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The “song and dance” gene has finally been activated in my little girl.


She sings as many songs as she knows.  She dances to every song she hears..

I’m so proud!

I can’t to put her in dance lessons! 

If you didn’t know, I took ballet, tap and jazz dance lesson from age 10 to age 16.  I started singing in public at about 19 years old.  I did community theater from about 19 to 28 years old.  I cantored and sang in the church choir from about 2007 – 2010 .. I loved every moment of it.  I would have loved to continue, but life just shifted and so did my priorities. 

It’s so fun to see M exploring the performing arts side of her.  Watching her dance and sing her little heart out makes me so happy.  She always has the cutest smile when she does it. 

What things from your life do you want to see your child have an interest in?

Well.. it WAS going so well..

A week ago, M had a bout of constipation.  It caused a small fissure that would show blood in her stools.  Initially, I thought it was strawberries, but my mother in law said she didn’t eat strawberries..

After emailing her pediatrician a picture of poop, it was determined that she was constipated and needed to take some Miralax to help her out.

I didn’t want to give her Miralax, so we opted for a more natural way to help her.  In came the prune juice, apple juice, corn, broccoli stalks, and other fruits and veggies. 

For the past few weeks, M has really been all about “noo-nuls.”  She wanted noodles all the time.. noodles or rice.. I think it was all that starch that contributed to her constipation..

We still feed her noodles, but now we make sure that she’s eating her veggies and other foods during dinner.  It’s a battle, but it’s a battle we are currently winning as her digestive system is starting to find it’s way back to normalcy..

This leads to problems in potty training.  The harder it became for her to go #2, the more hesitant she became to sit on her potty.  The last time she tried on her potty to go #2, she cried.  That was it.. and she didn’t want to do anything on the potty any more.. not even pee.

She’ll still sit on the potty.. but when it comes to actually doing business on it, she’ll cry.  I try to tell her that it’s ok to even just go pee pee, but she still won’t.  She still loves using the potty as an excuse to get her out of situations, but she just won’t go.

I know she’s very young and she still has a lot of time to readjust, but she was doing so well!

I will continue to sit her down on the potty, since she still likes it, but I won’t force her to actually go until she’s ready.  I don’t want to traumatize her, but I want her to still remember that the potty is always there for her.

I’m sure tons of parents have experienced this in the past… what did you do to get your toddler back in the potty habit?

Sometimes, you just have to step back from the situation and see the big picture..

The other night.. we were playing with my tummy.. and hubby looks at me and says.. “Can you believe there’s a baby in there?!”

It’s easy to say “yes, there’s a baby in there..”

But can I really wrap my head around it?  I know that I’m pregnant, I know that my belly is growing, I know that I hear the child’s heartbeat, I know I saw the 8wk sonogram picture.. so I know there’s a baby in there..

We’re going to be parents.. and that’s what’s a little overwhelming to believe..

Sometimes, I step back.. and I can’t believe I’m actually married!

Not in a bad way, like “OMG, what did I do?!”

But in a “Wow, look at all he and I have accomplished in the past year..” way.

It’s unbelievable what we have gone through in the past year.. and what this year is bringing us.  I feel blessed beyond words.. it’s so unbelievable what a difference a year can make in a person’s life..

And yes.. I do believe that there’s a baby in there.. thank God for miracles.

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