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Being a mother means that you become an awesome songwriter..

Too bad I can’t write down the plethora of songs I have created when putting Little M to sleep.. half the time I’m making up words and can’t remember what I said if I had to immediately repeat it..

Some songs have talked about Little M going to sleep.. and have gone so far as to name off the various items in the kitchen..

Some songs talk about Hubby being at work and then coming home..

Some songs talk about the various burp cloths, blankets, onsies and sleepers that I put in her laundry basket..

Now while she enjoys my new song creations, sometimes the classics are what hits the spot for her..

Her current favorite.. Itsy Bitsy Spider..

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to sing it last night, IN LOOP!  And how many times I had to sing it today just to get her to go to sleep.. but for some reason, that song just works right now. (I may have just jinxed myself.. I better start thinking of other songs to sing in case the magic of this song is now gone!)

Little M is just like me.. we can appreciate new songs.. but it’s those classics that really make us feel most comfortable..


If someone told me that turning 30 was going to be one of the most life-changing years of my life.. I would never have believed it..

But truth is.. turning 30 was filled with life changing events..

In the span of one year.. the following happened in my life:

1.  I got married
2.  I moved out of my parents house
3.  I became a mother

I can’t believe how fast a life can change in the span of one year..

Last year, I dreaded turning 30.  I felt old.. I felt like I wasn’t ready to be a “30 year old.”  In many ways, I know I’m not ready to admit to be in my 30’s..  I still feel like I’m 20-something..

But I would never give back all the blessings I received when I turned 30.. this past year was definitely a year to remember.. possibly the best year of my life, so far!

So.. I’m ready for my birthday this year.. I’m ready to turn 31.. because I’m excited to see what is in store for me this year!!!

Little M is about 2 and a half weeks old now..

Time really flies.. and I wish that time would move just a little slower because I don’t want her to grow up too fast..

I’m trying to savor every little moment of her “newborn-ness” and it seems to go by hour by hour.. day by day.

It’s too fast for my own good..

Anyway.. these two weeks of “motherhood” have been great.. it’s a feeling that I can not put into words.. and I’m sure that every other mother can say the same thing..

I love being a mother..

Little M and I have a great little system going on..

She sleeps, and does her dirty diaper thing.. and I’m her milk machine and diaper changer.. its 24/7 type of job.. every 3 hours the cycle continues.. over and over again.. every 3 hour span of sleep is a little piece of heaven..

Thank God for Hubby and my mommy.. helping me out and giving me some extra pieces of sleep where I’m not half-awake thinking about Little M..

I’ve also resorted into sleeping with my glasses on.. I don’t think I’ve taken them off since she was born!  It just makes it easier to wake up and deal with her in the middle of the night for her feedings/diaper changes.. it’s one less thing I have to stumble around for while dealing with a crying baby..

Two weeks into mommyhood.. I’d give anything for an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep.. and maybe someone else to have milky boobs for just at least one feeding.. but other than that.. I wouldn’t trade my life in for anything else!

I had initially wanted to post an entry like this at the start of my maternity leave, thinking that I had time to do so before little M was born.  However, little M had other plans..

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the pregnancy that took over this past year..

Being my first pregnancy, it opened the door to a whole new set of feelings, both emotional feelings and physical feelings.. I learned new strengths and new weaknesses from this pregnancy..I learned that french fries and ice cream were my saving graces that got me through the first and last trimesters, respectively..

I learned that being pregnant in the summer was a “no-no.” Summer heat is no friend to the pregnant..

I learned when to baby myself and when to just work through the discomfort.. a pregnancy isn’t necessarily a disability and I had to learn to work through the minor discomforts and not depend on the people around me if it wasn’t absolutely necessary..

Giving birth taught me that my pain tolerance is higher than I thought.. I took myself to the limits of my pain threshold before giving in and getting an epidural..

Giving birth  showed me a strength I never knew I had in me.. I spent the entire pregnancy dreading the delivery.. but I knew it had to be done.. I worried so much about little M’s well-being during the process that I worked really hard to get her out as safely as possible..

I realized how blessed I am for having such a great husband that coached me through the pain.. and having a mother that stayed up with me all night because it was so hard to fall asleep between contractions..

This whole ordeal has just been an interesting experience.. from that first day of learning I was pregnant, to that first night having her in my arms.. I wouldn’t trade a day of it for any reason..

The city we live in was part of the huge power outage that affected Southern California, Mexico and Arizona.. it was a little nerve wrecking dealing with it and having a newborn, but I think we survived it fairly well..

Me:  That power outage drove me nuts.. it was bored out of my mind!!
Hubby:  That power outage was easy.. I could do it again..
Me:  That’s cuz you slept through 90% of it!
Hubby:  SO!?

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just adjusting to the sleep deprivation.. not because he’s a sleepyhead..

I’m slow..

Little M makes the cutest little faces when she’s sleeping.. and I can never seem to catch them on camera.

She does those little gassy, gummy smiles.. she puckers her tiny little lips.. she makes the cutest little ducky faces.. and I’m too slow to catch them!

We’ve got the fancy camera out and both of our cell phones.. and I still can’t catch them..

I think that I need someone here with a camera 24/7 to ensure that I capture all those little newborn moments..

Or maybe M just needs to hold those faces a little longer so I have time to catch them..

My goodness, no one ever features the real glamors of parenthood on television.

You never see the healing process of a mother after childbirth..

You never see the discomforts of breastfeeding..

You see the growth of a woman’s busom, but you don’t see how unsexy they feel!

By no means am I complaining.. in fact, I’m loving every second of this new chapter of my life.

It’s just that they prepare and prepare and prepare you for childbirth, childcare and all of the stuff in between.  What they don’t prepare you for is the way it feels to heal after labor, or how it feels when your milk finally comes in..

I knew the healing wasn’t going to be fun, but I had no idea that finally producing milk is a relatively uncomfortable experience..

However, all these discomforts seem to disappear whenever I hold my daughter in my arms.. it’s just that simple..


We gave birth to our little daughter on Sept 3, 2011.

Little M came out at 36 weeks of my pregnancy measuring 5lbs 3.4oz and 18.5 inches long..

The birth story probably began that Wednesday.  If you read the last entry, you would know that I was already 2cm open when I had my last OB appointment.  I ended up going to L&D for the bleeding that resulted in that doctors appointment.  We went home that same day because the bleeding ended up not being anything that would cause any alarm to the nurses and doctors.

I ended up going to work that Thursday and Friday.

When I got home on Friday, I went to the bathroom and noticed that something just wasn’t right.

It just so happened that my water broke.  My water broke within 30 minutes of coming home from work.  Can you believe my luck?!

Luckily, it wasn’t a big gush of water, but more of a trickle.  I found out from the OB that I had a high tear to my bag of water and that’s why it didn’t flow out like I would have imagined from seeing it or hearing about it on TV and other birth stories.

Hubby and I ended up going back to L&D and getting admitted by about 7pm..

Labor was beginning to progress until about midnight or so when the contractions started to slow down and decrease in intensity again.  If it wasn’t for the rupture of my bag of water, I’m sure the doctors would have been able to let it go and allow it to progress on its own, but since I had a rupture, they had to induce my pregnancy with pitocin..

They pretty much kept bumping up the pitocin every hour and it took quite a bit to finally start kicking in.. but once that pitocin kicked in… that was a pain I never imagined!

So yes.. I EPI-DID!!!

I asked for my epidural around 9:00am and received it at 9:30am.  After that, everything kind of flew by really fast.

We started pushing at around 12:30 and by 1:28pm, we had our little bundle of joy!

Hubby was more than supportive throughout the whole procedure.  He was the greatest coach during those times that I didn’t have my epidural and I was feeling all those contractions.  He really kept me focused and I couldn’t ask for a better hubby.

Little M is the newest love of our lives.  She’s got a firecracker personality so far and I love it!

I can’t wait to see all the mommy blogging I’ll be doing in the future..

More than ever, I’m “living life in the carpool lane!”

















Yesterday was the start of my weekly doctors appointments..

We found out yesterday that I’ve already begun dialating and that I’m about 2 cm open already.  The cervical exam caused some bleeding yesterday and I sent myself into Labor & Delivery just to make sure that everything was ok.  Thankfully, everything is fine.. she’s still cooking in my tummy.. and the bleeding is under control..

Now I’ve contemplated all day whether or not I would share this news on my blog.. all my family and friends know.. but was it necessary to post it for the whole blogosphere to see?

I figured it was since I have shared so much about my pregnancy that it was only fair that this get shared too..

Honestly, knowing that I’ve begun dialating at a few days short of 36 weeks freaked me out a little bit.  It literally means we are playing the “waiting game” and she really could come at any moment.

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post.. I’m not scared of the childbirth anymore.  So that’s not why I’m freaked out.

There are several reasons why I’m nervous.. the main one being that I still have one week of work left before I go on maternity leave.  When planning on my leave, I never anticipated having her earlier.  I didn’t want to be bored at home waiting for her arrival, so I wanted to work as far as I could. 

Another reason was that Hubby and I weren’t really ready.. I mean.. mentally we were.. but we have been procrastinating on so many things because I thought it would really wait until I got on my leave for those things to get done..

We didn’t even have our “labor bag” set yet.  When I called Hubby to tell him he needed to come home so we could go to the hospital, I literally just threw stuff into a duffle bag.. later that night we actually were able to sort some things out and get the bag set.. which is a breath of relief for us now..

Her clothes weren’t even washed.. I had started on Tuesday washing some stuff.. I mainly washed some burp clothes and white onsies.. but that was it.. so if she were to have arrived yesterday.. we really didn’t have any good clean clothes for her..

Her car seat isn’t installed in the car yet.. and since that’s not installed, we haven’t had a chance to get it inspected by the local police station..

We didn’t have her bassinet set up yet either.. it was still in the box!

I guess Hubby and I thought we had a lot of time before she came.. maybe we were a little bit in denial about her arrival.. or maybe we were just too darn lazy to get stuff set up..

Either way.. I think this was another little wake up call from our little princess.. she’s coming.. and she’s coming sooner than we anticipated.. she just wanted to make sure we were nice and ready for her..

I pray that she stay in for another week.. just let me get through this next week of work.. that’s all I ask..

And for future children.. we definitely learned our lesson about getting ready for baby.. no more procrastinating for us!

Hubby finally gave in and opened a Facebook account.. it’s about time he joined the rest of civilization!!

Me:  How come you don’t like or comment on any of my posts or pictures?
Hubby: Because I live with you.
Me:  But it’s cute!
Hubby:  I leave you comments all the time, IN PERSON!  Oooh.. concept!
Me: …
Hubby:  …
Me:  Fine.. I won’t like or comment on your page either.. I’ll just tell you in person.. ‘You’re a dork!’
Hubby:  No Facebook drama.. it’s just electrons on a screen!

Electrons on a screen?!  Really?!

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