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Laziness took over us this past weekend and we didn’t go to any Farmer’s Markets..

Why does it seem like I’ve been full of “fails” lately.. boo.

Actually, we had a very busy weekend outside of the whole Farmer’s Market fail..

We booked the venue for M’s 2nd birthday party.. we went to a birthday party.. went to Church.. had dinner with her grandparents..

Maybe next weekend.. maybe next weekend..

Unless someone knows of some Farmers Market in San Diego that’s on a weekday after work hours… anyone?

So the plan this weekend is to go to the Farmers Market in Little Italy tomorrow.

Now, I’ve been to farmers markets around our area in SD, and they weren’t really all that great.. they were pretty small.  We also came pretty late into the event, so there wasn’t a lot of stuff left, and it was pretty dead..

This farmers market looks like it’s going to be pretty packed.  I’ve seen pictures of this particular one and it looks massive.  There are tons of vendors.. the street is pretty much lined with them.. and there are people everywhere!

We’ll try to get there pretty early.  M usually sleeps in, but is pretty good about being transported while sleeping.  She’s so used to it during the weekdays that I think she’ll be ok. 

I’m not sure what to really expect..  I’m sure it will be a lot of me being overwhelmed, confused, and looking dumbfounded… Or not.. who knows..

Either way.. you’ll find out about our adventure on Monday..

Have a great weekend!

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend.  We were surrounded by family and it was fun.

Thanksgiving Day brought us to my inlaws house.  The entire family gets together to hang out and have some yummy food.  This was the first time M got to eat Thanksgiving food.  Last year she was too young.

The following day, instead of getting sucked into the Black Friday shopping, we decided to do something different.  We went to Balboa Park and hit up the science museum there.  It’s a great experience.  There were tons of hands on exhibits.  Little M had so much fun playing with all the things there.  We also walked around to some of the gardens, chased pigeons, spent some quality family time.  Just me, Hubby, and M.

That night my parents and brother came so we went out for dinner.

Saturday, we went out for lunch and wanted to go walking around.  The initial thought was to the mall, but we decided on something else for a change. 

I’ve lived in San Diego for just about two years now and I take for granted all the touristy things that one can do in this city that is just practically in my backyard! 

So we took the family to La Jolla Cove.  That was a very fun time.  Little M did NOT like the sand at all.  Hopefully by next summer, she’ll be over it so we can have some fun at the beach. 

Sunday we finally did some shopping.  I didn’t make the slightest dent into my Christmas List, but I still have some time..

How was your thanksgiving weeked?

Anillos de Matrimonio, Aros de Matrimonio

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Today is my last day of work.. then I’m off for the rest of the week.. and the entire next week..

I’ve been keeping busy all day at work.. trying to make the week go faster.. and slower… at the same time..

Going to work is fine.. it’s keeping me sane for the beginning of this week before I fully submerge myself into 100% wedding stuff.. so I’ve been good keeping busy with work related stuff..

But tomorrow is going to be HECTIC!!  I’ve gotta spend the morning doing laundry because I have to pack for the honeymoon.. finalizing a wedding.. AND packing for the honeymoon.. gonna put my multitasking skills to the test..

I’ve never considered myself a person that works well under pressure.. I’ve always made sure that I get things done far ahead of time to ensure that I don’t have a lot of pressure on me to finish.. but this is different.. there were a lot of things that HAD to wait til last minute.. so I’m definitely feeling the pressure..

Just four more days.. then the madness of a wedding will be over.. and the madness of a marriage begins..

That’s exicting!

When you are reading this.. I’m either in the car.. or already there.. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

It’s my bachelorette party weekend.. and I’m doing it a little differently than most..

My mom and aunts and some other family friends are going.. then my good girlfriends are also going..

Bringing older ladies to my bachelorette?

No it’s not wierd!!

I’ve never really been one for the crazy bachelorette parties where the girls go out and get all super crazy.. in my more mature years.. I’ve settled down quite a bit and would much rather enjoy a nice weekend out with some of the people I love the most in life..

That being said..

We have the day time to hang out and do some fun stuff that is pretty ageless.. I honestly don’t know what my matron of honor has planned.. but I trust it’s fun..

At night.. my girlfriends and I will have some good fun.. party it up in a lounge.. or hang out somewhere fun.. just the girls.. while my mom and her friends hit it up casino-style.. hahaha..

It’s gonna be a fun weekend.. can’t wait!

Joe lives an hour and a half away from me..

After the wedding.. the plan is for me to move down to where he’s at.. so the compromise was to have our wedding where I’m at..

If you thought having a long-distance relationship is hard.. try long-distance wedding planning!!!

Joe’s only here on the weekends.. but a lot of vendors are busy with weddings on the weekends so it makes it hard for us to schedule stuff for prep..

Take our food tasting..

Chef is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays… neither of those days are a weekend.. we have to beg for an exception because of our situation..

I’ve found myself begging for an exception a lot with these wedding vendors..

I don’t like to beg..

I’m hoping the Chef makes the exception and lets do our tasting on a Saturday..

It’s seems rather immature to get mad at the situation.. he IS cooking for actual weddings that mainly occur on Saturdays.. to do a tasting for us is at a lower priority for him.. but it is a HIGH priority for us..

Oh.. I don’t know what to do.. I wonder if Joe would mind if I did the tasting without him.. I was kinda looking forward to us doing this together..

I better start inquiring about the cake tasting now too then..

Sunday was my 29th birthday..

I’ve now officially entered the last year of my twenties..when did that happen?

I honestly have no idea when I entered my late 20s… but here I am.. in the latest 20s I can get.. next year.. I’m 30.. I shudder to think of it..

It was a great birthday weekend.. my boyfriend was totally awesome about it all.. I’m really blessed to have a caring person like him in my life.

The last year of my twenties..

It’s just crazy to believe I’m at that point in my life now.. it’s just.. weird.  I always pictured my life differently.. but.. here I am.. and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way!

I was at the beach this weekend.. I LOVE the beach..

I loved how perfect the weather was when the boyfriend and I were laying out on the sand.. the sun wasn’t blaring down.. yet there was a warmth emitting itself on to my body.. the sun never got a chance to feel “burning” because the slight ocean breeze constantly cooled things down..

The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore was so relaxing.. I could close my eyes and hear the waves.. and I felt as if I was on a raft in the ocean.. just floating along.. with no destination.. but completely relaxed..

I love going to the beach.. especially with the weather that we had that day..

That. Was. Perfection.

It’s Friday.. the long-awaited day of the week.. the day that we all long to get to.. it’s so coveted.. that even though it is Friday today.. I can’t wait until next Friday..

Friday.. sweet, Friday.. how I covet thee..

It would be better if it were a Friday that were leading to a super fun and awesome “boyfriend weekend..” but eh.. it’s Friday..

I got a busy weekend.. all day tomorrow I get to watch my best friend’s daughter while her and her hubby go to a wedding.. it’s days like that where I totally feel my biological clock go.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I just ignore it.. but.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I know that in my due time.. I’ll get everything my little clock desires.. God knows when.. so I have to be patient..

Tick.. tick.. tick.. that’s not my biological clock.. that’s my “hurry up and be done with the workday clock..” tick.. tick.. tick..

I just got back from a very fun “boyfriend weekend” in the city that he lives in.

It was a fun weekend, and whenever I spend time with him, it makes it so much harder to leave.. or to watch him leave..

It’s especially hard when you know that you may not see each other for a whole month due to both of your busy schedules..

We both knew what we were going to get into when we first met.. and we both decided to continue dating.  I’ve always figured our distance was a good thing.  The distance prevented us from really getting tired of each other too soon.  The distance really allowed our relationship a healthy slow pace.  With us both being burned by our past relationships.. it’s nice to be able to take it a little slower than what we (especially me) are usually used to.

The distance was also good because it gave us a better appreciation of each other and the relationship.  We make the most of our time together and we know not to take each other for granted.  Every weekend we get to have together is special and we know that if God allows us to be together, that we will not take our relationship for granted because we know what we had gone through in the beginning.

Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder..

As good as the distance is.. there are also the bad parts..

Missing him is hard at times.. sometimes.. all I want is a nice comforting hug from him at the end of a hard day.. and it’s just not there..”Scheduling” time to spend with him is hard when you see every other couple easily going out or hanging out.. If we want to do something or go somewhere.. we have to “make a weekend” for it.. we can’t just go when ever we please..It’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye whenever the weekends are over..

I know that if God permits.. we will take the hard experiences we’ve had over this time.. and cherish it.. if we can survive this distance.. I’m sure we can survive a lot more..

By the way.. today (April 26) is the one-year anniversary of our first date.. we went to Disneyland..

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