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In my continuing search to find a workout that is right for me, I’d like to thank Groupon for opening this opportunity for me..

Groupon had this special for a Pilates studio.. 5 classes for $35.

I scheduled my first class for next Tuesday.

I had initially wanted to start going to a local Bikhram’s Yoga studio.. and in the back of my mind.. I still want to try.. the thing that scares me about that is the heat..

It’s something I still want to try, but for now, I’ll try this Pilates stuff.

I know I’m losing weight.. and inches.  I weighed myself this morning and I came in at 151 lbs.  Not bad..

The clothes I purchased at the beginning of the year are starting to get a little too big for me.. but the clothes that I had pre-prego are still too small..

The first time we went to the pool this summer, I wore my maternity bathing suit.  That’s actually gotten too big for me.. so that’s promising.

So the next time we went, the only suit I had was a two-piece that was always a little too big for me in the past.. turns out it fits perfectly now.  Can you imagine?  Me?  Wearing a two-piece again?

Ok, so my body isn’t what it was.. but to be able to wear that two piece was a little bit of an esteem boost.

With just a little more work, I can finally be comfortable in my own skin again..


I can’t believe I let almost half the month of June go by without any blog entries!

I’m slippin’..

Or.. I’m just extremely busy at work and then at home..

It’s not easy to just come home and rest after a long day of work with a 9 1/2 month old around.. she’s EVERYWHERE!  And she wants to get into EVERYTHING!

She also tends to get pretty clingy during the afternoons and evenings.. if I’m not in her line of sight she’s crying for me.. while it’s super cute and I love it.. some times I just need to go to the bathroom!

Little M keeps me busy and entertained..

She babbles.. non-stop.  She’s pretty much the dominating voice you hear in our little apartment.  Her favorite word of the week is “Ah-bam!”  Or just simply, “Bam!”

I don’t know what it means to her, but she loves saying.  Sometimes I can get a “Mam!” out of here and I swear it’s because she’s looking right at me.. her mom.  She also says “Dada” a lot.. and I think she’s starting to put names to faces.. because you can ask her where ‘dada’ is and she will look right at Hubby.  You can ask her where “Mam” is.. and she’ll look right at me.  You can ask her where the light is and she will look right at it and put her little palm up in the air toward the ceiling fan (there are lights under the ceiling fan).

We have this little book of baby animals.. she loves it because it’s one of those “touch” books with the furry patches and stuff.. we try to teach her what sounds the animals in the book make.  She can touch the animal that makes the “ooh-ooh ahh-ahh” sound.. the monkey.  And she can mimic the puppy sounds, “arf arf.”

She’s all about copying sounds you make.. pitch.. tone.. inflection.. it’s so funny hearing it all come from her..

She’s definitely a little sponge absorbing anything and everything that she comes across..

I love watching her grow and learn.. and just be so playful.

It truly makes all the hard work and tiredness worth it.


Last Monday was my last workout with my personal trainer.. yay!

I just never really enjoyed it as much as I think I should have.  It was hardwork, but that wasn’t the issue.  I just don’t enjoy that kind of working out.

Although, I have to say that I do feel a real difference in myself.  I’m able to lift heavier things, I have better stamina, and I did go down a jeans size!

I’m sure if I put more effort into it I could have easily lost almost all my baby weight, but I didn’t.  I didn’t put much effort into working out outside of my training sessions, but I did eat smaller portions of food and healthier choices, so I think that made a difference.

Weighing myself lately, I’ve been averaging about 156-154 lbs.  That’s a nice change from weighing between 160-158lbs every morning..

I lost about an inch around my waist, chest and arms..

I know I do look different from when I started, but I’m still no where near where I want to be..

I’m going to look into some yoga and/or pilates studios.. I do like yoga.. so I want to see if I can give that a try again.  I just wish the studios would have a class time that catered to my needs.. none of the studios I have found really go with my schedule..

I will still try to get on the treadmill.. for now, lets start at least once a week.. I think I can handle that..

Even though I’m not a huge running fan, I know I have been getting better.. so I need to keep that up..

All this effort to lose weight, only to get pregnant again in a few years..

Picture this.. San Diego.. June 2012..

Our little family on a little family outing.. to Costco.

Little M takings a little poopie in her car seat.  That’s fine.  No problem, when daddy parks, I will lie her down in the seat next to me and change her diaper.. just. like. always.

Except.. this time isn’t like all the times before.

I lay her down and remove her diaper.

Her hand goes down and she gets a finger or two in her poopie.. “Daddy!  I need your help!

Hubby opens the car door to help me out.. as I restrain her poopie-hand, she kicks her leg straight.. into the open poopie diaper.

Poopie all over her leg.

Restraining and wiping both hand and leg, Little M arches and twists her back.

Daddy is holding hands, Mommy is holding arms.. and we have a Little M suspended in mid-air, upside down.. back arched.. and she’s throwing a tantrum..

Picture this.. a little 9month old.. suspended in mid-air.. upside down.. crying.. cars driving by us..

We had to wait for her to calm down for a second before we could lie her back down.. it was quite an adventure..

We eventually got her all cleaned up and diapered up and everything.. but WOW!

Changing her in the car used to be so easy.. now it’s a battle..

She’s definitely changing and I’m sure there will be many more stories like this.. stay tuned.. this parenting thing is getting more and more interesting..

Toilet paper.

Ok.. so it was my fault.  I used it to wipe her little runny nose.

Little did I know that the smallest amount of saliva can tear one ply of it into Little M’s mouth.

She chewed it..

And before I could stick my finger in her mouth to fish it out.. it was gone.

Hubby’s reaction:  It’s ok.. it’s just cellulose.

Science geek.

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