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It’s a new chapter of our lives for my little family and I..

After 5 months of maternity leave, I have officially gone back to work… I started yesterday and that was so hard..

The hardest part is leaving.  Granted, she’s asleep so I don’t have to face her and really say good bye.. but still..

It’s so hard to lave the warm, cozy, comfy, cuddly bed.. she usually finds herself pressed up right against me during the night and it’s so hard to break away from that..

I thought about her all day.. it was so hard not to.. I filled my work computer with pictures of her so my screen saver would just flash pictures of her.. and I changed my desktop picture to one of her.. hubby even gave me a picture frame so I can put it on my desk of her and our little family..

My coworkers, almost all working mothers, say it does get easier.. but that it is one of the most difficult things to do.. at least I’m blessed to have family watching her while we work..

I will definitely miss our mornings together and days where we don’t really do anything but hang out.. but I know that I always have the weekends.. and vacations.. and holidays..

When we all got home last night, she didn’t want to eat from anyone else but me.. she wanted me to always play with her.. and at night, curled up right next to me and put her little arm on my chest as she fell asleep.. I know she missed me just as much as I missed her..

It’s new to the both of us.. so in time, we’ll all get used to this new chapter of our family life..

This week is my last week of maternity leave.

I took the maximum amount of leave possible, even if that meant that I wasn’t going to be paid for the last month or so.. I wanted to make sure that I spent as much time with my Little M as possible before going to work..

There are some good and some bad aspects of doing that..

The good things are that I have been able to spend so much time with her.  I’ve seen her go through so much growth and development these past 5 months.  We’ve developed such a great mother-daughter bond and I cherish that very much.

The bad thing is that she’s getting older and she’s starting to recognize me more.  She’s starting to need me and looking for ME to make things better for her.  And I’m going to feel bad that she won’t see me for a good part of the day while I’m at work..

Sometimes I feel like I should have just taken the three months.. she would have been too young to realize what was really going on and would probably transition better.. At the same time, I’m sooo glad that I was able to take these five months and witness so many of her “firsts” so far..

But I can’t dwell on what I should or should not have done.  Overall, I’m glad I took the five months, and when we are pregnant with our next child, I plan on doing the same thing.

Now, with my days on maternity leave dwindling down, I’m really sad that I don’t get to have 24/7 with her.

I’m cherishing every moment with her and I hope that we both transition well into this new part of our lives..

She just woke up.. so I better go get her now.. I love being a mother!

Little M never ceases to amaze me with how fast she seems to change.  It’s like I wake up and I have a totally different kid.

It happened when she turned 2 months old, and it happened again now that she is 4 1/2 months old.

She is loud.. making her baby babble all the time now.. tonight she discovered her tongue and how moving it while making noises lets her make other sounds.  She we’ve been hearing a lot of “laa” and “blaaa” tonight.

And she’s squirmy.. waaaay squirmy!  She turns over and arches her back and kicks her legs all over the place.  It’s very scary to leave her anywhere above the floor.  There have been several instances where my heart skips a beat because she came so close to falling off the couch or bed.

She loves to jump up and down, we had to finally give in and buy her a walker.  She loves it because she can stand up and jump around without us stopping her because our arms are tired.

I’ve also noticed that she’s starting to be very determined.  When she sees something that she wants, she seems very determined to get it.  She grunts and whines until it’s given to her.

It’s insane how much it she’s starting to have a mind of her own. She knows what she wants, she just doesn’t have all the skills to make it happen yet.  Everyday I’m just more and more amazed with her.

How did you cope with your baby changing so quickly?


Last night, Little M fell asleep with her hand on my face.

It was the cutest thing.  She was squirming around trying to find her “comfy” spot in the bed and once her hand found my face, she relaxed and went off to dreamland.

It was so sweet and reminded me that I am truly a mother.  There is a person in this world that finds absolute comfort in my presence.  There is a person in this world really loves me and looks at me with eyes full of love and happiness.

Last night was really cute and I’m so glad that I get these special moments with my Little M.

Little M has been eating rice cereal for about two weeks now.

She’s getting better at taking it, but she’s also getting messier too.

Everyday, it’s a battle to get her to eat.  It’s either she doesn’t want to be confined to her highchair, or she’d rather suck her thumb, or she wants to hold the spoon herself, or all of the above.  Some days are easier than others.  It’s literally a food fight, in a cute “baby” way.

After every meal, we end up with rice cereal literally all over her face, on her hands, and all over my hands.. it’s not pretty.

Sometimes we have to put one of her singing toys in front of her so she can pay attention.  Other times, I have to be the one to sing the songs that her little singing toys sing so she can pay attention.  Either way, singing is almost always definitely involved in her “eating” process.

But.. I have to say.. watching her eat her rice cereal is pretty cute, when she wants to eat.  She opens her mouth wide and then she “chews” on her cereal before she swallows it.  It’s like she’s a little person.  It’s too much for me to handle.

Did you have any activities to get your little one to eat (and pay attention)?

I got Little M’s ears pierced this week.

It was the most nerve-wrecking thing I’ve done in the longest time.  I was so nervous for her.

I knew getting her ears pierced was going to be a quick procedure and that she would only cry for a little bit, but the thought of her getting holes in her little ears made me nervous.

She actually did great.  She cried, but the lady was so quick that Little M only cried a little bit and once I held her comfortingly (is that a word?) she stopped crying pretty instantly.  Now she looks like a little lady and I think she is absolutely adorable with little earrings.

I decided to do her ears early so that she didn’t have to make that conscious decision to do it and she didn’t have to feel the anxiety of knowing what piercing is. If I get it done now, she won’t remember, but she will at least have the piercings so she can wear cute earrings when she’s older.

Now I have a 12 week routine of cleaning her piercing 3 times a day.  She’s pretty good about letting me clean it for her.  She doesn’t squirm and she sits pretty still.

So much as changed in this 4th month of her life.   She started rice cereal AND she got her ears pierced.  She’s such a little lady now!



First post of the new year.. whoopee!

Little M turned 4 months old on January 3rd.  She had her well-baby check up yesterday and her peditrician told me that she is no longer to be considered a “premie.”  She’s in the 75th percentile in size and weight, and if they were to make adjustments for her early birth, then she would be off the charts.

It’s always good to hear that your child is thriving and healthy.  I love knowing that she isn’t a premie.. her pediatrician never really considered her a premie in size and weight since she was born, so that’s good.

Little M’s has grown in so many ways, she is a completely different baby from the one I gave birth to in September.

Right before the year ended, she mastered the art of rolling over (back to tummy).  She had done it a few times when she was 2 months old on my parents couch, but that was because the couch really helped with the momentum of her turn.  Now, she’s able to flip back to tummy with ease going towards her left side.  She’s constantly working on turning on her right side now, and I think she’ll master that in no time.  She’s also gone from tummy to back a few times.  It’s not perfected, but I know it will be soon enough.

I literally can’t leave her anywhere except the playpen now.

She’s also learned how to change the tone of her voice from high to low and everything in between.  She loves to make her voice go high and will do it all the time, especially to show frustration.  It’s funny how I see myself a lot in that aspect.  She’s also developing her little language and has started saying “wa wa wa” and slowly we can here those “wa” sounds turn into slightly softer “da” sounds.. Hubby likes hearing those a lot!

She’s finally learned how to laugh now too!  My brother had started it when we were all at my parents house for Christmas.  Now she chuckles with the cutest little laugh.  The only thing is that she gets the hiccups every time she laughs.  It’s pretty funny.

Today, she started rice cereal.  Yes.  She’s on her first steps toward solid foods.  My little baby is growing up!

She took it well.  She had a few bites of really runny rice cereal.  She knew to open her mouth, but she didn’t quite know what to do with what I put in there.  Some of it she spit out while making raspberry sounds, but most of it she ate.  She would even grab the spoon from me.

It’s been a fast four months and it is unbelievable how much babies can grow and develop in such a short amount of time.  Every week, it’s always something new and if you blink you’ll miss it.



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