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There’s no better feeling than the feeling of a toddler snuggled up in your arms, fast asleep.

Your feelings of love combined with their feelings of security make for a perfect combination.

It’s all loving and good until….

You have to get up and get ready for work!

Ugh.  It just kills me to have to move her from the security of my arms so I can get up into the cold bathroom..

Plus, who wants to leave their nice warm bed? 

Definitely not me!

Well, it was bound to happen again.

M has another cold.

She was just getting over the one she had about two weeks ago.. but we came home to a super stuffed up little girl that can’t say her “m’s” and “n’s.”

She was so stuffed up that when she called me, it came out as “bibi” not “mimi.”

And when she tried to count, it came out as “wahd” instead of “one.”

The poor girl.

I was totally expecting another sleepless night… but thank God, it wasn’t.

I gave M fever reducer before bed.  She had a slightly low grade fever, but I knew if I didn’t give her anything, that it could escalate into a full blown fever. 

I also slathered her chest with Vicks to help the vapors get to her nose and help open them up. 

And as any loving Filipino mother would do, I also put Vicks on her feet.  Don’t ask.  We just do.

Lastly, we turned on our humidifier.. we found that the warm air ones work better for M than the cool air.  I know that the cool air ones are much safer, especially with a hurricane of a toddler.  We tried the cool air one when she was younger, and it just never seemed to help her out much.  The warm air seemed to help clear her out every night we use it and it really helps give her a good nights sleep.

I’m hoping this cold won’t lead to an ear infection.  We dodged that bullet two weeks ago.. I’m hoping that we can avoid it again.


I’ll admit, my language can be colorful at times..

However, since M was born, I’ve been pretty good at controlling what I say around her, or how I say it..

I’ve replaced certain explicatives with, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh geez!” or “Oh no!”

And she’s picked those up already.  She loves to say, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh no!” and put her hands over her eyes like she’s exasperated.. it’s quite cute!

One thing I was saying for awhile was, “Oh shoot!” which replaced “Oh sh!t” a while back.  However, it can revert to “Oh sh!t” when I catch myself off guard..

M hasn’t been saying “oh sh!t,” thank God!  But she has picked up “Oh shoot!”

I know it’s innocent, but I’d rather not hear a seventeen month old blurt out “Oh shoot!” Something about that doesn’t scream “Parent of the year award!” to me…

Any way, last night, I think she heard me say it when I accidentally spilled milk in the kitchen.  That’s a whole new story for another blog entry.. hahah!

She was saying it all night while we were in bed.

Before she went to sleep she wanted milk, so I was setting up to give her some.  Before the bottle got to her mouth, I fumbled it and it fell out of my hands..

“Oh shoot!” the toddler says!

I really have to make sure that I watch what I say…

I gotta admit, it was really cute…

I remember growing up and having a really active imagination..

I used to imagine that everything had a little life and mind of its own. 

For example, a bag of toys.  Almost like the movie, Toy Story, I used to think that these toys had a mind of their own and that they would talk to each other.  I’d imagine what they were thinking all stuffed in a bag.  I’d come up with these whole conversations in my head..

What brought this up?

Well, I was at work the other day.  I was bringing back a bag of samples to the packaging area.  It was in a clear bag, so I could see all the vials in there.  One vial was in it’s own bag because it was pulled aside for a retention sample.   For some odd reason, I reverted back to my childhood and totally imagined what that other vial was thinking being separated from the group..

Don’t ask me why.. maybe having a child has re-activated my imagination.. or I’m just succumbing to the stresses of the daily workday.. who knows.. let’s just assume the first reason.. it’s more pleasant.

My imagination was so active that it would scare me in middle of the night..

One very well-known story in my family is that of the scary luggage..

My childhood bedroom has some storage space way above my closet.. it was there that my parents had put some old luggage.  This was OLD luggage.. it was leather with buckles..

I used to have a nightlight in my bedroom when I was a child.  The light from the nightlight hit that luggage in a certain way that make my imagination go wild!  It looked like a monster.. the buckles and zippers and stuff looked like an evil face! 

It gave me anxiety every night before bed, but I never said anything to my parents…

But once I let my anxieties be known (it took a drawing for my mom to find out..), all my parents had to do was to flip the luggage around.. and the monster was gone!

I wonder where M’s imagination will take her…

With M running around, talking up a storm, coloring books (and walls), eating by herself, taking off her own socks (she does this with pride!)… it’s easy to forget that she’s only seventeen months old..

She’s actually still a baby.. of sorts..

Ok.. so technically she’s a toddler.. but she’s ONE!  That’s still a baby in my book.

The only time she reminds me that she’s still a baby is during bedtime..

It’s only then that she slows down for the day.. and she cuddles me so tightly.. Then she falls asleep and she’s so peaceful..

I look at her and marvel at how much she’s grown.. and at the same time realize that she’s still so small.. I realize that she’s small in the grand scheme of things.. she’s got tiny hands, feet, legs, arms, face.. she’s got so much more growing to do..

Yes.. she’s still a baby..

She’ll always be my baby.

I’m starting a new category on this blog.. “You know you’re a parent..”  These will be short and sweet blog entries that will pop up every so often..  I encourage all of you to comment you’re thoughts of when you knew you were a parent every time these posts come up!  I’d love to hear your stories!

You know you’re a parent when..

You’re sitting in the car belting out the songs from the Sofia The First soundtrack like you’re auditioning for American Idol..

And you’re daughter is asleep in the backseat..

Or better yet.. you’re driving to work and she’s not even in the car!

In 2011, three babies were born in the family.

My cousin had a daughter, lets call her A, in February, I had my daughter in September, and my other cousin had her son, J,  in October..

It’s not often that we find ourselves in the same place at the same time, so when we do, we definitely take advantage of the situation.

The other night, after work, I took M to my aunts house so we could all get together and have the kids play.. 

It started at dinner in a local Pho restaurant.  M and J sat next to each other on their high chairs.. it was so funny.

M must have thought that J was so much younger than her because she just kept saying, “hi, baby” to him.  Mind you, he is only 6 weeks younger than her.  A is a good 7-8 months older than M & J.  Oh geez, too many letters!

It’s so funny seeing the three of them “play” together.  They aren’t really at the age where they will play together.  The occasionally exchange baby babble, but they don’t play togther like older kids do.  I think what they do is called “parallel play.”  It’s where they are in the same area, playing with different things, but are together.. something like that.  Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia (click the link to view the full page):

Parallel play is a form of play where children play adjacent to each other, but do not try to influence one another’s behaviour. Children usually play alone during parallel play but are interested in what other children are doing. This usually occurs after the first birthday. [1] It usually involves two or more children in the same room that are interested in the same toy, each seeing the toy as their own. The children do not play together, but alongside each other simply because they are in the same room.

It’s fun watching these three little babies grow..

But don’t try to get all three of them to sit still to take a picture!  I don’t think we’ve ever succeeded..

This past weekend, M caught a cold..

It was a mild cold, thank God.  It didn’t end up in an ear infection, thank God!

She was full of snot, which was only remedied by using a vaporizer in our bedroom at night. 

Well, being the loveable, huggable, kissable little girl she is… she kissed me, on the lips, with her runny little nose.

That was definitely not a good sign of things to come..

I’ve been feeling so under the weather for a few days now.. I’m not as stuffed up as she was, but I definitely have a little itch in my throat that makes me cough pretty frequently.. I’m tired, and just feel blah all around..

Kids and their super germs..


Toddlers and crayons…

M has discover the art of coloring.. I had given her some crayons from Crayola that were meant for little ones.  They were crayons encapsuled in some sort of animal holder.  It was meant for little hands that can’t grasp thin crayons just yet.

She seemed to outgrow those pretty quickly.  I knew when I saw her figure out how to remove the crayon from the holder and proceed to color with the crayon alone..

Anyway, we are at my parents house this week and we bought her a huge Dora the Explorer coloring book from Costco, or Cah-co, according to M.

I found some Crayola crayons in an old drawer at my parents house.  I think we had those when we were younger, and I’m surprised they’ve held this long.. but I’m glad we have them!

M LOVES it.  She’s coloring some of my brothers old canvases and discarded art projects.. like you see here..


Yes, that’s my little girl. Yes, those are stickers on her face.

But she’s also starting to venture beyond the pages and art supplies..

So far, she’s colored (or attempted to color) the following:

  • Bottom of the TV
  • A door
  • The coffee table
  • The treadmill
  • A wall behind the TV
  • The floor
  • The couch
  • A kitchen appliance stored away in the closet
  • The cat

She walks around with the crayon like that guy from Psycho held his knife.. all I can think of is that “eee, eee, eee” sound as she walks around looking for her next crayon victim.

I know she’s just exploring, experimenting and discovering.. I just hope that my parents house survives this whole new world of color..


M has this facination with eggs.

Whenever we ask her what to eat, she’ll say “egg.”

In the future, when she askes me what her first sentence was, I’ll say:

“Go, ah eet egg.”
Go, I eat egg.

Yup, at seventeen months, her first documented four word sentence that was understandable and made perfect sense was, “Go, I eat egg.”

Of course, I made her eggs that morning, but the little booger didn’t eat it!

In fact, whenever she asks for eggs and I make them, she will only eat a few bites and the proceed to spit the rest out.

Yet, she continues to ask for eggs.

Oh, the joys of toddlerhood..

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