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We’ve officially hit less than 100 days left til the wedding..

I’m just saying.

I like my photographer.. so none of this is really about bashing her.. I was just thinking about ways that photographers could cater to bridezilla tendencies.. should they come along..

Ok.. maybe not “bridezillas..”

Maybe more like brides that really know what they want out of their shoots.. or even brides that aren’t too sure what they want.. but they do know what they DON’T want..

I understand that professional wedding photographers usually have tons of clients and are always super busy.. especially around peak wedding season.. but while a photographer has TONS of brides.. a particular bride has only ONE photographer.. and sometimes a bride wants to be treated as if they are the only job a photographer has..

That’s tough.. I know.. so as a bride.. I’d have to be more understanding..

Anyway.. I think that a photographer has to sort of understand a couple before the shoot.. I think that if they knew the couple on a slightly more personal than professional level.. the pictures will come out so much better.. for several reasons..

1. The couple will be more comfortable with the photographer so that they will be more at ease with the poses and the intimate moments that the photographer may ask them to show..

2.  The photographer would have a better idea of the direction, look, and feel that the couple would like their shoot to be..

Photographers should take the time to meet with the couple at least once.. maybe twice.. in a non-professional type setting.. maybe a lunch.. brunch.. or just a coffee shop type meeting.. where they can get to know a couple.. and then ask about certain aspects of their photos..

Maybe I’m asking too much of photographers.. they are busy people.. but a wedding usually comes once in a couple’s lives..

Just a thought..

Yesterday, Joe and I took our engagement shots..

I spent the weekend in San Diego so we could take them at Balboa Park.. I thought it was amazing.. there were so many places to take some beautiful pictures..

We had so much fun taking them, I can’t wait to see the final results.

Every time we accomplish something “wedding..” it feels weird.. not bad wierd.. just wierd.

It’s like the wedding and the marriage become more and more and more real.. it’s exciting and I’m sure every bride before me has felt the same way.. it’s like the wedding and the marriage hasn’t fully sunken into my brain yet.  I’m excited.. but I don’t know if it’s all actually hit me yet..

Time is ticking.. and soon enough.. it will all hit me like a ton of bricks.. how exciting!

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