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Me:  Are we really not going to do the 3d ultrasound?!
Hubby:  They are SCARY!!!  They look like blob babies..
Me:  So?  We’ll see her features and who she looks like..
Hubby:  SCARY features..

Me:  Are you sure?!
Hubby:  When do you plan on doing this, if we were going to do it..
Me:  Between now and 35-37ish weeks..
Hubby: …

Hubby:  You can’t wait a few more weeks to see her IN PERSON?!  In REAL 3d?!?!
Me:  But it’s cool!!
Hubby:  If you do it at 35-37 weeks, you can’t wait another 3-5 weeks to just see her in person?!  You want to spend money on looking at her INSIDE when she will be OUTSIDE in less than a month?! 
Me: ….
Hubby:  Then we can look at her EVERYDAY.. we’ll see her ALL THE TIME.. FOREVER..
Me: ….
Hubby:  And she won’t be scary cuz she’ll be a little person.. RIGHT THERE.. no need for an ultrasound.. she’ll be here!!!

He’s right.  I hate it when he’s right.

Lately, hubby and I have been playing “Guess that body part!” with the baby in my belly.. she’s been moving and pushing so much that sometimes we think we can figure out body parts.. hubby gets really excited about his “daddy’s little girl.”

Talks into belly..

Hubby:  Hi baby!  Remember when you were just a blob?!  Now you’ve got bones and you are distinguishable..
Me:  Hahah..
Hubby: (Towards belly.) You’re a baby now!  (Juggles tummy.)  You’re a little baby!!!!

A blob to a baby… gotta love the hubby for summing up the miracle of life so simply!

Hubby and I are out and about.. he lets me walk in front of him for a little bit.. as if to give me a “head start” to our destination..

Hubby: (To the tune of that Christmas song, “Here we come a-caroling.”) Here we come a-waddling…
Me:  Thanks, hun.
Hubby:  You’re welcome!

He makes my life interesting..

Remind me the next time I get prego and planning the shower.. that we spread the errands over a long length of time instead of trying to cram it all in one or two weekends..

Also.. remind me to never get pregnant in which I have to spend my entire third trimester in the sweltering heat of summer…

When mom and I were planning the shower, I thought I could be brave enough to tackle the errands a week or two before the big day.. that’s when I was in my first and second trimester and life was peachy and comfortable..

The reality is.. while it was really fun hanging out with mom and getting stuff done like old times.. it was really hard.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk at a decent pace.. everything felt swollen and sore.. and I was really trying NOT to get grumpy over it.  I actually did a pretty good job with that.  I had to keep reminding myself that we were doing this for the baby.. and it really wasn’t as bad as I was feeling.. and it was really nice spending time with mom and shopping and browsing.. just like old times before I moved out of the house..

A lot of the tiredness stemmed from the heat too.. I think I wouldn’t have gotten so worn out if it wasn’t for the summer heat.. even mom felt it.. so I know it wasn’t all about being prego..

Despite all that.. mom, me, and a family friend had a great time going around my old stomping grounds getting things for the shower.. we did get a lot accomplished and I’m glad I got to help out..

There are a few more things that have to be taken care of.. but the majority of the errands are done. 

Planning a baby shower.. who knew it would be THIS involved.. I swear.. it’s like planning my wedding all over again!

These weeks are flying by… and the weekends fly by faster!

We’re almost done with  July.. quickly approaching August.. right into the ‘ber’ months.. where is the time going?!

Seems like every year it moves faster and faster..

Last year it sped by because hubby and I were planning our wedding.. this year is speeding by because this year hubby and I are expecting our first baby..

And we all know how fast kids grow up.. so every year from now on is just going to go faster and faster..

When did we get so old?!

But for now.. I’m going to enjoy my Friday.. keeping busy at work will make the day go faster and I can finally enjoy the weekend..

So hubby and I took the baby care basics class today. 

Honestly, I think I’m very blessed that my cousins started popping out babies in 2000 and I was able to experience the whole “newborn/infant” care thing. 

I know that when it’s my own child, the feelings might be a little different.. I may or may not be more scared to handle my own child.. but knowing that I have that previous experience gives me a sense of confidence I may not have had if I just suddenly took care of my own child.

That being said.. I made sure that hubby did most of the hands-on training with the baby doll we were give to practice on. 

The class was pretty informative.  We learned a lot of safety tips and small details that I wouldn’t have known by just taking care of my cousin’s babies. 

It made me also remember that we have to do a lot of shopping for this baby.. not only for her clothes and stuff.. but all the essentials.. like ointments, q-tips, alcohol..

Those things totally slipped my mind during this whole baby planning process.  I’m sure I would have had lots of reminders from moms, friends, and other relatives.. but it’s good to know now so we can start making a list of baby things.

Baby Care Basics is a great class.  I’m so glad that hospitals are offering these types of classes now.. especially for first time parents.  It really gives us a sense of comfort knowing that we won’t be thrown into the fire the day we take our little one home. 

Our next set of classes is the Lamaze classes.. or what our hospital calls “Baby Prep” classes.. those are gonna be interesting.. time is flying by!  Baby will be here sooner than we realize!

Yesterday, the hubs and I took the first of the many preparation classes we have for parenthood.

Yesterday was Infant CPR.  Infant CPR teaches rescue techniques for children under the age of one year.  We went over CPR and how to rescue a choking baby.  Two things I hope I never deal with.. ever!

I’ve taken a CPR class before.. I was working at those Curves workout places and CPR was required for us.  Taking that class felt like taking any other class.  I was learning, but I was detached.  It was something I had to do.. and was glad for the opportunity to learn.. but couldn’t really relate to using it.  I didn’t think it would ever be something I would use.

But infant CPR hit me differently.  I knew I was taking it for a true purpose.. and there were several times that I actually stared at the practice doll and somehow pictured my own child.  It was a very scary thought and my eyes sorta teared up for a second and I had to snap out of it. 

I can’t think of the worse, but I just have to be prepared for it.

I don’t know if I was the only one in the room that felt that way.  It scared me to think that there might be a time that I might use this.. especially when the instructor was talking about how we’d probably encounter a choking baby more often than a baby that stops breathing..

The class was very informative.. the video was cheesy.. but I learned a lot of techniques.. anyone that finds themselves with infants should really take this class.. they should really make it mandatory for all parents.. it’s a skill that I think everyone should have..

Next week is Baby Care Basics for the hubs and I.  That should be interesting.  We’re getting closer and closer to this little one getting here.. I hope we’re prepared for whatever she’s gonna throw at us.. literally and figuratively!

Hubby and I had an interesting morning.. I honestly think I’m losing my mind..

Me:  Hun, have you seen my contacts?
Hubby:  It’s there on the bathroom counter.
Me:  No.. it’s not. 

Hubby gets up out of bed to help me look.

Hubby:  What does it look like?
Me:  White case, kind of curved.
Hubby:  This one?

Holds up the contacts case.

Me:  No.. it’s curvy..
Hubby:  That’s all that’s there.. these are mine.. and this case is white and curved.
Me:  No.. that’s not what it looks like..
Hubby: …

I look at it closer.. mind you.. I have my glasses on so my vision isn’t impaired..

Hubby:  Open it.
Me:  OH!  That IS it! 

Hubby runs back into the bed.. exasperated with me.

Why I didn’t recognize it in the first place?!  I have no clue what my mind was thinking..

Hubby is slurping his cereal.. and I’m on the computer after finishing my breakfast..

I’m working up the motivation to get off the couch and get to work.

I swear.. waking up in the morning is getting harder and harder during the week.. I love the weekends where I wake up on my own!

That makes Mondays especially tough.. I’ve never liked Mondays.. and have always been partial to Thursdays..

Why Thursday?  I have no idea.. but they always had more appeal to me than Fridays.. maybe because the next day was Friday and Thursday gave me something to look forward to..

I had a rough sleep last night.. I don’t know if I was half-awake or just having a really vivid dream.. my mind was going like it was half-awake.. but when I woke up, none of what I was feeling there..

I was thinking of calling my OB because I was having this persistent soreness under my right ribs.. at my last appointment, I was told that if it persisted, I should call because it could be a gallbladder problem..

So last night, I was either dreaming or half-awake because of the pain.. and I kept telling myself that I would call in the morning to see what the Dr wanted me to do..

But when I woke up this morning.. the pain was nonexistent..

Was I dreaming that all?

So.. now I feel like my sleep wasn’t enough.. because of the whole “half-awake or dreaming” feeling..

Yup.  It’s gonna be a fun Monday.

So this trimester has brought on a new phenomenon for me..

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a pretty on-the-go type person.. I walk at a pretty quick pace.. and so does the hubby..

This past weekend, while we were out and about running errands.. I noticed that hubby constantly was walking ahead of me.. and I’d always have to ask him to slow down and wait for me..

Ahhh!  I’m a slow walker!!  Haha.. not only do I waddle now, but I walk slower.. I’m a slow waddler!

Oh the joys of pregnancy.. hee hee..

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