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I know its late.. but October 30th was Hubby’s and my three-year wedding anniversary.

Three years.

While it may not seem like a long time to some, it’s still a long time to us.  Not in a bad way, just… in a “none of us have been in a marriage before this” way..

Three years.. he’s still a big deal to me.

After three years, I still look forward to having him home.  I still feel safe when he hugs me.  I still loved.  I still love.

I love the family we have created, and I look forward to what our family will turn into as time goes on.

Raise your invisible glasses for a toast:  Here’s to three years of happiness.. may God continue to bless us with many  more years to come!

Thankful November
November 6 – I’m thankful for coffee.  Yeah, you know it.

With our two year anniversary coming up one month from now, I feel like there are times I don’t give the hubs enough credit.

In the four years that we have been together, we endured a long distance relationship, long-distance wedding planning, moving in together, and then having a baby..

Four years seemed to have flown by so fast because milestones in our relationship seem to just fly on by..

It’s been nothing but constant adjusting.. from living apart.. to living together.. to living with a child.. and there are days that are definitely easier than others.

But isn’t that true in all relationships?

Now I’m not one to gush and giggle over a relationship.. but I feel the need to give credit where credit is due.

Almost two years into the marriage, we still have a lot to learn.. there is still going to be a lot of adjusting.. but there’s really no one else that I’d rather do this with..

I’ve got a lot to learn about patience, and just letting things work out on their own.. but he’s pretty much mastered that art.. and while I dont always want to keep my cool, I know that he’s there to help me do so..


One year ago today.. Hubby and I got married.

Two months later.. we moved into our own place.. and not much time after that.. we got pregnant.

Thirty-six weeks later.. we had our first child together..

I’d say that this has been the greatest year so far..

It seems like only yesterday that Hubby and I became engaged and started the 10mo long process of planning a wedding.. It seems like only yesterday that I was walking down the aisle towards him.. crying my eyes out.

Hubby:  You looked so beautiful walking down the aisle.  You know what would have made you look better.. if you weren’t BAWLING!!!!

He has a point.. but I couldn’t help it!

To look back on this first year of marriage, I have to say that it’s been fun.  It’s been one adventure after another and I’m glad I have this blog to document some of those moments.. I can’t imagine experiencing any of these moments with anyone else..

Happy anniversary, hubby!  I pray we have many more of these to come.. I can’t wait for what else future has in store for us.

If someone told me that turning 30 was going to be one of the most life-changing years of my life.. I would never have believed it..

But truth is.. turning 30 was filled with life changing events..

In the span of one year.. the following happened in my life:

1.  I got married
2.  I moved out of my parents house
3.  I became a mother

I can’t believe how fast a life can change in the span of one year..

Last year, I dreaded turning 30.  I felt old.. I felt like I wasn’t ready to be a “30 year old.”  In many ways, I know I’m not ready to admit to be in my 30’s..  I still feel like I’m 20-something..

But I would never give back all the blessings I received when I turned 30.. this past year was definitely a year to remember.. possibly the best year of my life, so far!

So.. I’m ready for my birthday this year.. I’m ready to turn 31.. because I’m excited to see what is in store for me this year!!!

Winding down today.. laptop on desk.. Tchaikovsky blaring from my iTunes (its for the baby..)

We had a busy day of house blessings, UFC fights.. and eating.. eating.. and more eating..

Today is our six month wedding anniversary.. can you believe our wedding was six months ago?  If feels like its been ages since we said our “i do’s”.. but in a good way..

Six months of marriage.. four and a half months pregnant.. I say we are off to a great start..

If God permits, we’ll have our little one here to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary.. awww…

What does one give their spouse on their six month wedding anniversary.. I know the one year is supposed to be something like paper..

My six month wedding anniversary gift is pregnancy.. for our one year anniversary gift.. it’ll be the baby!

I am set for life on this gift thing!  Sweet.. I’ll just say, “I gave you a child..”  That should suffice.. he’s not picky..

Sometimes, you just have to step back from the situation and see the big picture..

The other night.. we were playing with my tummy.. and hubby looks at me and says.. “Can you believe there’s a baby in there?!”

It’s easy to say “yes, there’s a baby in there..”

But can I really wrap my head around it?  I know that I’m pregnant, I know that my belly is growing, I know that I hear the child’s heartbeat, I know I saw the 8wk sonogram picture.. so I know there’s a baby in there..

We’re going to be parents.. and that’s what’s a little overwhelming to believe..

Sometimes, I step back.. and I can’t believe I’m actually married!

Not in a bad way, like “OMG, what did I do?!”

But in a “Wow, look at all he and I have accomplished in the past year..” way.

It’s unbelievable what we have gone through in the past year.. and what this year is bringing us.  I feel blessed beyond words.. it’s so unbelievable what a difference a year can make in a person’s life..

And yes.. I do believe that there’s a baby in there.. thank God for miracles.

Hubby:  What date is it today?
Me: April 26th, why?
Hubby:  Nothing.. just wondering..

After a few minutes, I finally realize what he was trying to tell me this morning..

Today is the 3 year anniversary of our first date. 

I think I got through this every year on this date.. so I won’t elaborate much anymore..

Let’s just say that I’m really blessed that we had that opportunity to meet.. and now to build our future together. 

Marriage.. and starting a family.. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to do this all with..

So.. I know you read this.. happy 3yrs date-iversary! 

Hey hun, why is the seat wet?!

It’s been said that news isn’t news until it’s posted on your Facebook wall..

I don’t know who said it.. but.. that’s why they call things “Facebook official” once it’s been mentioned on your wall.. it’s like.. the news doesn’t exist.. or it isn’t real until everyone on your Facebook page knows..

Well.. today I made some very special news “Facebook Official” today..

Today, I finally announced that hubby and I are expecting our first child in September 2011.  I posted the 8week ultrasound and everything..

Hubby and I have known since mid January but we kept it quiet because the first trimester of pregnancy is very sensitive.. and anything can happen.. and it did.. I was in the emergency room twice around weeks 6 and 7.. Thank God it wasn’t anything serious.. and throughout each ordeal.. the baby was snug and secure in my womb.. we didn’t want to jinx ourselves by announcing too soon and then having it all fall apart..

I honestly wanted to wait til we got into the second trimester.. when the chances of miscarriage were significantly low..

But I told for a variety of reasons..

  • I can’t keep my mouth shut.. good news like that is soooo hard to contain.. and I think that I was subconsiously dropping hints on my Facebook status updates that todays announcement really wasn’t that huge of a surprise to some people.. In face, my best friends and some family had a feeling I was pregnant before I even knew.. something about my status updates being quite suspicious.
  • My friends and family can’t keep their mouths shut.. my besties and cousins are so glad I’ve finally made it “Facebook Official” because they have been dying to talk about it freely.. they all breathed a collective sigh of relief upon seeing the news.. hee hee.. what can I say.. we all think alike..
  • I wanted to finally start blogging about it.. I’ve been wanting to document my pregnancy adventures for awhile now.. so that I had something to look back on.. or so that our child had something to read as he/she got older.. not that any child would really read their parent’s blog.. do they?
  • Lastly, I figured that the more people that know.. the more prayers and good thoughts would be sent our way.. prayer and positive thinking are very powerful.. especially when done in large groups.. I figure that only good could come out of it all..

So.. there it is.. my big news.. made “Facebook Official” and now “WordPress Official.”

Please pray for us.. this is a new adventure in our lives.. and we are all very excited..

I’m not really one who celebrates this day.. but.. this year is a special year.. cuz it’s our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.. and I’m the type of person that likes to celebrate firsts and lasts.. well.. in a way.. this is both.. but I can’t really elaborate on why just yet.. just know that it is kinda both..

Anyway.. the hubs had to work late today.. so we kind of made it a weekend thing..

Friday night we tried to go out to eat.. but I was really car sick after the drive out to the restaurant.. that it really wasn’t too fun in the end..

Saturday.. we spent all day with my besties and their families.. good eats.. good laughs.. good times..

Sunday night.. hubs cooked dinner.. some really yummy steaks.. and homemade mashed potatoes.. steamed veggies.. and sauteed mushrooms and onions..

I’m a pretty spoiled wife.. I loved every bite!

Today.. I had a cute Valentines Day dinner date with my parents.. it’s fun seeing them since I don’t see them as often since I moved out.. we ate “all-you-can-eat” Korean BBQ and my parents totally ate all they could… I couldn’t eat much since my tummy fills up really fast.. but it was very yummy and I’m glad they enjoyed themselves..

I used to be one of those completely bitter people that was very anti-Valentines day.. and in a way.. I still kind of am.. I’m just not really bitter about it.. I figure.. why waste ONE day on being super loving.. the way you treat your loved one on Valentine’s Day should be the way you treat your loved one everyday.. and that’s always been my philosophy..

In a nutshell.. I had a fun Valentine’s Weekend.. spent it with close friends and family… they way its always supposed to be!

We’re almost done with January, folks!

We JUST started 2011.. and now the first month is almost done.. where did the month go?

Hubby and I spent our first full month in our humble abode.. it gets more and more exciting as time goes by.. there are lots of little adventures we are going through in this marriage.. and its all good fun..

I really can’t wait for what the future has in store.. it’s all good..

We need to all take advantage of 2011 because it’s going to fly by sooo fast.. just like every other year that has passed us by..

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