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I love maxi dresses.

Growing up, I hated them.  I didn’t like to wear long skirts.  I always felt so uncomfortable wearing dresses that went below my knee. 

I must have grown up quite a bit because I am more uncomfortable wearing dresses above my knee now.  I also think a lot of it has to do with having to chase a toddler around.

I also love how maxi dresses make my growing prego belly look.  The dresses I have accentuate the belly without making me look huge. 

I always found that wearing maternity pants, though super comfortable, make my hips a lot wider than they really are. 

I haven’t purchased any “maternity” maxi dresses.  I’ve been able to fit into the regular dresses that I already own.  Luckily, those dresses have a lot of give for my ever-growing belly, but I know that I may have to purchases a bigger size in the near future.

What was your favorite go-to item of clothing while you were pregnant?  Leave your answer in the comments below!


This is me at 8 weeks.  I took this picture last Tuesday.  At this point, I’m 9 weeks pregnant and probably looking the same, maybe a little bigger.

I.  Feel.  Huge.

When I look down at my belly, I definitely like I look bigger than what I actually am. 

I know I’ve read in the past that the second pregnancy usually pops out earlier than the first pregnancy.  They weren’t kidding.  By the time I was about 6 weeks pregnant, Hubby and I had to pull the bag of maternity pants out of storage so I can find the belly band I used to wear my regular jeans without having to zip and button them. 

By the time, I made the Facebook announcment last Sunday, I started wearing maternity pants. 

I cannot believe how fast this all seems to be happening.

I really hope this isn’t a sign that I will be HUGE by the time I give birth. 

Share your baby bumpin’ stories here in the comments below!

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Tomorrow is 16 weeks.. I’m almost to the half-way point..

I’m starting to realize that not all my clothes were meant for use during a pregnancy.  A lot of my shirts, particularly the one I’m wearing today, are getting really tight around the belly region.. they are also starting ride up.. and that’s sooo not attractive… Good thing for the full-belly panel of my prego pants.. or it could be totally embarrassing!!!

I’ve been wearing the prego pants for awhile now.. but I have hesitated buying any tops because I have a lot of shirts that can kind of pass off as maternity.. and I didn’t think i was big enough to really invest in the prego tops..

I need to start separating out the tops I know don’t fit me at the moment.. put those away.. somewhere.. in a box labeled “I WILL wear these again.. I SWEAR!!”

Putting them away so I can make some room for new clothes!!  New clothes are always fun.. I also have a bunch of summery loose tops still left at my parents house that I can pass off as maternity for awhile..

And a lot of moms have told me to save money on buying “maternity” and just buy some cute fashionable tops in a bigger size.. so I’m definitely gonna start looking into that..

Changes.. changes.. changes..

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