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Today is the last day of 2010.. tomorrow will be 2011..

This year was definitely life changing.. not only did I have one of the sweetest wedding proposals.. I also had the sweetest wedding.. and I live with the sweetest boy.. in the sweetest apartment..

Life is definitely sweet..

I have to say that this year was a year full of surprises and blessings.. I can’t complain..

Usually I end the year wishing that something life changing and profound had happened.. but this year.. it acutally did!

I can’t really say anything else but “Thank God!”

I’m excited for 2011.. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me..

Hubby gets a nice bowlful of chocolate malted crunch ice cream while we are watching Cupcake Wars on TV.

While deep into the episode, I open my mouth for a spoonful of that ice cream yumminess..

The spoon goes in..


Hubby cracks up laughing..

I grab my laptop..

Hubby:  It’s “Things my husband SAYS..” not “Things my husband DOES..”

(Sidenote:  He’s still laughing…)

Roasted coffee beans, the world's primary sour...

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So.. everyone knows I’m a coffee freak.. and everyone knows that because Joe and I are married.. there is a chance that one of these months I may get pregnant.. it’s the direction we’re heading in.. and we wouldn’t mind being blessed with a baby Q when God sees it fit..

Anyway.. back to coffee..

I’m sitting here sipping on a Grande Iced Coffee from Starbucks..

So.. knowing my mom and other fam and friends are super excited and anxiously waiting for me to call them with the words “I’m prego!”.. I thought I should look into the whole “caffiene and pregnancy” thing..

I found this article.. Caffiene in pregnancy on the March of Dimes website (

Moderate caffiene intake is ok.. about 200-300 mgs of caffiene a day.. they recommend reducing intake to about 200 mgs a day.. which is about the size of a tall coffee at Starbucks.. about 12 0z..

I’m drinking a GRANDE!!!  EEK..

I guess there are conflicting studies about the impact of caffiene when trying to concieve.. but they recommend staying away from heavy consumption.. which is about 500 mgs of caffiene..

I don’t think I really ever have had 500 mgs of coffee.. maybe when I was doing that looooong commute from Fullerton to Fontana and back.. man.. that was bad! 

But honestly.. I’ve reduced my coffee consumption quite significantly.. I don’t even need a cup of coffee a day.. so..

I guess I’m ok..

I can finish this drink guilt-free…

(Hubby goes into second bedroom to see the boxes on the floor and sees a piece of crafting machinery on the floor..)

Hubby:  Oh, so you plugged the printer in?
Me:  Uh.. no.  That’s the Cricut.. duh!  What’s more important!?!

(Hubby looks at me.. shaking his head..)

Ok.. so that may only be funny to me and to my other crafty friends.. but it’s noteworthy..

I miss my little “things _____say..” segments.. hahah..

So I’ve been living here for about two weeks now.. and it’s a major adjustment..

The “living with a boy” part isn’t the adjustment.. it’s all the cleaning!

Hahah.. ok.. not to sound like a total princess.. but this cleaning stuff is HARD!  I honestly don’t know how my mom and all my friends and fam that have been living on their own for the longest time.. can do it all..

The cleaning never ends!

So I’ve lived at home until I got married.. I never dormed or lived anywhere else until now.. and I’m not blaming my mom for my lack of “house-tending skills..”  In fact.. I miss being at home where she did a majority of the cleaning..

Does that make me lazy?  Maybe..

Its a new routine I have to get used to..

I used to be able to get home.. eat dinner.. then get on the computer.. or chill at my craft table for the rest of the night.. I had laundry every so often.. but there was no cooking (unless I wanted to) and there were no dishes..

Now.. dinner doesn’t make itself.. so I cook because I have to.. not because I want to.. and there’s laundry and dishes.. and everything else..

Mom says, “And you don’t even have kids yet!”

Ok.. so I sound all complainy.. but I’m really not.. I’m more just overwhelmed..

This move was such an overwhelming change.. it’s not like I didn’t see it coming.. because I did.. I anticipated all this.. but it’s still a change I need to get used to..

It’s the impatient part of me to expect that I’d get used to everything instantly.. it’s really not as bad as I’m blogging..

It’s honestly just all part of the adventure..

The snapshot of my current married life..

Me.. in the living room.. watching “Nine” on Showtime.  Him.. in the second bedroom on the desktop computer..

Ahhh… that’s love!

By the way.. “Nine” is kind of chaotic.. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t insist on watching it in the movie theater..

I’m typing this is on our computer in the second bedroom of our apartment..

Yes.. in the few weeks that I have been away from my blog.. I have moved into an apartment with my husband and we are celebrating our first Christmas as hubby and wifey..

Kinda cool.. it kinda makes everything feel “married..”

Keep your eye on this blog.. my life is just full of changes..

We were having a conversation on child-birth at work one day..

I wonder what childbirth was intended to be like BEFORE Eve decided to eat that apple?!


I have a twitch.. it’s on the top of the right corner of my mouth..

I think it’s because I’m tired.. or something..

It’s not obvious.. because I tried to show the hubby when it’s twitching and he says he sees nothing..

But I feel it.. and it bugs me..

It makes me feel like Elvis..

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