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No.. not Little M. 


Little M has discovered teeth.  My teeth.

She loves sticking her thumb into my own mouth to feel my teeth.. usually she puts her thumb into my mouth right after it’s been in her mouth.

Silly girl.

She’s sharing.

Venti Latte with Classic Syrup.

Every morning.

5 days a week.

Can you believe I spend about $5 a day on a cup of coffee every morning?

And it’s Starbucks!  I’m actually a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf girl.

Ok, so I have their gold card.. and after 15 drinks I get a postcard for a free drink.. but that means I have to spend $75 before I save $5!

I’m spending $25 a week on coffee.. that’s roughly $100 a month on a cup of coffee..

That’s $1200 a year on coffee!

Holy smokes!

Ok, something’s gotta change.. but I needs my caffiene. 

I’m already saving a lot of money by bringing in my lunch than eating out all the time.. so.. why not be frugal about my coffee?

My workplace provides coffee in the breakroom.. so I might as well start using that..

It’s not great coffee.. but it’s free.  And I really only need it for the caffiene.  And I don’t have to wait in long drive-thru lines..

I started this on Monday.  So far, that means I’ve saved myself $15. 

Maybe I’ll treat myself to Starbucks once a week.. or once every two weeks.

We’ll see how this goes.

I started introducing Little M to non-baby food stuff sometime last month or so..

Now.. she’s starting to lose interest in fully pureed baby foods and desires foods with more texture and stuff she can “chew” on.

Granted, Little M has no teeth, so I can’t really give her a lot of dry and hard type foods… but she loves white bread (it just melts in her mouth) and those little Gerber puff snacks..

She chews like an old man.. hahahahah!

I also have been cooking food for her.. it’s mainly been soupy foods.. but she seems to just LOVE them..

I just refrain from using fish sauce (patis) when making my dishes for her.. and being Filipino, I love my patis.. but I don’t think she’s ready for that quite yet..

Most of these foods start with chopped onion, garlic, and a good amount of water. 

Then I add a chicken thigh, or a few pieces of stewing beef. 

I also add a pinch of salt to taste.  The salt is totally optional as I know lots of parents don’t really like adding salt of a baby’s food.  But I think salt is ok.. it’s just a pinch to taste anyway.. and our bodies need a little Na+ and Cl-.. in moderation.

After those main ingredients, you can pretty much put whatever you can boil into it..

The other day, I did chicken, chayote squash and miswua noodles..  you can find chayote squash at any grocery store, and I usually find miswua noodles at asian stores.

I pretty much boil chicken until the chicken flavor infuses itself into the broth, then I add the squash and noodles and boil it til the squash is totally mashable..

I’m not one for measurements.. I’m a terrible recipe giver.. I just go with what looks right.. maybe I’ll take a picture next time..

When serving it to Little M, I cut the chicken into superfine pieces.. it’s almost like mashing it with a knife or fork.. it’s small enough for her toothless mouth, but not totally pureed.. I also mash the chayote.  The miswua noodles become soft enough that mashing isn’t required, but if i do make sure that they are in short pieces instead of long noodles..

She LOVES it. 

I’ll try to write more postings about some of the foods I make for Little M.. and if anyone has any recipes for me, please feel free to share!


I bought new jeans.. ahhhh!

Everyone had been saying that my jeans have been looking pretty bad on my lately.. they’ve been baggy and saggy.. just not attractive..

And they have been saying that in the most complimentary way possible..

So mommy took me out for a little Mother’s Day shopping because she said she hated that I was looking so dowdy with the yucky pants..

Ladies and gentlemen.. I’m down a pants size! Yay!

Before going back to work, I bought a jeans at a size 12.. eek! 

This weekend.. I bought a pair of size 10 jeans..

Ok.. so I went down ONE pant size.. but hey!  That’s an accomplishment.. I know I haven’t been losing the weight as fast as my trainer would like me to.. but at lease I’m losing it.. and it shows!  And.. if you think about it.. I used to be roughly a size 6 or 8..  depending on the brand.. at my skinniest I was a size 2 or 4.. but I was waaay too skinny, not eating, at full of stress.. not good.  So I want to bring myself to a comfortable 6 or 8 again.. and if I’m a size 10.. I really don’t have THAT much to go down.. just another size or two.. soo.. yay me!

My time with my trainer is almost up.. and I’m thinking of joining a pilates studio since the yoga studios around my area don’t really have the schedule of classes that fit my needs at the moment..

So there’s my latest weight loss update. 

Give me a moment to bask in the glory of my size 10 jeans..

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my first Mother’s Day.

We didnt’ do anything super special.  We went out to lunch with my mother, and then we all had dinner with Hubby’s mother. 

On Saturday, my mom took me out for pedicures and shopping. 

Little M is too little to really do anything special for me, but she did shower me with her sloppy little kisses all day.  I didn’t even need to ask for them most of the time.. it’s like she knew it was my day and that was her little way to show me how much she loves me. 

She’s got those little kisses down to an art.. she opens her mouth wide.. puts it on my cheek.. sucks in a little and pulls her face back.. pop!  She looks at me with her gummy grin and goes in for the cheek again.

By the time she’s done, my cheek is soaked with baby love in the form of saliva.. its the cutest (yet kinda gross) thing in the world.. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I really think that’s part of what being a mother is all about.. those things that you used to find gross become the things you seem to cherish the most..

I can’t believe how different my outlook on life and bodily functions has changed since I became a mother.  I’ve touched poo, been pee’d on, dug for boogers, caught spit up, been a thrown up on.. etc.. etc.. etc..

But I’ve also been kissed, hugged, hugged with a little pat on my back with her tiny little hands, smiled at, coo’d at, called “mama”, been crawled to, sought comfort from, laughed with, smiled at, slept on, cuddled on, snuggled on, depended on, and looked at with eyes of unconditional love and adoration..

You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Everyone knows that we co-sleep with Little M.

I love it, she loves it.. it’s the greatest feeling in the world to wake up with your little one snuggled up against you..

Anyway.. Little M has a new habit during the night..well.. several new habits..

First.. she’s seriously ALL OVER THE PLACE while she sleeps.. I wake up in the middle of the night to find a foot in my face.. she moves around that much..

Second.. she seems to check on me during the night.. it’s the wierdest thing..

She tosses and turns.. which wakes me up to look at her.. then.. she rolls onto her stomach, wakes up.. looks at me.. turns and snuggles into my arms and then falls asleep.

She’s done this for the past three or so nights.. it’s the cutest thing..

It’s almost like she’s making sure that I’m still there with her during the dark night.. and I love how every time she falls back asleep she always makes sure she’s nestled up next to me..

The first few times she woke up I was afraid she was going to stay awake.. but no.. she was just checking up on mommy..

It’s so cute that it’s worth those few minutes of sleep I lose to make sure she’s ok during the night..

So, I’ve been back at work for about five months or so now..

And I have to tell you that leaving my nice warm bed with my comfy, cozy Little M snuggled up next to me does NOT get easier with time..

In fact, I think it’s getting harder and harder..

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a sense of someone leaning on my shoulder.  I open my eyes and there’s Little M’s wide awake face staring intently at my sleepy face.

She had the biggest smile when she saw me wake up.. like she was waiting to see how long it took for me to realize she was watching me..

It’s those moments on the weekend that I look forward to the most.  The older she gets, the more aware she is, and that makes her so much more fun to wake up with.

I think that’s also what makes it so much harder for me to leave her every morning during the week..

It makes me sad that we don’t get those little “waking up” moments everyday.. and to think that she has to wake up without me in the morning is heartbreaking.  I’m sure for her she doesn’t quite understand.. she just wakes up.. sometimes mommy is there and sometimes she isn’t.. and that’s the consolation I get.. it doesn’t affect her as much as it affects me..

I know that it’s supposed to make my weekends even more special.. and yadda yadda blah blah blah.. but is that really necessary?  It doesn’t make me feel better..

Little M is officially 8 months old as of yesterday.  Oh my.  Where has the time gone?  Didn’t I just have her?

She’s going through a “mommy” phase.  Once we all get home from a long day of work and being babysat, all she wants is to be with mommy.  The feeling is mutual.  All I want is to be with Little M.. so no harm, no foul.

She’s going through the phase where I can’t leave her sight.  The minute she realizes that I’m not in the room, or if she sees me walk away from her sight, she’s in tears. 

If I hand her off to Hubby, whines and she reaches out for me.  And once she’s in my arms she gives looks at her daddy with a big smile.  It’s almost like she’s mocking her daddy.. it makes me laugh.

Poor hubby.  I swear it’s just a phase.

She’s also getting the whole “stranger anxiety” issue.  I know it’s totally normal and it’s just a phase, but it’s so sad to see her go through it when she used to be super friendly with everyone.

It’s really hit or miss with her.  Sometimes she’s all smiles when someone acknowleges her and sometimes she’s on the verge of tears..

How did you mommies (and daddies) deal with your child’s stranger anxiety?

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