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It’s been FOREVER since we’ve taken a vacation.

The last time we actually went to a hotel was last year in May when we went to Disneyland.  I was pregnant, but didn’t know it.

Because of our eventful pregnancy, we couldn’t go anywhere or have a babymoon.

I have to admit, I’m itching for a vacation.  I just want to stay at a hotel and have someone clean up after us every day…

I’m really missing Vegas.  Is it just terrible of me to miss how my trips to Vegas were without the kids??  I miss the late nights, walking around the strip, randomly sitting down to a slot machine, eating tons of food, drinking…

I think I’ve been watching too much of the Travel Channel and all their various shows about the best vacation spots and the best places to eat all over the country and the world.

A vacation does sound really good right now.  Maybe Disneyland, maybe Vegas, maybe Hawaii…

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With M starting to feel better, I can go back to sharing some of the stories that I had planned on writing about..

This one is a doozy.

We stayed in a condo while in Hawaii.  My parents had their own bedroom.  My little family had our own bedroom.  There was a living room with a simple coffee table in the middle.  The entire condo had tile floors.

M, being the typical toddler she is, was extremely curious about the entire place.

She ran around and explored ever corner that could be explored.

She explored so much she was having accident after accident.  If she wasn’t tripping on something, she was running into something else!

We hadn’t even gotten through the first day and M ended up tripping and hitting the side of her forehead onto the corner of the coffee table.  She cried and had a little bump.  We iced that bump as soon as we could and she was fine.  However, we decided to move the table into the back corner of the room where she didn’t really go into.

This wasn’t the worst of it.. so the next day….

The bed in our bedroom stood almost about 3 feet off the ground.  It’s about the same height as M is, which is about 33 inches tall.  As I mentioned before, the entire condo had tile floors. 

There was a little voice inside of me that urged me to surround the edges of the bed with pillows before going to bed.  I also found a foam sheet that I put on my side of the bed.

Earlier in the day, M had tripped on the foam sheet and hurt her little knees on the tile.  I ended up folding it over itself towards the head of the bed.  I didn’t open it up again that night, and it was a good thing too.

That night, we all went to bed.  M fell asleep in between Hubby and I.  During the middle of the night, M half-wakes up and she crawls over to my other side and snuggles up to me.  It’s something she does on a regular basis at home.  However, at home, she has a bed rail on the other side of her.

Half-awake myself, I knew that there was nothing on the other side to protect her so I held on to her tightly.  I was going to move her back to the middle of hubby and I after a few minutes to get her back into a deep sleep again.  I was going to wait because I know that if I tried to move her while half-asleep, she would just crawl back over to that other side again. 

In my head, I knew I had to move her.

But something happened because she and I must have fallen into a deeper sleep because the next thing I knew, my arms opened, and she rolled.

The second she rolled out of my arms I jumped up.

I saw her fall off the bed.

It was like slow motion.  I saw it all.  That image still haunts me every time I think about it.

She fell off the bed, landed on the foam sheet (which wasn’t very thick to begin with), and cried.  She cried like she’s never cried before.  Mainly from being scared and startled, and I’m sure also from the pain. 

Although I saw her fall and make contact with the ground, with the room being dim, I couldn’t tell what part of her landed first..

It was absolute commotion in the condo immediately after.  She was bawling, I started crying, everyone seemed hysterical.

I called the paramedics and they looked at her and said she was fine.  They asked me if she cried immediately and I said yes, that was a good sign.  They also said that the fact the was consolable was a good sign. 

We also ended up taking her into the emergency room, just in case.  We spent a few hours sleeping in one of the emergency room beds while they monitored her.

Thank God nothing was wrong and we were able to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

When we returned home from the emergency room, Hubby and I moved the mattress onto the floor of the living room and slept that way for the rest of the trip.

I felt awful.  Her falling off the bed was MY fault.  Had I stayed awake enough to move her, none of this would have happened.  If I just moved her back to the middle from the beginning, none of this would have happened.  I cried so hard because I knew that if something went wrong, it would have been my fault.

It’s my job to protect her from injury.  It’s my job to keep her safe from harm.  And there I was, holding her by the edge of a bed that was over a tiled floor.  My common sense should have kicked in from the start and I should have kept her in between Hubby and I, no matter how many times she’d crawl over me.  It was my job to keep her from falling like that.

For the next few days after that incident, everytime I closed my eyes, all I could see was M falling.  Every night, before bed, all I could see was her falling.  Even now, there are times I can just close my eyes and see her falling.

I thank God all the time that nothing major happened and that she is ok.  But I’m just so guilt-ridden over the entire incident.

I can’t have been the only mom that’s done this, right?!

As the plane descends when we arrived to Hawaii
M: Whoa, whoa… Again! Again!

Practically said everyday:
M: Go beach.

Beach toys
M: Bucket, shovel, crab, fish….

Whenever she’s in her stroller or walking around
M: (sings) a, b, c, d, e….
M: 1, 2, 3, 4….

There were so many more things she said and did. I wish I recorded them somehow to be able to write them all down here…

On September 2nd, the family and I, including my parents, came back from a 10 day trip to Hawaii.

It was amazing.

I’ve got tons of stories to tell, and I can’t wait to start.

The last time Hubby and I were in Hawaii was 3 years ago for our honeymoon.  This time, we had a family.  Vacations are definitely different with a toddler.

So stay tuned to hear stories from our trip, and maybe even a couple of pictures!


So it’s the time of year when a majority of the people at work use up what ever is left of their vacation time…

I, on the other hand, am at work.

Because I was on maternity leave for all of January, I didn’t accrue any vacation time for that month.

Then, with sick baby time off, small vacation time off, M’s well-baby check ups… I used up all the time that I had for this year.

This means, for the rest of the year (two weeks or so..) I have no more personal time off days or vacation days..

All I have to look forward to are the Christmas holidays and the New Years holidays..

Last year, I was right in the middle of my maternity leave.. so it was nice to have this time of the year off..

The year before that, I used up all my time due to the wedding and our honeymoon.  Therefore, I was working at this time of the year while everyone else was on vacation..

Next year, I hope to plan things a little more differently.

I’m hoping that I can save enough time off that I can take a few days of vacation during this time of the year..

Or.. I can dream that by this time next year, I’ll be a stay at home mom.. a mommy can only dream…

Something happened during the week I was home being a SAHM.

My daughter got clingy.

It was such a treat for her to wake up with me every morning for a week.

I swear I saw a smile on her face several mornings when she would open up her little eyes to greet the new day.

She also got into the habit of momentarily waking up in the early morning to sit up, change positions and look to see if I was there. 

My mom was staying in our apartment to help out this past week.

The first few mornings were exceptionally hard.  My mom would say she would wake up crying, bawling, for her “mimi.”

When she would do her little “quick” check wake up early in the morning, she’d end up crying because it wasn’t me that she would see. 

I’d be getting ready for work and hear her heartbreaking cries for me.  I’d have to go and comfort her..

She finally woke up pleasantly on Friday, but still asked for me. 

When I get home, she’d be so happy, and she literally won’t leave my side.  I can’t even be more than 3 feet away from her before she’d start crying a little bit and calling out, “mimi.”

The cutest thing is when she would look at me with bright eyes and say “mimi” like she couldn’t believe I was finally home!  Then she would look at my mom or Hubby and point, saying “mimi” like she was letting them know I was finally with her..

It was so heartbreaking knowing that she had gotten so used to me being there for an entire week and that she had a little difficulty adjusting to my going back to work..

I know she’ll get used to it again, but it was so sad to see…

I took a little vacation from work to be a SAHM (stay at home mommy).

My inlaws usually watch Little M and they went on vacation for two weeks.  So I took a week off last week, and my mother is watching her this week!

I have to say that the little taste of “stay at home momness” was amazing.  It was so hard, but so fun at the same time.

She’s definitely harder to raise 24/7 than she was when I was on maternity leave!

It’s just that she’s EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!  I love it!

It was so fun and such a great extra bonding experience to have with her, and I pray ALL THE TIME that we will be blessed with an opportunity to allow me to do it full-time. 

I do have to admit that by the end of the week, I was definitely refreshed and ready to go to work.. but that totally ended when I went to work on Monday and wished I was on vacation again..


The family and I spent the past weekend in Vegas for Hubby’s birthday.. we took Little M with us and I have to tell you that it was definitely a different experience than I’ve ever had before..

I thought being prego in Vegas was challenging.. this was totally an interesting experience..

I’m not saying it’s bad.. in fact, I enjoyed myself, and I’m sure Little M enjoyed herself too.. she got to eat foods outside of her normal “baby food” lineup.. she got to play in the pool area AND at the little outdoor mall..

Here’s a little list of befores and afters based on this past Vegas trip..

VEGAS BEFORE: Casino hopping all day.. casino hopping all night
VEGAS AFTER: Finding non-casino places to go during the day.. staying at the “home” casino all night

VEGAS BEFORE:  Gambling all day.. gambling all night
VEGAS AFTER:  Waiting for Little M to nap before spending an hour or two at the casino hoping she won’t wake up and cry before I get back.

VEGAS BEFORE:  Going to a show with the hubs at night if we found one we wanted
VEGAS AFTER:  Being in bed by 10pm with baby while everyone else was down at the casino gambling

VEGAS BEFORE:  Getting all dressed up and accessorizing with the cutest purses and shoes
VEGAS AFTER:  Wearing flip-flops and jeans, accessorizing with a diaper bag..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Ordering my own alcoholic drinks..
VEGAS AFTER:  Taking one sip of whatever the hubs got because I didn’t want to get too tipsy while taking care of the baby..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Uninterupted eating sessions in all the great buffets on the strip..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to run up to the hotel room with a poopy baby while eating at the buffet in the “home” casino..

VEGAS BEFORE:   Annoyed at the smoker that decided to sit at the slot machine next to you..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to get up and move slot machines (even if I was winning) because you don’t want to come back too smokey when you hold the baby..

There are so many other things.. like worrying about a stroller.. making sure to get a high chair.. and other baby-related things that really made this trip different..

It solidified the fact that I truly am… a mother.


Las Vegas when pregnant was so much more different than I anticipated..

Before pregnancy.. I could walk up and down the strip like nobody’s business.. casino hopping was a cake walk.. and I never went back to the hotel room until it was time to sleep or change into my evening wear.. and the only time I rested during the day was when I was laying out by the pool..

This week.. I have never felt more pregnant in my life..

A lot of it is because I feel like I have literally grown in belly practically overnight.. I thought I was big before.. but I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger..

Walking is fine.. but not for long periods of time.. not only do I get tired.. but my calves and ankles swell by the end of the night..

It also tires me out to be out and about all day.. we had to take a mid-day break into the hotel and take a rest..

The heat also got to me a bit.. I was sweaty and icky walking in the shade..

I also used to be out til the late evening hours before I was prego.. now.. I would tire out and want to go to bed..

I guess this was just a huge wake-up call for me and the whole pregnancy.. I knew that my life and my body was changing.. but this sort of sealed the deal for me.. not that it’s a bad thing.. it’s just that it totally made me realize how different my life truly is and is going to be..

I still had lots of fun with the hubby and the family.. if God allows.. on the next vacation.. we’ll be tagging a long a little princess.. can’t wait!

So.. funny story while on the first half of our vacation this week.

We found ourselves in Solvang… Yes.. I’ve finally gone.. after two years.. click here to understand.

Anyway.. we came on a great day because as we were going to Mass at the local mission there.. we found out that the Prince of Denmark was coming..

Now… when we all think of “princes,” what comes to mind?

We think of that image that Disney has printed in our heads of young, strapping men.. wearing uniforms adorned in all sorts of official “prince-like” stuff.. or we think of Prince William.. wearing his military garb on his wedding day…

So.. with that said.. we got out of Mass just in time as the Prince was making his rounds around the little city..

We sat ourselves on a bench right in the path he was taking down one of the streets..

Anticipation was building up as we saw the crowd of photographers and officials come towards us.. my cousin’s little daughter and I were probably most excited to see a “real life prince.”

As the crowd goes through.. we see the security men.. dressed in their dark suits and glasses.. and several men wearing simple suits.. one in particular was wearing a lighter grey suite than the rest of them and was in awe of all that he was seeing and being shown.. apparently.. that was the prince..

But in the silence of the whole event.. while all the cameras were rolling by us.. and photographers were taking many pictures.. one voice seemed to resonate through the crowd..

That voice was my cousin’s seven year old daughter..

“Where’s the prince?”

Yes.. our dreams of Prince Charming and that magic touch of royalty were shattered by this older, sharply (but simply) dressed man that is the Prince of Denmark..

Thank you, Prince of Denmark, for bringing our Disney dreams of princes and royalty to a crash on the floor..

I do hope the Prince had a great time though.. he really seemed to enjoy what he was seeing.. but for the my sake.. and for the sake of a seven year old girl.. maybe you should have “Prince’d” it up a bit.. humor us.

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