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In some random conversation, Hubby and I were talking about what age we met each other.

He had just turned 30.  I was 27. 

The conversation then progressed into the following…

Me:  And it was all downhill from there.
Hubby: Yup!
Me:  How sad, you could at least say something nicer..
Hubby:  Yes dear.  It was all UPHILL from there.  Me: ….

Somehow, that didn’t seem like a nicer response….

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After watching a commercial about that featured speed dating.

Me:  I never tried speed dating..
Hubby: Me neither.  We should do it.
Me:  Huh?!
Hubby:  Ya, we should do it and see who will get more numbers at the end of the night.
Me:  Ok.

Gotta love our competitive spirit…

This past weekend, we finally saw the movie, “Ted.”  Without any spoilers, there was a moment where the movie actually made me cry.  Then again, we’re talking about a girl that can pretty much find a moment to cry in ANY movie.

Anyway, hubby looks at me and finds me crying and says…

“It’s just a bear.”

All the more reason to cry, right?!

The city we live in was part of the huge power outage that affected Southern California, Mexico and Arizona.. it was a little nerve wrecking dealing with it and having a newborn, but I think we survived it fairly well..

Me:  That power outage drove me nuts.. it was bored out of my mind!!
Hubby:  That power outage was easy.. I could do it again..
Me:  That’s cuz you slept through 90% of it!
Hubby:  SO!?

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just adjusting to the sleep deprivation.. not because he’s a sleepyhead..

Me:  Oh look at this.. isn’t it cute?!
Hubby: Yes.. it’s cute..  (puts it away)
Me:  Oooh.. look at this.. awwww
Hubby:  Yes.. ok. (puts it away)
Me:  Awww..
Hubby:  You’re one of those that has to look at everything over and over before you put it away, huh?!
Me:  Yup!
Hubby:  Great.

I’m a girl!  That’s what we do?!  Especially if it’s cute baby girl stuff.. deal with it, dear!

Me:  Are we really not going to do the 3d ultrasound?!
Hubby:  They are SCARY!!!  They look like blob babies..
Me:  So?  We’ll see her features and who she looks like..
Hubby:  SCARY features..

Me:  Are you sure?!
Hubby:  When do you plan on doing this, if we were going to do it..
Me:  Between now and 35-37ish weeks..
Hubby: …

Hubby:  You can’t wait a few more weeks to see her IN PERSON?!  In REAL 3d?!?!
Me:  But it’s cool!!
Hubby:  If you do it at 35-37 weeks, you can’t wait another 3-5 weeks to just see her in person?!  You want to spend money on looking at her INSIDE when she will be OUTSIDE in less than a month?! 
Me: ….
Hubby:  Then we can look at her EVERYDAY.. we’ll see her ALL THE TIME.. FOREVER..
Me: ….
Hubby:  And she won’t be scary cuz she’ll be a little person.. RIGHT THERE.. no need for an ultrasound.. she’ll be here!!!

He’s right.  I hate it when he’s right.

Hubby and I are out and about.. he lets me walk in front of him for a little bit.. as if to give me a “head start” to our destination..

Hubby: (To the tune of that Christmas song, “Here we come a-caroling.”) Here we come a-waddling…
Me:  Thanks, hun.
Hubby:  You’re welcome!

He makes my life interesting..

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