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So.. I’ve been with my personal trainer for about a month now..

I’ve lost three pounds.. hahahahahah!

I’m sooo far from my 25 lb goal.. but whatever.. I know I’m losing inches.. and that’s encouraging enough for now..

Ok.. honestly.. no excuses.. but finding time to workout outside of my personal training is hard.

I know I’m making excuses.. but it is!

I come home before Hubby and Little M do.. the last thing I can do is find the time to work out… I usually take that time to get dinner started.. or to work on crafting projects for my CutieQCards clients.. I’ve got lots to do after work before they get home.

Once they get home, I take care of Little M because I miss her so much.  She’s also at that “mommy-clingy” stage and it’s hard to give her to hubby to watch over when she is crying and crying to be with me..

There are times that when they do get home, we keep Little M in her stroller and walk around the apartment complex a couple of times, but I know that’s totally not enough cardio..

Honestly, I don’t want to sacrifice the time I have with Little M to squeeze in a workout.  I’m away from her about 10 hours of the day.. the most important 10 hours because it’s the daytime.. she’s awake, active, learning, talking, crawling.. etc. 

So when I come home at the end of the day.. the last thing I want to do is leave her again.. even if it is just a half an hour..

I’m making progress, I know I am.. but it’s so much slower than my personal trainer would like to see.. but honestly.. I’m fine with it..

So I lost three pounds in a month.. at least I lost the pounds.. and I am losing inches.. I feel it.. I can zip my boots up without straining.. that’s progress!

I’m not ashamed of my turtle’s pace.. I’m really not..

Cry baby.

That’s pretty much what Little M is all about lately.. she cries when she wakes up.. she cries when she is hungry and asleep.. she cries when she doesn’t see me.. she cries when she wants to go down and crawl.. she cries when I don’t let her pound on my laptop’s keyboard.. she cries when I take away something she’s playing with.. she just cries..

Yesterday she cried because she wanted Hubby and I in the same room so she can see us both!

Some days she cries because it’s dark and wants to fall asleep with some light.. then there are days when she cries because it’s too bright and wants to fall asleep in the dark..

Ok.. let me clarify.. she isn’t always bawling with huge tears streaming down her cheek.. she’s more like.. angry, whiny babbling for most of it.. it almost sounds like she’s trying to tell me why she’s upset in her own little baby babble language..

There are occasions where she does cry with the big tear drops.. but that’s really rare.. and it’s not that annoying cry that makes you just want to tear your hair out.. or maybe that’s because she’s my daughter and my patience level is just so unusually up there.. especially for me..

I know she’s learning to express herself.. she’s learning how to communicate what she wants, likes, doesn’t like.. etc..

And I know that she’s at that age where she’s experiencing stranger/separation anxiety..

But this will pass right?

I’ll get my little happy, content daughter back, right?

My Little M is officially mobile as of April 4th, 2012… just one day after she turned 7mos old..

For awhile she’d be trying to do the soldier crawl.. she’d get the movement down, but she wouldn’t really get anywhere..

Now.. she’s half soldier crawl and half hands-and-knees crawling.. and everyday she gets better and better.. everyday she’s covering more ground.. everyday.. she’s getting into more and more things.

Why does it seem like she practically changes overnight?

She’s also soo much better at sitting up.. she was  just getting so excited about the things around her that she would constantly fall over.. now.. she suddenly knows how to balance herself.. or hold herself up.. she’s till learning how to go from sitting to crawling.. for now she keeps face planting.. but I know she’ll learn eventually..

It’s time to start baby-proofing the apartment..

Any tips from moms and dads?

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