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Today, I’m going to rant.  I don’t usually do this, but it’s been bubbling inside of me, and I need to get it out.

Yes, I’m very thankful I have a job.  Yes, these are mostly first-world problems.  I’m fully aware that my problems are miniscule compared to the what other people have to go through. 

Just let me have my rant.

If work wasn’t in the way, I could…

… stay home and take care of my child.
… go to all those mommy group meetups.
… concentrate on my cardmaking and scrapbooking more.
… get more errands done during the day instead of during the evenings or weekends.
… cook more.
… experiment in the kitchen more.
… not worry about having enough timeoff and vacation time at work when I need to take care of a sick child.
… figure what what I really want to do to make money.

What could you do if work wasn’t in the way??

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I love my cubicle.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been working in a lab for about 10 years, and that’s counting college.  I have outgrown the novelty of being all “science-y” and being a “lab geek.”  In the beginning of this year, I was asked to be part of a project at my work to help contribute towards a major change in the computer systems that we use.  Because of this, I was placed in a cubicle and I spend all day in different meetings and on my computer.  I do no lab work at all, and that’s totally refreshing.  I’m sure the novelty of being a cubicle will wear off too, but for now, I actually don’t mind being at work.

So it’s the time of year when a majority of the people at work use up what ever is left of their vacation time…

I, on the other hand, am at work.

Because I was on maternity leave for all of January, I didn’t accrue any vacation time for that month.

Then, with sick baby time off, small vacation time off, M’s well-baby check ups… I used up all the time that I had for this year.

This means, for the rest of the year (two weeks or so..) I have no more personal time off days or vacation days..

All I have to look forward to are the Christmas holidays and the New Years holidays..

Last year, I was right in the middle of my maternity leave.. so it was nice to have this time of the year off..

The year before that, I used up all my time due to the wedding and our honeymoon.  Therefore, I was working at this time of the year while everyone else was on vacation..

Next year, I hope to plan things a little more differently.

I’m hoping that I can save enough time off that I can take a few days of vacation during this time of the year..

Or.. I can dream that by this time next year, I’ll be a stay at home mom.. a mommy can only dream…

At my new job, I am pretty much THE ONLY girl working on second shift.

Seriously.  The only girl.

I’m used to be being in laboratory settings in which men are a rare form in the building, but this time.. I’m the lone female..

After working here for about a month, I have learned some very interesting things about men..

Men are messy.
Seriously.  They are messy.  The other day, someone’s cheesy goodness boiled over in the microwave and they left it there to harden.  I don’t know how long it’s been there or how many times other people have microwaved over it, but it was caked on when it came to my turn to use it.  I tried my best to scrape if off, but it seemed fossilized in the microwave.

Men like to talk.
Men like to talk, about everything.  It leads to interesting conversation, therefore I hardly have a dull day at work.

Men are competitive.
They like to outdo each other, or talk about how they can outdo each other.  They are very competitive among themselves.

Men are pretty careful around “the only girl.”
Being the only girl, most of the guys tend to be pretty nice to me.  Some of the guys could care less that I’m there, but most of the guys are pretty  nice when it comes to acknowledging my presence when they walk by the lab, or when I’m roaming the floor.

Men laugh.
Men like their jokes.  Men like to laugh and be witty.  Men like it when a girl can hang with their jokes and their wit.  Men like it when girls act too girly or too good for their man-jokes, or man-attitudes.  I think the more down to earth a girl is, the more easier it is to be in a man-centric environment.

So far these are the things I’ve observed about men in my work environment.  I’m sure as time goes on my observations will be more in depth and more insightful.  So far, so good.  Let’s just hope it stays that way.

I’m working on my schedule trying to figure out my “groove” since I’ve gone to the second shift.  It’s just such odd hours.  While everyone is enjoying the rest of their day and night, I’m at work.  I’m working during the same hours everyone else is watching some wonderful prime-time TV.

Thank goodness for DVR.

It’s an easy shift.  The workload and the people there are alright.

I like the way it’s so easy going but I wish that easy going atmosphere came with a better set of hours.

I can’t complain though.  I have a job and I’m grateful.

I just need to figure out how to make more time for the gym.. and homework.. and blogging..

Bear with me.. I’ll make time..

So.. I have a new job.. newer than the new job that I started in September..

Without getting into it too much.. let’s just say that there were things that I didn’t expect when taking that job.. and it didn’t sit well with me.. so I made the executive decision to just quit.. hands clean.. and never look back..

That brings me to this new job.. I work as the Quality Assurance Tech for a pet food company.. and I’ve been there for a week..

It’s.. interesting..interesting good and interesting bad.. let me explain:

Interesting good
I’m doing quality control and assurance on batches and batches of pet food.  It’s overwhelming to think that I am partially responsible for some of the petfood you are all buying your dogs.. and cats.. it’s amazing to think that I have to check it to make sure that it’s suitable to sell.. it’s a learning experience.. and smells a lot better than the vet lab I used to work for..

Interesting bad
It’s a mix of manual labor.. and laboratory work.  Since I’m working in a huge manufacturing plant.. I have to have the hard hat.. steel toed shoes.. ear plugs.. eye protection.. the works.  I’ll be getting a uniform as soon as they give me one.. so I come home sometimes dusty and smelling like dog food.. My hair is always flat because of the hard hat.. I can no longer have manicures.. and I can’t wear my ring.. so that means that if Joe ever pops the question.. I won’t be able to flash my fancy bling around at work.. haha..

Today was interesting.. I was learning how to test finished product and I didn’t realize that it meant I had to pull random bags from the assembly line.. well.. today.. the bags were 52lbs!


On a good day.. I weight between 120-125lbs.. that bag is a little less than half of what I weigh!!  And they expect me to eventually be able to pick that up?!


That is pretty much the worse part of my day.. the heavy lifting..

I’m scared I’ll get man-hands.. eek!


I’m sitting here on my “monday” at work.  It’s my first day back at work from a looooong weekend.

To clarify:
Last week, I worked Mon-Wednesday.  Then, I was on a retreat from Thurs-Sun.  I was off Mon-Tues.  Now I work the rest of the week, Wed-Fri.

Next week should start to become “normal.”

I have simply been NON-STOP lately because on top of all these things, I’ve been having to juggle school!

Lord, have mercy!

I shouldn’t complain.  Being busy is good.  It makes the time go by faster and I do feel productive and needed.

A nap would be nice though.

So.. we’ve all be en working here for sometime together.  I’ve been here for three years.. and you have been here longer..

But.. haven’t you noticed that within the three years I have been working here that I have sort of taken a parking spot here and made it my own.. it’s a perfect spot.. shady.. and just wonderful!

Suddenly.. you find the need to take it from me.. why?

Why do you need that spot when you know I have been parking there for the past three years?!  Seriously!

Just wait until I leave the job.. I only have a month left.. you can wait.. so just humor me and give me my spot back!

I am bored.  You have nothing left for me to do here and yet you chastise me for not doing anything.  Where is the sense in that?!

I’m bored and there is no work to do and you already treat me like I’m gone!

It seems like everyone else has something to do, except me.  And when I ask if anyone needs help, they all seem to have it under control. 

So don’t tell me I am not pulling my own weight around here. 

Please find me something to do, or just send me home for the day. 

Your friend,

These last few weeks have been full of nothing!  Literally.. I got three samples in yesterday.. but it’s not like they are really time consuming.

I miss the days I had when I came back from my Vegas vacation earlier in June.  Wow, that was fun.  The samples kept coming and coming and I was finding myself working from the minute I walked into the lab.. til the very last minute I had to go home..

It made the day so much faster and I felt useful and productive.

I loved it!

I love being busy.. for the most part.  I love being busy at work.  The day zooms by and I feel accomplished..

Not like lately.. I’d love to have something to do right now..

I’m wasting time.. time I could be using to work on school stuff.  Wouldn’t it be nice?!

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