. 

No, I’m not complaining.  I love the productivity, especially when it comes to the crafting.  I love the action, I love having something to do.

My life is definitely NOT boring.  I have things to blog about.  I just need the time.

I can forgo another hour of sleep to update the blog for you guys, right?

M is growing up much faster than my sentimentality will allow.

Remember the days when M was just a little baby, or even early on in toddler-hood, I would just randomly pick her up and she’d let me carry her?  I remember those days so clearly.

So, like every super sentimental mother, I try to recreate those special moments..

But every time I try to pick her up, she wriggles her way down saying, “Go down now?!”

So, what do I do?

I hold her tight, tell her that she’s got to hug me first, then I’ll put her down.

At least I get a big hug out of the situation…

Sigh.. she really is growing up..


Tantrums are NO joke!

I knew of the crying.  I knew of the flailing.  I knew of the screaming.  I knew of the throwing herself on the floor.

I didn’t know of the physical damage it could do to me.

Ok.  I’m exaggerating.  But still.

I didn’t realize how hard it was to wrangle a tantruming toddler. 

The following scenario is regarding bathtime.  See this blog post for the reference.

First, there’s the chasing after a wiggling and rolling toddler all over the living room floor.  Not only am I chasing after her, I’m bent over trying to pick her up at the same time.  She’s wiggling and rolling in an irratic pattern.  I don’t know where she’ll turn, but I’m bent over trying to pick her up while trying to figure out what direction she’s going to next.

Once I finally get her into a corner that she can no longer wiggle around, I sit down and try to pick her up into my lap.  THAT is impossible.  The minute I get my arms around her, she either goes limp into a dead weight, or she fights.  She contorts her body in such ways to get out of my hold.  No one told me what a toll that could have on my back!

The struggle can take about 5-15 minutes, but once I get a firm hold on her, there is the task of having to stand up from being on the ground.  Any sudden change in my motion causes her to start fighting me again.  Trying to get up with a twisting and turning 27lb toddler is painful.  Painful.

Then bath time was painful because she fought it so hard that the angle I used to bathe her was not good on my back. 

Lets not forget that once she is IN the bath, she actually LIKES the bath.  So once the bath was over, she was NOT happy again.

The struggle to get her OUT of the bath begins again.  This time, I have to scoop an angry, tantruming toddler out of a bathtub.  Talk about back pain!

I finally take her out of the bath, I’m soaking wet and in pain and the only thing I can do is run us straight to the couch so I can sit down.  Luckily, I am able to calm her down and the fighting finally stops.

She’s fine.

I’m in pain.

Oh my back!  There has to be a better way!

Before getting pregnant with M, there were certain precautions I took.  I started before Hubby and I even got married since I knew we wanted to start pretty quickly after we wed.

This time, I’m trying to do the same thing.

At the start of the year, I started taking prenatal vitamins. 

I did the “master cleanse” but I decided to stop early because I wanted to make sure that my body wasn’t too acidic from all the lemon water. 

I’ve increased my water intake.  I’ve stopped drinking coffee. 

Today, I started drinking a cup of milk in the morning.  

I’ve also increased my spinach and red meat intake.  When I was pregnant with M, I was anemic from the beginning.  By the time I was halfway through my pregnancy, I had to take iron supplements twice a day in addition to trying to eat more spinach and red meat.  This time, I’m going to try to eat the spinach and red meat (and other iron-rich foods) early on so that when I do get pregnant, I hope to not be anemic.  And if I do end up anemic, I hope that I don’t have to bump myself up to two iron supplements again. 

So far, I’m liking the idea of a second pregnancy.  The first time around, everything was new, everything was scary, everything was unknown.  Now, I have the experience, and I know how to deal and prepare.

How do you prepare yourself for pregnancy?  What are your preconception preparations?

I know it’s only January 16th, but I have to say that the best purchase of 2014 for our family was the Chromecast.

We purchased it at our local Best Buy for $29.99 and have used it every day since.  I think we’ve been watching more from our Chromecast than our cable television.

If you haven’t heard of Chromecast, the best way I can describe it is a way to get your TV to display what you are watching on your computer or your phone.

We love watching Youtube videos on it.  M loves watching the songs from Frozen on the TV through our Chromecast.  We haven’t shown her that she can actually watch her Play Doh videos on the TV because I know once we do that, she will definitely take over the TV.

I’m sure the Chromecast is capable of other things than just projecting Youtube videos on our TV, but we just haven’t had much time to really play with it’s full capability.

I highly recommend a Chromecast.

It’s great!

Bathtime used to be one of M’s favorite times.

All I had to say was, “M, do you want to take a bath?” and she’s drop what ever she was doing and go straight to the bathtub.

Now, every time I ask her if she wants a bath I get told no.

She’ll shake her head, say, “nuh uh” and walk away.

If I ask again, she’ll say, “No, play.”

Of course, because I’m the mommy, I insist that she takes a bath, but it’s such a battle.  There’s crying and flailing.  There’s that “go limp” trick that toddlers do that make it impossible to pick them up.  There’s a lot of whining.  There’s a lot of “no no no no no!”

But once I get her in and calmed down, I can easily bathe her.  She just has to fight!

Then, once she’s in and clean, of course she wants to play in the water.

Then it becomes a battle to get her OUT of the tub..

Toddlers.. there’s no reasoning, is there?

So I did “the cleanse” again last week.

The plan was to do this cleanse every three months until I hit target weight.

I started the cleanse at roughly 136lbs.  After one week, I ended at about 134lbs.

I’m ending the cleanse after this past week.

I’m ending at 134lbs.

I’m happy with this.  I’m so very happy with this.  When I was at 160+ lbs, I thought that getting back down to this was going to be absolutely impossible.  I got rid of all my old jeans, I got rid of all my old tops, and I accepted the fact that I may never been this size again.

I’m glad I was able to do this and now I know that I can do this again after a second pregnancy.

As for a second pregnancy, this is why I’m ending the cleanse after one week.  No, I’m not pregnant, but I’m definitely wanting to get pregnant this year, maybe even as soon as next month or so!

I’ve already started taking pre-natal vitamins and I’ve already cut down on my caffeine intake significantly.  I just really need to think of preparing my body than losing the weight.

I’m ending the cleanse because I’m changing my focus from losing weight to baby prepping..

Sound good?  Sounds great to me!


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