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I’m watching Little Miss Perfect on WeTV.

I apparently watch A LOT of shows on WeTV.

Little kiddie pageants.  It just never ceases to amaze me what lengths mothers go to in order to create a “Little Miss Perfect.”

I guess I can’t really say anything.. not be a mother or anything..

The glitz and the glamour.. the MONEY!  But these mothers must spend so much more money than they get from their winnings..

These kids.. poor kids..

Some of them look like the genuinely enjoy it.. but others look like they are being forced and their mothers are living vicariously through them..

Are there any pageants like that here in California?

I’ve noticed that those pageants are mainly in the south or midwest.. hmmmm…

And seriously.. does he really have to sing.. really?!?!

I just finished watching the Lakers beat the Nets.

I like watching basketball, especially Lakers basketball.  I love going to the Laker games and just being with all the other Laker fans.  The energy is unbelievable.. especially when they are playing against a harder team to beat.

I like watching basketball.. but I don’t know a darn thing about it.

I mean, I know the basic rules.  Each team has to put the ball through the hoop in order to score points.

It’s the technical things I don’t know.. like fouls.. positioning.. the names of the positions and what they mean.

My cousin’s 8yr old son can rattle off basketball jargon like it’s his second language.. and I usually have no clue what he’s talking about..

My dad and brother can spot fouls before the ref even blows his whistle.. when all I see is just a big jumble of tall men tripping around for the basketball…

I need to learn some of these rules.. I need to know what they mean by fouls.. what fouls look like.. and all that mess..

Maybe if I speak enough basketball-talk it would get my boyfriend to appreciate the sport a little better.. or maybe it would just impress him more that I’m into a sport.. hahah..

Either way.. it’s win-win!

It was a scene from the Criminal Minds season premier that I saw a few nights ago..

WARNING:  Slightly spoiler-ish.. skip the paragraph ahead if you haven’t seen the episode and you are looking forward to it.

An agent’s wife and child have had their lives under a threat of danger, causing the wife and child to go into protective custody.  The agent’s wife goes to the agent that is in the hospital to talk to him.  She’s obviously feeling a wide range of emotions.  She’s scared, anger, sad.. worried.  However, the minute she brings their son into the room, she sucks it all in and musters up a smile for the little guy.

It’s her portrayal of that strength in front of her son that I found suddenly profound on my long commute to work this morning.

A mother has this profound ability to make things seem “ok” in front of their children.

The world could seem to be crumbling around them, yet, they have the ability to look and act so strong.. especially when it comes to their children.

It’s amazing.

Could I be that woman?

Could I be THAT strong in the face of adversity when my kids are involved?

Could I ever muster up that much courage and that much strength for the sake of my children?

It seems that something happens to people.. women especially.. when they become mothers.. they learn of this sudden courage.. and strength.. and this love that they have never known existed until that point..

When the Lord blesses me with the gift of children.. would that be me too?

If I were to be faced with something I feel I cannot do.. but have to do alone.. could I do it?

I guess only time will tell.. and I know that.. like always.. the Lord will provide..

I guess it’s just one of those things that has to be experienced and felt once I do have a child of my own..

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I am fully aware that your show came back on the air this past Monday, August 3rd.  However, I did not watch it, nor do I plan on watching any new episodes ever again.

What you are doing is unhealthy and is exploiting your kids, your family, your divorce.. it’s sick.

Jon, I used to be on yourside.  I was “Team Jon” all the way.  I thought Kate was a controlling, condescending individual and I pitied you on many occasions.  I was glad when you had the guts to stand up to her and just call it quits.  But now.. I think just like everyone else.. I think you’re a douche.   How many times have you seen your kids since the split.. you’ve been jetsetting around the world with your new girlfriends.. yes.. girlfriendSSSS.. it just isn’t right.

Be a man, Jon Gosselin.  You’ve got EIGHT kids.  Take responsibility.  Don’t leave it all to Kate.

It’s not that I think Kate is the better parent.  They both have major flaws.. but they need to work together for the sake of those kids.

It’s the kids I worry about..

So.. I’m not going to watch your show anymore.. sorry.  I used to love it.  I think your children are adorable and smart and entertaining, but I will not support something that could eventually lead to years and years and years of therapy.

Be parents.. take charge and do what is best for them..

Seriously?  Seriously?!

Yesterday, you’re “big thing” was that you had “secret Michael Jackson home movies..” and were showing “preview” clips of him doing the Thriller dance with Webster.. showing off a llama.. and hanging out with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs..

Then.. you go to your “feature story” and you didn’t show us anything we hadn’t seen through out those preview clips that you were showing throughout the entire show..

Why do you tease like that? 

That’s not cool at all..

And then you start teasing us about tomorrow’s episode about Michael’s appearance with the Reagans during the “drug-free” campaign that President Reagan was so adamant about.. and all these wild, outrageous stories about Joe Jackson’s love child, and Michael’s gay past.. yadda yadda..


He’s DEAD!!

What does it matter anymore?  Really?  Are all these stories going to just make him so mad that he has to come back to life to defend himself?!

What are you trying to achieve by featuring all these stories about a dead guy?

Have you no respect for dead people? 

Seriously.. leave him alone already.. there are many people still mourning the loss.. and you still inundate us with all these outrageous stories.. think of the family.. think of the children involved..

Think.. just think!

I saw the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday on television.

I cried so much.

It was a beautiful celebration of his life.. his works.. his talent.. his fame.. just him.

The performances were heartfelt… their eulogies and memories were heartbreaking..

I totally felt all their pain from this whole situation..

His brave young daughter said her most heartfelt feelings about her father.. it made me cry like a baby..

His family.. brothers.. sisters.. parents.. children.. sat in the front row.. none came as “The Jacksons”.. they all came.. as.. “The Jacksons” a family mourning the loss of their beloved family member.. I thought it was totally put together nicely… solemly.. and respectfully..

Everything the King of Pop deserves..

Yesterday, Michael Jackson died.  

He was 50 years old, and had three young children.

He was an icon of the 80’s.  I mentioned to my friends that he owned the 80’s.. but my friends were correct in stating that he WAS the 80s..

I have tapes of me, at 3 years old, singing songs like “Beat it” and “Billie Jean.”

I learned how to moon walk.. which I tried to do last night.. and well.. my knees aren’t what they used to be.. so.. it was more like a “moon limp.”

I learned to appreciate his talent at a young age.. sang all his songs.. felt passionate about the social issues he was passionate about..

It is an honor to grow up in the “era of Michael Jackson.”

His recent past doesn’t reflect the amount of talent he possessed.  Nor did it reflect the impact he had on music and dance today. 

Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown, and all the other young men with the cool dance moves wouldn’t be where they are today if they had not tried to emulate Michael Jackson at some point in their lives..

Many have tried.. and all have failed.. to reach the amount of success he has..

He will be missed.. his music.. and his legacy will live on..

And hopefully.. people can look past the controversy.. and see him for the talent he truly was..

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