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In some random conversation, Hubby and I were talking about what age we met each other.

He had just turned 30.  I was 27. 

The conversation then progressed into the following…

Me:  And it was all downhill from there.
Hubby: Yup!
Me:  How sad, you could at least say something nicer..
Hubby:  Yes dear.  It was all UPHILL from there.  Me: ….

Somehow, that didn’t seem like a nicer response….

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After watching a commercial about that featured speed dating.

Me:  I never tried speed dating..
Hubby: Me neither.  We should do it.
Me:  Huh?!
Hubby:  Ya, we should do it and see who will get more numbers at the end of the night.
Me:  Ok.

Gotta love our competitive spirit…

This past weekend, we finally saw the movie, “Ted.”  Without any spoilers, there was a moment where the movie actually made me cry.  Then again, we’re talking about a girl that can pretty much find a moment to cry in ANY movie.

Anyway, hubby looks at me and finds me crying and says…

“It’s just a bear.”

All the more reason to cry, right?!

The city we live in was part of the huge power outage that affected Southern California, Mexico and Arizona.. it was a little nerve wrecking dealing with it and having a newborn, but I think we survived it fairly well..

Me:  That power outage drove me nuts.. it was bored out of my mind!!
Hubby:  That power outage was easy.. I could do it again..
Me:  That’s cuz you slept through 90% of it!
Hubby:  SO!?

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just adjusting to the sleep deprivation.. not because he’s a sleepyhead..

Me:  Oh look at this.. isn’t it cute?!
Hubby: Yes.. it’s cute..  (puts it away)
Me:  Oooh.. look at this.. awwww
Hubby:  Yes.. ok. (puts it away)
Me:  Awww..
Hubby:  You’re one of those that has to look at everything over and over before you put it away, huh?!
Me:  Yup!
Hubby:  Great.

I’m a girl!  That’s what we do?!  Especially if it’s cute baby girl stuff.. deal with it, dear!

Me:  Are we really not going to do the 3d ultrasound?!
Hubby:  They are SCARY!!!  They look like blob babies..
Me:  So?  We’ll see her features and who she looks like..
Hubby:  SCARY features..

Me:  Are you sure?!
Hubby:  When do you plan on doing this, if we were going to do it..
Me:  Between now and 35-37ish weeks..
Hubby: …

Hubby:  You can’t wait a few more weeks to see her IN PERSON?!  In REAL 3d?!?!
Me:  But it’s cool!!
Hubby:  If you do it at 35-37 weeks, you can’t wait another 3-5 weeks to just see her in person?!  You want to spend money on looking at her INSIDE when she will be OUTSIDE in less than a month?! 
Me: ….
Hubby:  Then we can look at her EVERYDAY.. we’ll see her ALL THE TIME.. FOREVER..
Me: ….
Hubby:  And she won’t be scary cuz she’ll be a little person.. RIGHT THERE.. no need for an ultrasound.. she’ll be here!!!

He’s right.  I hate it when he’s right.

Hubby and I are out and about.. he lets me walk in front of him for a little bit.. as if to give me a “head start” to our destination..

Hubby: (To the tune of that Christmas song, “Here we come a-caroling.”) Here we come a-waddling…
Me:  Thanks, hun.
Hubby:  You’re welcome!

He makes my life interesting..

Hubby and I had an interesting morning.. I honestly think I’m losing my mind..

Me:  Hun, have you seen my contacts?
Hubby:  It’s there on the bathroom counter.
Me:  No.. it’s not. 

Hubby gets up out of bed to help me look.

Hubby:  What does it look like?
Me:  White case, kind of curved.
Hubby:  This one?

Holds up the contacts case.

Me:  No.. it’s curvy..
Hubby:  That’s all that’s there.. these are mine.. and this case is white and curved.
Me:  No.. that’s not what it looks like..
Hubby: …

I look at it closer.. mind you.. I have my glasses on so my vision isn’t impaired..

Hubby:  Open it.
Me:  OH!  That IS it! 

Hubby runs back into the bed.. exasperated with me.

Why I didn’t recognize it in the first place?!  I have no clue what my mind was thinking..

I’m learning that being very pregnant in the summer means that I’m hot all the time.. last night was no exception..

Me:  Hunny, it’s hot.  Your body heat is only useful in the winter.
Hubby:  You want me to sleep in the living room?
Me:  No!
Hubby:  Fine.. I’ll get the fan in here..

Hubby gets the electric fan and sets it up in our bedroom.. cool air begins to circulate

Me:  Ahhh.. now I need blanket.
Hubby:  What?!  You just said you were hot!
Me:  Yes.. now there’s cold air.. so I need blanket..
Hubby:  You’re weird.
Me:  I need to sleep with a blanket.. but it’s too hot.. so now that there’s cool air.. I can sleep with the blanket now..
Hubby:  You’re wierd.
Me:  You married me.


At night, we like to think that our baby girl’s kicks are her little way of saying “good night” while in tummy..

Last night.. she gave me her “good night” kick.. this is what happened when “daddy” wanted his..

Me:  Alright, sweetie.. give daddy kicks “good night..”
(Hubby places hand on belly.. nothing.)
Me:  C’mon.. kick daddy “nite-nite”
Hubby:  It’s ok.. that just means she loves me more..
Me:  Why?  She gave ME kicks “good night.”
Hubby:  She just doesn’t want to kick daddy.  Kicking is bad.
Me:  Whatever makes you feel better, dear.

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