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Joe and I registered for wedding gifts this weekend.  We got to both of the stores we wanted to register at.. oh.. my.. gosh..

That was tiring!

Anyway.. one of the stores asked us how many people we planned to come to the wedding.. we told them that our current guest list is about 280 people..

He told us that a good registry should then have about 300+ items in it..

Say what?!

Well.. we went through the ENTIRE store.. and came out with only about 120+ items..

We did register for a lot of stuff.. but we registered for a lot of SETS.. we didn’t register for a lot of individual pieces because that just didn’t make much sense to us.. what if not all the pieces were to be bought.. I know we could go in and purchase it with a discount.. but why go through the hassle?  A set would make it easier for us.. and the guests.. wouldn’t it?

Then.. we went to the other store and only found 50+ items.  We were so comprehensive at the first store that we couldn’t see ourselves registering for the duplicates at the other store..

In-store picking found us considerably below the 300+ item minimum..

We then went home and edited some of the stuff we did and we actually made our first stores numbers WAY LESS!!


Joe and I aren’t the type to really ask for stuff.. and because we don’t plan on moving in together until AFTER the wedding.. and because we don’t even know what our living space is going to look like.. it was hard to figure out what sort of things to really get that would suit our future home..

We’re spending a lot of time of the stores websites trying to add some things to the registry.. but I really don’t know if we’ll be able to reach that 300+ limit..

We’ve got a couple of months before invitations go out.. so I hope we can muster enough items to make it easy for our guests to buy stuff..

Any suggestions on what we may need?  Perhaps we’ve overlooked something..

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