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Fridays are M’s sharing day at the preschool.  Each week, they share an item that corresponds to the letter of the week.

When the letter M became the letter of the week, my M was so excited.  She was going to share herself!

I was volunteering that week, so I was very excited to see what she was going to say about herself.

It went something like this…

M: I’m sharing myself because my name starts with the letter M.  I like Pokemon and I like to sing Taylor Swift songs.

Teacher:  What is your favorite Taylor Swift song to sing?

M begins to sing a verse from Taylor Swift’s “Clean.”

Teacher:  Does anyone want to ask M a question about her sharing?

Other kid:  Where did you come from?

M:  My mommy’s tummy.

At the end of class, her teacher came up to me telling me how happy she was that M was so confident enough to sing in front of everyone in the class.  She was so delighted at her confidence and her performance.

I’m hoping that as she gets older, she will not lose her confidence and ease with public speaking.  I know that I’ve always had a hard time being in front of a crowd just talking.  While I love performing, I am terrified of public speaking.  I hope that she will never develop that fear speaking in public.

That day was definitely a ‘proud mommy’ moment!

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I broke the Ikea stool months ago.  I stepped on it and it cracked.  We did not throw it away, but continued using it until recently.  M never lets me forget that I broke that stool.  This conversation happened on July 6, 2015.

M:  You keep breaking my stool.
Me:  Me?  How do you know?
M:  Well, I’M not breaking it.  You step and show the crack!

Thank you, my dear M, for reminding me how much heavier I am since K was born. 

Gotta love the mind of a three year old..

Sometimes, we like to ask M if she would like me to go back to work..

M:  No.  Mommy stays home.  Daddy goes to work.

(Points to me): Home!
(Points to Hubby): Work!

(Points to self): TARGET!

At least she knows where the fun shopping is!

Having a three year old is definitely an endless source of entertainment… thank God for my planner (click here), I can record all the fun memories and things M says that make me laugh.  Sometimes I can’t believe that M’s vocabulary is THAT complex and that she can say the things she actually says.  Sometimes, I wonder where she gets it… Every time, I’m amused.

“You don’t have to feed me, I’ll feed myself.  I’m not a baby anymore.”

Ok, so this time, what she said didn’t make me laugh.  It actually made me cry.  Tears of joy, tears of sadness, just tears.

Tears of joy because it made me realize how much she’s grown up.  Tears of sadness because it made me realize how much she’s grown up.

I’m actually very proud of her.  She’s learning independence.  I just feel like I blinked and she turned into a kid….


Gotta love three year olds.

They really tell it like they see it.

Read story below:

My phone was on the couch one afternoon when Hubby came home from work.  M saw my phone the couch and grabbed it.  She sat on the couch, turned my phone on, and started up my Youtube app.

She looked up at Hubby and said, “I’m Mama, I sit on the couch on my phone and watch Youtube!”

Hubby looked at me and said, “That sounds about right…”

We couldn’t help but laugh.

Yes, it does seem like I’m on the couch for most of the day.  Yes it does seem like I’m on my phone for a lot of the day.  But what she doesn’t seem to remember is that I’m either feeding K, rocking K, or holding a sleeping K.

I have to admit that I got on the defensive a bit.  I started enumerating the many times I pick up after her and how I’m pretty much at her beck and call when it comes to anything she needs to eat or drink from the kitchen.

I’m sure it was funny to see myself defending my daily actions to a three year old.

I guess it’s a lesson learned… kids really see everything…

I’m having laptop issues at the moment so I’m writing using my mobile app. Please excuse any and all typos I may overlook…

M recently learned how to whisper in my ear.

It really is super cute. It’s like we have a secret between the two of us all the time.

We mainly whisper to each other about eating brownies…

Gotta love these moments with my girl!

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When we got pregnant again, I immediately signed up for those Babycenter email alerts to keep me informed the baby on a weekly basis.

Each week, they would compare the size of the baby with something relatable, usually food.

Every week, I would tell M what size the baby in my tummy would be.  Every week, she decided that would be the name of the baby.

“Blueberry, lentil bean” is where the naming stopped.  She didn’t like “kidney bean” and she isn’t interested in “grape.”

If you ask her what the name of the baby is, she will tell you, “Blueberry, lentil bean.”

So now, every time we refer to the baby, that’s what we call him/her. 

I wonder if it will stick after the birth?

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Yesterday, M and I were in the bathroom, making faces at each other in the mirror.

I turn to the side to observe my changing profile and notice that I am now sporting a small baby bump.

Me: M, look.  My tummy is getting big!  There’s a baby inside.
M:  Me too.  Malia tummy getting big!  A baby in there like Mimi!

She poofed out her tummy and rubbed it like I was doing. 

Super cute.

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Frozen has been on DVD for about two weeks or so.

Since it’s been in our possession, I’ve watched it at least once a day.  There was that one fateful day that we didn’t go anywhere or do anything, so we watched it three times… in a row!

It’s fun.  It’s fun watching M get so into a movie.  She sings every song, she acts out almost every scene, she knows almost all the dialogue. 

It’s more fun to watch M during the movie now, than it is to watch the actual movie.

We have the CD soundtrack that gets played in the car almost all the time.

Before bed, M has to re-enact the beginning scene in which Anna is trying to wake up Elsa.  I’m Elsa, she’s Anna. 

It’s very cute to finally have someone to run movie quotes with…

Is your kid just totally into Frozen? 

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… you’re daughter asks for coffee with her dinner…

True story.

No.  She didn’t get any.

The end.

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