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We still cosleep with M. Her toddler bed is in our bedroom and we’ve tried to get her in there, but she loves sleeping with us.

With the new baby coming, there is no way I’m kicking her out of the bed now. I don’t want her to feel like she’s being tossed aside to accommodate the new kid…

So. In the bed she will stay…. For now…

For the past week or so, I’ve noticed that M had gotten pretty clingy in bed. To go to sleep, she insists on hugging my arm. Because of the pregnancy, it may not be the most comfortable position for me, but I do it anyway.

I pull my arm out as soon as she’s asleep so I can find my own comfortable sleeping position. However, deep into the night, she will literally sit up looking for my arm again.

By then, I’m half asleep and give her the arm. She hugs it until we all wake up for the morning.

I cherish these moments. Soon, she will be out of our bed and no longer needing me for constant comfort. I take advantage of all the hugs and cuddles because they won’t last. They don’t stay this little for very long and I want to hold on to these moments as long as I can…

I don’t know we will adjust when the new baby comes yet. I do know that I will try my best to make sure she knows she still just as important to me as she was before her sister came.

I just hope she won’t have difficulty sleeping when I have the baby and have to stay overnight at hospital. I just hope the baby comes out healthy enough that we don’t have to stay away too long from M at night.

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I love sleep.

I do.  I really do.  I love sleeping in.  I enjoy the weekends or days off where M and I can just wake up whenever we please.  I used to be able to sleep until 11am, or even noon!   Now, I can wake up at around 9am and still feel like I’ve slept in.  There’s just something great about waking up without the sound of a blaring alarm. 

Sleep is wonderful.

Sunday night, M slept in the toddler bed.

I have to admit, I cheated a little bit.

M skipped her nap on Sunday, so she was super sleepy by about 9:30-10pm.  I had her on my lap on the recliner until she fell asleep.  Once she fell asleep, Hubby and I tucked her in her little bed.

I could not get a good peaceful sleep!  Every little move jolted me awake.  Even the silence would jolt me awake and I’d have to look over and see if she was ok.  Hubby would also get up and look at her at the slightest sound.  He says it was because he took a nap during the day and was unable to sleep, but I think it was because he missed her in the bed also…

Halfway through the night, maybe around 1-2am, M started rustling in her bed.  Of course, Hubby and I woke up to check on her.  She seemed fine until she popped up and started to look around.  


She was looking for me. 

I told her that I was right there next to her and of course she raises her arms up for me to carry her.  Immediately, I picked her up and brought her to the big bed. 

She spent the rest of the night snuggled up against me and we all were able to fall asleep.

It’s going to be an adjustment for all of us. 

I thought that Hubby would have been so relieved to have her out of the bed.  He wasn’t 100% on board with the whole co-sleeping arrangement I was so comfortable with, but I know that as time had gone on, it was something he had gotten used to. 

We just have to learn to get used to this new arrangement… maybe.

A few months or so ago, we mentioned toddler beds.. I knew it was an inevitability, but I just figured we’d cross that bridge when we get there..

We got to the bridge this weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up wedged (literally) between Hubby and M.  They were pressed up so much against me that I had no room to move.  It was uncomfortable, but I felt loved.  Who wouldn’t want the two people you love the most being so close to them?!

Anyway, we all woke up and Hubby and I were having a conversation about how squished I was between them.  Hubby mentioned toddler beds, and I brushed it off.  I didn’t want to deal with that yet.

But it was as if M was listening in on our conversation and actually understanding what we were saying because she suddenly said, “Sleep in small bed?  Yes?”

Me:  “You want to sleep on a small bed?  You want your own bed?”
M:  “Yes.”
Me:  “You will sleep in a small bed?  Where will me Mimi and Daddy sleep?”
M:  “Big bed.”

Well.. later on that day, we purchased a toddler bed.  Yes.

We looked at Babies R Us and priced them.. The frame alone was $119, while the mattress cost anywhere between $199 to $79!  That didn’t include any sheet sets, we didn’t bother to look.

Luckily, next door to the Babies R Us was a Target.  We found a cute bedframe that looks almost like our bed for only $79.  The mattress we chose was $69.  The sheet set we purchased (Sofia the First) was about $12.  We have the Target card, so we have a 5% discount on all our purchases AND we  had gift cards.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for not wanting to get the most expensive, like I used to.. I think I’m finally growing up!

We assembled the bed and put it in our bedroom.

It’s one thing to get her a toddler bed.. it’s another issue for me to deal with to get her out of our bedroom!  Baby steps..

Bed time came and she went straight to the toddler bed, which she called “sofia bed” because of the Sofia the First sheets.  She put the comforter around her and asked for the lights to be off.   I really thought she was going to go through with it.

I go up into my bed and she follows.

Me:  “Aren’t you going to sleep in the sofia bed?”
M:  shakes her head “No, sleep in mimi bed?”


So, as much as she loves her toddler bed, at this moment, she thinks its just another new toy.

We’ll try again tonight, but I won’t force it.  I will put her there for naps, but bed time will be a process..

I guess having a toddler bed isn’t so bad after all..



With her birthday coming up so very soon, the new topic of conversation is if we are finally going to get M out of our bed and onto her own toddler bed.

If you didn’t know, M’s been in our bed since she was a newborn.  When she was born, we tried to get her to sleep in the bassinet next to us.  I had the hardest time falling asleep, and so did she.

I truly believe that we both were able to start sleeping through the night more comfortably because we slept together.  At first she’d sleep on my chest, then once she got too big for that, she slept next to me, between a bed rail and my body.

As she’s gotten older, she’s pretty much taken over the entire bed.  There are many mornings Hubby and I have woken up with a foot in our face, or an arm on our neck.  Many mornings I wake up to her cuddling up to me, hugging my arm as if I’m her teddy bear.  Those are the moments I love the most.

And honestly, I think I’m the one that’s the most attached to the idea of us co-sleeping.  I think I’m the one going through the separation anxiety, and we’re only THINKING of getting her into her own bed.

Our bedroom is big enough to have a toddler bed next to us.  So the initial thoughts are to set up the toddler bed next to our bed.  I can lie with her until she falls asleep, and we are still close enough that if she needs to come back to bed, she can.

I just don’t know… she’s my baby!  She’s my cuddle-partner.

She’s growing up and I need to start accepting that fact.. but can’t I just keep her with me a little longer?

How old did you stop co-sleeping with your child?

My sleep deprivation is hitting an all time low..

I BEGGED M to fall asleep the other night.

Is that normal?

We  went to bed.. she played around like her usual self, but I was literally falling asleep by her.. I was only partially awake enough to know that she was still by my side, but the minute she would move around, I’d wake up.  And then, she’d try to wake me up!

So.. I begged her.

“Please M.  Just fall asleep.  Mimi is sooo tired.  She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since the time change.”

She made me read “Go, Dog, Go” one more time… then she snuggled up next to me.. and fell asleep.

Oh my gosh!  Did she understand me?! 

I thanked her angelic sleeping face and fell asleep.

I wonder what tonight will be like..

I’ve mentioned before that M was such a good newborn.  I’ve told you how I thought M was the easiest newborn I’ve come across.  I’ve told you that I could never commiserate with the other moms about sleepless nights and incessant crying when M was a newborn..

Well.. it looks like it’s finally caught up with me.. and now I must pay my dues.

It’s been really hard to get a good night’s sleep lately.  I don’t know if it’s the time change.. or M is just being really particular about things lately.. or just both!

Almost every night, it’s something..

She’s crying because she just wants to sit on the potty.  She’s crying because she wants to watch Dora.  She’s crying because she wants Hubby to come to bed.

Or, she’ll wake up in the middle of the night for something.

I don’t mind if she wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty.  I think it’s great that she wakes up to know the feeling and can control it in her sleep enough to wake up and want to go.

But I miss my chunks of sleep.  I miss my uninteruppted hours and hours of sleep, especially if it took a long time to get her to go to sleep in the first place.

My sleep is cut short because it takes so long to get to bed.. plus waking up in the middle of the night.. plus having to wake up early to go to work..

Can you say “dark circles?!”

Sigh.. a parent’s work is never done!

I guess I had to pay my sleep-deprived dues eventually…

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