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My parents, hubby, and I went to Babies R Us to begin the baby registry since the baby shower is about a month and a half away.. next to the Babies R Us is a Golfsmith store..

Me:  There you go, hun.  You can go to Golfsmith while I do the registry..
Hubby:  Really?!  Ok!!
Me:  Ya.. right.. haha.. you’re helping me!
Hubby:  Don’t tease me like that, woman!

Hahah.. that’s the first time he’s used “woman!” on me.. it was really funny.. I couldn’t stop laughing.  Especially cuz my dad uses that term all the time with my mom..

They always say you marry someone like your father.. it’s becoming more and more apparent everyday!

Hubby and I at the baseball game.
Me:  So, what’s going on now?
Hubby: Baseball.
Me: …

Hubby rubs his eyes on my shoulder
Me:  Hunny!  Gross.. your eye junk’s getting on my shoulder
Hubby:  It’s a gift from God..
Me:  Really?
Hubby:  Yup, like me!

Hubby and I watching the basketball game
Me:  So what’s going on now?
Hubby:  Basketball.
Me: ….

While watching the Glee season finale
Hubby:  Who’s Patti Lupone?!
Me: A broadway actress, she was in Evita and ….
Hubby:  You know who she is?
Me: Uh.. ya..
Hubby:  Aww.. my wife is theater dork..
Me:  Whatever dude, you watch Glee!

So.. I’m about halfway through my second trimester..

I’m running out of clothes.. hahah..

My belly has popped out… I look obviously pregnant now instead of just growing a little tummy pudge..

I’ve noticed that the baby has sleep and awake patterns.. and that her schedule tends to change.. at this point.. she’s awake during the day with me at work.. and she’s asleep at night with me..

I kind of liked it when she was awake after I was at work because I felt like I could “play” with her more being at home.. with her awake now.. I can’t really give her attention because I have to concentrate on my lab work.

Hubby finally got to feel his daughter move.. that was a special event.  It was on hubby’s graduation day.. so we like to say that she gave her daddy little “hi-fives” for his big day.  But.. she hasn’t really let daddy feel her again lately.. but that’s mainly because she isn’t as active at night.. so I guess we have to wait for her schedule to change again..

She and I are growing in leaps and bounds.. it’s like every week I feel bigger and bigger.. and I know she’s growing bigger and bigger.. it’s starting to take a toll on my back.. and I can feel the weight on my front too.. I just hope that the strain isn’t permanently damaging.. but all these little sacrifices are worth it knowing our little one is preparing herself for the outside world..

The family and I are now in full “baby shower prep” mode.. I figure that this is going to be the last huge crafting adventure I might have for awhile.. so I plan on going all out for this one..

Time is counting down fast.. four months left of this pregnancy.. and it feels like I only found out yesterday that I was pregnant..

It’s funny how slow I felt my first trimester went.. I couldn’t wait to get through the first trimester.. not only because of the nausea.. but because getting out of the first trimester reduces the chances of miscarriage by a lot.. so that trimester crawled by..

But this second trimester is breezing by.. so I’m enjoying it as it flys on by..

I can’t wait to meet this little girl..

We had a very busy weekend this past weekend.. and we are anticipating the following weekend to be just as busy..

Saturday was hubby’s graduation for his MBA program.  He’s officially done with school and I was such a proud wifey..

I was also a very forgetful wifey.. forgetting to bring a camera and having to depend on my camera phone instead.. thank God for thoughtful friends that brought their camera to take some great shots of hubby on stage getting sashed and recieving his diploma.. I swear.. I had everything planned out on what to take.. grr..

I hope that my forgetfulness is just the baby sucking up all my smarts and retaining it.. so that the baby will come out smart and thoughtful.. I’m willing to sacrifice my brain power for my child.. haha..

Sunday was Church.. then a baseball game.. then a movie.

It was a great little date day for hubby and I.. we need days like that.. especially with time dwindling down before our little princess comes.. I think he and I really need to make some time for each other these last four months.. not that it’s all gonna end when she’s born.. but that it will be a little harder to find some “us” time..

I’ve been trying to make note of some of the things hubby says in order to add to my “Things my husbands says” series.. but darn my memory.. I always forget!  I need to start recording him..

Yesterday we had our ultrasound..

For weeks I had been a bundle of emotions.. excitement.. anticipation.. nervousness..

I have this habit of expecting the worst in order to be pleasantly surprised when things turn out just fine.. It’s something I have done since I was young.. I don’t know why.. and it’s such a bad trait.. but I can’t help but having that mindset..

So I came into the ultrasound with nerves about something being obviously wrong with our baby.. I hope my baby doesn’t get this character flaw of mine..

But anyway.. we had the ultrasound.. and everything looked like it was there.. the baby moved about and made some of the shots a little difficult to take for the tech.. but with a little coaxing.. we got the little kiddo to cooperate..

One this is for sure.. the first shot we have of our baby was it’s little goodies.. and it looks like we are expecting a little GIRL!!

Hubby and I were both so very excited when we saw that because deep down inside we had a feeling we were having a little girl.  Call it parental intuition.. call it coincidence.. but we both had this nagging, persistent feeling that this little person we created was going to be a girl.. so we were happy to get that confirmation..

I have my follow-up appointment with my OB tomorrow.. so I’m hoping that she doesn’t see any underlying issues that we couldn’t see in the ultrasound.. I continue to pray for a happy, healthy baby..

Hey little princess, it was great seeing you yesterday.. now we really can’t wait to meet you and see what you will truly look like.. mommy and daddy, and all your friends and relatives are very excited to meet you.  Continue growing healthy and strong.. we love you very much!

I eat.  I eat way too much.

I’m hungry all the time.. and I really should be grazing a lot more than what I’m doing now..

Which is.. wait til I’m starving.. and let my eyes do the eating before my mouth does.. that leads to piling my plate with too much food.. then getting way too full by the the time I only ate half of it.. but feeling guilty for taking it all.. and just eating it all anyway..

:::breathe.. breathe:::

Did that sentence even make sense?!

Anyway.. I’m lying on my couch.. laptop in lap.. stuffed..

Hubby brought home Hawaiian BBQ because I asked him to cook dinner.. he opted to just buy dinner.. I was too tired from being really busy at work to have to deal with kitchen stuff.. so at least he did his part and provided dinner.. Gotta love the hubby..

I really need to get off the couch and clean up some stuff.. but the food.. and the growing kiddo inside me.. are weighing me down.. big time!  At five months.. I can’t imagine how weighed down I will feel at 8 or 9 months.. Eek!

It’s hard to be a grazer during the week.. being at work makes it hard to just take those small frequent feedings..

I just need to learn to stop eating with my eyes first.. such a hard habit to break..

Now.. I think I’ll get some ice cream.. mmm..

If you consider a pregnancy to be 40 weeks long.. you could say that tomorrow would be the start of my 20th week.. my “half-way” mark..

But most pregnancies are usually shorter than 40 weeks.. meaning I’ve pretty much hit my “half-way” mark..

We’re halfway there, little one!  You’re growing big and strong every day.. every week the websites say there’s always something different going on with you.  You’re growing in leaps and bounds.. and I can feel you tossing and turning inside me.. especially at night..

Daddy can’t wait til he can feel you kicking with his hand against my tummy.. so do him a favor and kick him when you start to do that.. he can’t wait to experience you the way I’ve been since you’re movements have been more prominent..

Continue growing healthy and strong.. we pray every spare moment we have that you will come out healthy.. and that your birth would not be complicated by any means.. we’re all very excited to see you.. we can’t wait to hold you.. and hug you.. and kiss you.. our very own child.

We will be seeing you in an ultrasound later on next week.. we want to know your gender.. so it would help if you showed your goodies to the ultrasound tech.. but let me warn you that will be the ONLY time we allow you to “show the goodies.”  Well.. maybe this time.. and when we get a 3D ultrasound to confirm your gender.. it doesn’t matter if you are a little princess or a little knight.. as long as you come out happy and healthy.. that’s all we care about..

Halfway there, little one.. keep on doing what you need to do in there.. mommy and daddy promise to be here for you when you come out into the world.. 20 weeks or so from now.

Oh my goodness.. I honestly don’t know where my mind has been these past few days.. I’ve been losing my mind!!  Here’s a few examples of the madness:

Several times a day, while at work I’ll get up from my lab bench to get something.. I walk to where I’m supposed to be.. and I totally forget what I got up for.  I have to walk back to my lab bench to remember.. It’s insane!

I tend to ask stupid questions:
What are the 3 D’s in 3-D?! (I knew before pregnancy that 3-d stood for the x-, y- and z- axix.. but hubby had to remind me)
Did you thaw something for dinner?!  (Several nights I have watched hubby take something out.. by the next day.. I totally forget and I have to ask that question..)

Even as I type this out now.. I’m forgetting things that I totally intended to add to the blog..

Its really frustrating at times.. and I can’t wait til my mind goes back to normal..

Mother’s Day is coming up.. this Sunday.  Is it just me or did it seem like it’s earlier than most years?!  It just seemed to pop outta nowhere..

Being pregnant with our first child.. and Mother’s Day coming so quickly.. it got me thinking.. Does this Mother’s Day actually count for me?!

In my opinion.. it’s a toss up..

I could say no because the baby isn’t born yet.. and most pregnant women are referred to as “mommy-to-be.”  I could also say no because I can’t really identify with other mothers yet.  I have no “war stories” to compare with.  I don’t know the sleepless nights.. the highs.. the lows.. and all that comes with raising a child.  I still don’t know and experienced the true meaning of “mother..”

Or have I?!

I feel like the instant I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother.  My protective maternal instincts kicked in the second that pregnancy test came out positive.  I worry day and night that the child growing in me is safe, healthy and strong.  My mind is never too far away from our baby.  My life has changed in the sense that I am fully aware of the impact my actions may have on my child’s life, in and out of the womb..

I’ve felt the beginnings of “mommy sacrifices” because of the morning sickness.. the aches and pains of pregnancy.. sacrifices I deal with knowing that it’s our child in me.. and trying my best to make him/her feel safe in her temporary home..

So.. does that make me a “mommy-to-be” or just a “mommy?”

I guess it could really go either way.. what did you think when you were pregnant on Mother’s Day?!

Hubby came home from playing golf, plops on the couch.. and the following conversation occured..

Hubby:  Hun, pull my socks off
(Why I even did what he said was a surprise to me… what I do for love..)
Me:  You have a hole in your sock!
Hubby:  Ya, how else could I put my foot in?!
Me:  No, you have a hole!!!
Hubby:  Yes, on the top!

By then I’m laughing so hard.. I think I shook the baby..

He DID have a hole on his sock.. on the heel..

I gotta love a man that can continually make me laugh..

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