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Ever since becoming a mommy, I’ve noticed that I see the world differently.

It started when I tested “postive” on my pregnancy test.

Suddenly, all the news stories involving babies and children seemed to take a whole new meaning.. I feel a deeper sympathy with some mothers on the news because I couldn’t imagine dealing with the certain heartache they experience when it comes to their children. 

My day-to-day outlook on life took on a whole new meaning as well.

I think about MY safety just as much as I think of Little M’s safety because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Little M without a mother if something should happen..

Storylines on television shows make me tear up a little more when it involves family.  For instance, a child growing up and moving away from the family home.

I was crying the other night to Hubby saying, “Oh my gosh, Little M is going to grow up and do the exact same thing!”

Ok, granted, we have years and years before that happens, but I know each day that passes by is a day we get closer to her being a grown up.

So maybe I’m a bit dramatic, but I can’t help it..

How did your outlook on life change when you became a parent?

I’m first-generation Filipino-American.

I grew up pretty Filipino.. I still eat the food.. I cherish the culture.. and all it’s traditions.. I didn’t really know any other way to live.. considering my parents were native-Filipino.. we were exposed to many things Filipino.. I like it that way.

Anyway.. here’s a fun story..

Growing up.. we’d have the American flavors of ice cream.. and occasionally we’d have the Filipino flavors of ice cream..

I totally thought it was normal to have mais con queso ice cream.. translation.. corn with cheese.. specifically.. cheese ice cream with corn kernels..

I never saw anything wierd about that.. it was an ice cream flavor I was very familiar with.. and still love today.. but I never saw it as wierd.. or out of the ordinary.. or gross.. by no means is it gross..

Flash forward to last year.. I was watching Bizarre Eats with that Andrew Zimmer-something guy.. he was touring the Philippines and was talking about the ice cream he’d find from the street vendors..

He acted as if cheese ice cream was a wierd thing.. he was astounded by the fact that he was having cheese ice cream.. haha..

Flash forward again to last month.. I was talking to coworkers about ice cream.. and I had mentioned mais con queso flavor.. and said it was cheese and corn..

Oooh.. the look they gave me.. they thought it was the wierdest thing..

It just makes me laugh..

I mean.. I thought it was normal..

What sort of things did you grow up with that you thought were completely normal.. and were amused by the fact that most people thought it a bit strange? 

Leave your story in the comments..

I would rather email, text, or chat online with a person than talk on the phone.

Ok.. this is where we learn how anti-social I really am.. hahah..

I have never been one that talks on the phone.  I can.. when it’s a boy Im dating.. that’s usually the only time I am really on the phone a lot.

I hardly ever make phone calls.  I hate when I have to call people.  I honestly would rather get people’s answering machine than actually get to talk to them.   It’s wierd.

That’s why I loved it when text messaging became a huge thing.  I am so much better at getting a hold of my friends and family by text messaging or emailing.

My best friend’s and I communicate the best through our emails and texts.

I communicate best with my boyfriend through texts and emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I love personal contact.. but phone calls are something I have always avoided.. I’m not sure why..

I may not talk to you on the phone.. but I can bombard a person with text messages like nobody’s business..

I would love to have a kid some day.. but I am deathly afraid of the weight gain and stretch marks..

It’s soo true.  I love babies.  I love all my friends and cousins babies.  I love hearing about what they are up to and how they are developing and how they grow up so fast.

I would love to have a child of my own.

Love it..

I can’t wait to get married and start having kids.. or kid. 

But I am sooo afraid of gaining weight.  I literally freak out when my clothes start feeling tight. 

When OT and I first started going out.. I was fitting into size 2 jeans.  I freaked out when was unable to wear them anymore because I gained those “start of the relationship” poundage..

I’ve finally come to terms with being a size 6 again.. but it was so hard to accept when only last year I was a slim size 2.

I know that when I have a baby that weight gain is inevitable.. and I have to accept that if I really do want kids..

I just hope I don’t gain too much.. and I’m willing to shed that weight off at a reasonable rate.. yikes!

I am freakishly afraid of bugs.. even when they are encased in glass.. and dead..

I have always been afraid of bugs.. I think it stems back to the time that my dad tried to chase me around the house with a dead bug they killed in the kitchen.  I screamed throughout the house and then locked myself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out for the longest time.

Bugs are gross.. especially when you step on them and you feel them crunch underneath your shoe.. ew.

In college I was taking a zoology class and one day in lab, we had insects.  They were dead.. and in glass cases.

I could not sit in my seat.. I had to sit all the way in the back of the class where there were no bugs.  I couldn’t even look into the cases..

Yet.. being a biologist.. I was able to dissect cats.. rats.. fish.. and other things.. I am able to work with various animal parts.. and not even flinch..

But bugs… blech!

I hate horror movies.. but LOVE watching shows about supernatural and paranormal stuff..

It’s true.  I hate horror movies.  I especially hate the movies that have things popping out and killing people.  I hate watching people continue to run away and hide when they just end up dying in the end.  I hate the psychological thrillers because then I start thinking that stuff like that could totally happen in real life..

I end up with nightmares by the end of watching those movies..

But whenever Ghost Hunters or shows about the supernatural and paranormal are on.. I HAVE to watch.

I still end up with nightmares.. and it takes me awhile to get to sleep.. I have to watch happy shows.. like Hannah Montana or shows on the Food Network before I go to sleep to get my mind off the other show I watched..

That usually keeps me from having too many nightmares..

Well.. I’m not what most people consider “short..”

But I am sweet.. when I wanna be..

Anyway.. I have learned that short, sweet, to the point blog entries get a lot of hits.. there isn’t much reading involved.. and the amount of rambling is at a minimum..

So I’m going to try to keep it that way..

Today is my 10-year high school reunion.  I’m excited.  I still talk to some of my close high school friends.. and through the magic of and I have been able to reconnect with a lot of people that I went to high school with.

I wasn’t popular at all.  I knew some people and not many people knew me.  I was a nerd.. I’ll admit that.  But it’d still be nice to touch base with a lot of people from my past.

My ex-boyfriend will be there.  We went out for four years.  Two years of high school and two years of college.. so that should be interesting.. my current boyfriend is coming with.. so he should have fun learning about me.. hahahah!

I have decided to begin a blog series.. I’m calling it.. “Random Factoids..”  perhaps I’ll make a category for it.. but I think it qualifies under “Random-isms..” so it’d be quite redundant..

I’m basing this series off a Facebook meme that made us list 25 facts about us.. I reposted it on my Blogger blog.. here..

You can click the link to read the complete list.. and the series will go through each factoid.. and give a little detail and backstory..

By the end.. you will know more about me than my own boyfriend!  Maybe I should get him to read it.. he may learn a thing or two.. then he can decide if he wants to keep me!

Here’s a little tidbit I don’t think many know about me..

When I was little.. my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I told them I wanted to be a waitress at McDonalds..

A waitress at McDonalds.

Hahaha.. they don’t even HAVE waitresses at McDonalds.

Maybe I meant “cashier..”

Most kids say.. doctor.. lawyer.. fireman.. singer.. dancer..

I said waitress.. at McDonalds.. a place that doesn’t even have waitresses..

I really knew how to aim high.. I guess bacteriologist at a veternarinary diagnostics laboratory comes close to what I wanted.. who knew?

Trying to keep my mind off my upcoming flight to Phoenix (flying scares me.. but I like doing it.. so it’s just a whirlwind of emotion..), I’ve decided to make a list of the things I’ve never done.. and would probably do.. or probably never do..

Aside from those $15 cruises along the Long Beach Harbor.. I’ve never been on a cruise.. you know.. those ones that last for days.. and take you some where fun.. nope.. never done it.. but I will.. one day..

Paid actress
I’ve done a lot of theater in my day.. but it was always community theater.. and the non-paying kind.. it would have been nice to get some money for all the hard work I had done..

Professional family portraits
The fam was never into getting all dressed up and sitting in a studio to get some pictures taken.. the only family pictures we have are when we get dressed up for some party and have some random background.. once.. I was a little tipsy when we took the fam pic.. and it totally shows!

As big of a Disney fan as I am..  I have never been here.. but one of these years.. oh yes.. I will..

I have yet to go to New York.. I would watch as many shows as I can!

I was never in any organized sports league.. never did any of that.. I was.. and am… a complete girly girl that danced.. sports were icky..

Detention or suspension
I was such a good girl in elementary, middle and high school.. that I was never suspended or never had detention.. except I was sent to the principal’s office in kindergarten.. cuz I talked back to my teacher..

Fast food
I have never worked at a fast food place.. nor have I worked at a coffee shop.. but I really wouldn’t have minded the coffee shop..

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now.. I’m sure that when I finish this a whole bunch of things will flood my mind.. but I’m sticking to this list for now.. who knows.. they may be a part two in the future..

Growing up, we had a Chevrolet Celebrity (it was called something like that)  station wagon.  It was a tannish color.  It took us everywhere.

I remember being piled in there with a whole bunch of cousins while we took trips to various places.

It had one of those seats that faced the back, and I remember sitting in those seats on the long drive to San Francisco as a kid with my cousin.  We made so many friends with drivers along the way there.  That was fun.

I also remember piling in there with cousins as they all learned how to drive in that car.  We’d go to the local empty parking lot, and have fun as a cousin tried desperately to learn how to park amidst the screaming of kids and other cousins.

I remember sleeping in the back seat as my mom would go and pick up my dad from work at night when his truck would break down in the parking lot.

I remember sitting on the back edge of the station wagon as my very first boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend one halloween night in 1996. 

I remember re-enacting that scene one year later for our one year anniversary.

So many memories.  We had that car from the time we moved into the house in 1984.  So many years.. so many memories.

After awhile it became my dad’s vehicle to work.  The air conditioning stopped working, the front drivers door stopped working, and my dad had to go through the passengers side to open the door. 

My high school graduation tassel hung from the rear view mirror after I graduated from high school.  My dad hung it there proudly. 

The station wagon is leaving the family tomorrow.  It’s going to be donated and the money will go to a cancer foundation. 

Over the years we have acquired so many cars, and we have come a long way since that old station wagon. 

I can look back and see how our house and our lives were when all we had was that one car.. how we handled life and how much we have grown in that house and as a family and how far we’ve moved on from the ‘station wagon’ days.

I’m sad to see it go.  It’s got so much sentimental value in our lives, but I know it’s due time and the cause is very good.

I’ll miss the old station wagon.. always there to show us where we came from and what we’ve accomplished.. but we’ve got the memories deeply implanted inside our minds and our hearts.

You served us well, “Britty..”

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