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This weekend was certainly an interesting one..

My cousin and his wife when on a wedding anniversary and they left their three wonderful kids (8yo, 5yo, 3yo) with us for the weekend..

My boyfriend and I had a sudden crash-course in parenting.. wonderful..

We were daring enough to take the three kids, by ourselves, to a trip to “kid-central..” or Chuck E. Cheese’s..

It was a learning experience for the both of us.. we handled the tag-team method well.. Joe had the two boys.. I had the girl.. and we’d switch off accordingly..

Joe was EXTREMELY helpful and was great with the kiddies.. I was sooo relieved to see how well he handled the kids.. it makes me feel pretty confident about what would happen should we ever get to that “family” point in our relationship..

Having the kids was tiring… but very rewarding..

However.. I now know why God blesses us with children as babies and allows them to grow up.. rather than just giving us children as older kids..

Babies give us the opportunity to build the stamina to handle the tiring hours it takes to keep up with energetic youngsters that don’t nap so much anymore.. haha..

It’s crash-course parenting at its’ finest.. at least when it’s your own.. you have the nine months of pregnancy to get yourself mentally prepared for all that is going to change your life..

I think we passed.. I mean.. we’re both still sane.. and we’re both still discussing a future with children in it.. I think we did good!

So, I was at the Macy’s yesterday.. killing time between having dinner and going to the Cursillo Ultreya.

My mom and I were looking at the cutest dresses and tops.. and being that it was Macy’s.. there were several name brand selections to choose from.. and they were soooo cute!

Now normally.. if I wanted something.. I’d just go ahead and by it.. name brands.. and prices didn’t affect me..

If I wanted it.. I got it.. no questions asked.. I mean.. I could afford it.. I still can.. so.. price never affected me.

But now.. oh.. now..

Now.. I look at price tags.. now things seem “too expensive..”

And you know who’s fault that is?!

My boyfriend’s.. yes.. my boyfriend.

You can say he’s “el cheapo..” or you can say he just knows how to manage money..

But I’m going to call it “el cheapo..”

Now he’s got me thinking about the money I spend.. now he’s got me thinking about the prices of certain items.. and comparing to other items..

My carefree shopping days are over.. send me to the clearance rack!

You know how some people say they suddenly wake up and hit this point in their life where they realize that they are old?!

I finally hit that point.

I was sitting on the couch last night, on the computer doing my homework.. I had an ice pack on my knee and a heating pad on my back.. I look up from my computer and I suddenly think to myself.. “OMG.. I’m old!”

My body is falling apart.. my back was killing me yesterday.. and my knees cannot handle running..

I’m in my late-twenties.. when did that constitute as being “old!”  My body just ain’t what it used to be..

In other news..

My running has been going well.. my knees.. specifically my right knee.. is feeling it a little bit.  It’s like the most babied part of my body at the moment..

Before I run, I sit there with the heating pad on my knees for about 20 minutes to warm them up.. during the run.. I’m wearing a knee brace.. after the run.. the knees are iced for about 15-20 minutes.. then.. before I sleep.. they get the heating pad again for about 20-30 minutes..

It’s been working so far.. so why stop..

The running schedule has had me doing a 5min brisk walk to warm up.. then two sets of 90sec jogging, 90 sec walking, 2min joggin, 2 min walking.  That has me jog/walking for a little over a mile for 23 minutes.  Not bad for someone that took an entire HOUR to do four laps around the track in high school..

Each day gets easier as I do the repetitive schedule three times a week.. by the third time.. the schedule is a breeze.. but it only gets harder and harder.. I’m ready.. bring it!

Let’s see.. Church news..

I recently went to my old Church.. the Church that I used to sing and do many, many ministries with before I moved Churches to sing for the Filipino Choir.  I went to the 5pm Saturday Mass and they were asking for someone to lead them in the singing..


I signed up for the offer.. and though I am not obligated to go every Saturday.. I am going to try my best to go there as often as I can.. it’s the least I could do.. I love that Church.. I practically grew up there..

That’s all that’s new with me for now.. who know that I’d have anything interesting going on?!?

‘Tis the end of August and what do I find..
My loving, dear boyfriend pre-occupied..
Fantasy football.. that time of the year..
Where all of our men just disappear..

Yes.. it’s that time of the year again.. Fantasy Football..

Yesterday, the boyfriend had the first of a series of drafts for various leagues he swears he’s going to be a part of this year..

Last year was the first time I experienced being a “football widow” and a “fantasy football widow..”

It wasn’t BAD.. but it wasn’t FUN either.. every Saturday night.. he’d be on his laptop looking up stats.. reading up on players.. staying up super late doing whatever Fantasy Football players do the day before a game..

Then on Sundays.. he’s like.. attached to his cell phone.. then attached to his lap top.. and then attached to the TV..

Conversations consisted of me talking and him merely saying, “uh huh..”

It took awhile to get used to.. this is the first boyfriend I’ve ever had that was THIS invested in the football season.. but I survived the first year.. and I think I can survive this year.. and the subsequent years to come..

I just figure… that when he’s busy pre-occupying himself with Fantasy Football stuff.. that’s the perfect opportunity to just go out and shop.. he’d never know the difference!

A good friend of mine from college pointed me to this website.. it’s for all the Fantasy Sports widows out there..

Women Against Fantasy Sports

It’s like a support group for all of us widows out there.. could you imagine.. and we aren’t even married?!?!?

I saw Julie and Julia today.

It’s pretty much a movie about a blog.

A blog?!

I am inspired.  I am inspired to make a blog that will change the world.  I want to make a blog that everyone will read and invest their time and feel absolutely devastated should I miss an entry.  Ok, maybe not THAT extreme.

But I think I need direction.  I think I need some focus.

Julie Powell had her project.  Many bloggers have their “theme.”

What is MY theme?

I have lots and lots of categories.  I just blog whatever comes to mind.. is that good enough?

Should I go deeper?  Get more personal?  Tell more stories?  Give advice?


I have not a clue.

I’m no expert on anything but the life I’m living.. I’m sure I’ll be interesting to someone out there..

Thanks Julie&Julie.. for making me feel like an inadequate blogger.. in a way.. it’s a good thing.. makes me strive for better.. let’s hope it gets better..

How do you do it??

How do you have this hold on me.. to love you.. over and over and over.. like it’s the first time I heard you?!

I try to stay away from you for awhile.. then.. I pop the CD back in the car.. and it’s like.. that’s ALL I want to listen to all day.. and night.. and day..

Only thing to do is jump over the moon.. only thing to do is jump over the moon..

Your songs.. they are classic.. love songs.. fun songs.. feelings.. emotions.. ugh.. I LOVE it..

Live in my house.. I’ll be your shelter.. just pay me back.. with 1000 kisses.. be my lover.. and I’ll cover you..

I would love to play Mimi.. her songs are great.. her duets with Roger are classic.. her story so tragic.. yet.. I’m drawn like a moth to a flame

Trusting desire.. starting to learn.. walking through fire.. without a burn.. clinging a shoulder a leap begins.. stinging and colder.. asleep on pins..

It’s all the great Jonathan Larson’s fault.. such a talent.. taken away too soon..

Cuz everything is RENT!!!

Every 4th Thursday of the month, the Cursillo group holds monthly Ultreyas.  We meet and there are usually people that give Witness Talks about how their Faith has affected their lives and how the Cursillo movement has also helped during your Faith Journey..

Well.. this month.. I’m the lucky candidate that gets to give the talk..

I am terrified of public speaking..

Everyone thinks it should be easy.. I sing.. I dance.. on rare occasion I try to act..

I’m a theater person.. I’m a performer.. so how would that make me terrified of speaking in public..

Well.. because PERFORMING.. is way different than SPEAKING..

When performing.. you don’t necessarily have to concentrate on the audience.. the house is dark.. you can’t even see them!  When performing.. you’re like.. in another zone.. sometimes your another character.. sometimes you’re so into a song that you’re singing that you lose track of what’s really going on..

When speaking.. there’s this uncomfortable vulnerability that I still haven’t gotten used to.  It’s literally just me.. in front of people.. staring back at me.. listening to me speak.  It’s intimidating.. I am the most vulnerable when up in front of people.. just me.. not as a character.. not hiding behind a song.. just.. me.

I’m still going to talk.. and I’m going to try my best..

God gives me the strength.. and with that.. I can do anything..

I just hope I don’t stutter!

I’m right smack in the middle of WEEK 2 of my “Couch to 5K” marathon training.

This weeks run schedule consists of a 5min brisk warm-up walk, followed by alternating 90sec of jogging with 2mins of walking to total 20 minutes.

Monday went ok.  I wore braces on both my knees, but I don’t think I wore them in the correct position because they started to tighten up anyway.  I iced the after like I always do, but the back of my left knee started to tighten a lot, making it a little harder to straighten as the rest of the night progressed.  I decided to put a warm compress underneath my knee for a while before I went to bed.

I woke up the next day and my knees were perfectly fine again.

I missed yesterday’s run because I was out of town for the day and got home really late.  I am going to do the second run of the week today and the third run on Saturday.

So far.. so good..

I’m exhausted at the end.. but it’s working out so far.. I’ll keep you posted!

So.. we’ve all be en working here for sometime together.  I’ve been here for three years.. and you have been here longer..

But.. haven’t you noticed that within the three years I have been working here that I have sort of taken a parking spot here and made it my own.. it’s a perfect spot.. shady.. and just wonderful!

Suddenly.. you find the need to take it from me.. why?

Why do you need that spot when you know I have been parking there for the past three years?!  Seriously!

Just wait until I leave the job.. I only have a month left.. you can wait.. so just humor me and give me my spot back!

I am fully aware that your show came back on the air this past Monday, August 3rd.  However, I did not watch it, nor do I plan on watching any new episodes ever again.

What you are doing is unhealthy and is exploiting your kids, your family, your divorce.. it’s sick.

Jon, I used to be on yourside.  I was “Team Jon” all the way.  I thought Kate was a controlling, condescending individual and I pitied you on many occasions.  I was glad when you had the guts to stand up to her and just call it quits.  But now.. I think just like everyone else.. I think you’re a douche.   How many times have you seen your kids since the split.. you’ve been jetsetting around the world with your new girlfriends.. yes.. girlfriendSSSS.. it just isn’t right.

Be a man, Jon Gosselin.  You’ve got EIGHT kids.  Take responsibility.  Don’t leave it all to Kate.

It’s not that I think Kate is the better parent.  They both have major flaws.. but they need to work together for the sake of those kids.

It’s the kids I worry about..

So.. I’m not going to watch your show anymore.. sorry.  I used to love it.  I think your children are adorable and smart and entertaining, but I will not support something that could eventually lead to years and years and years of therapy.

Be parents.. take charge and do what is best for them..

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