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Last week,  the family and I took a little Disney vacation.

I’ve been going to Disneyland for all my life.  This was my first time staying at the Disneyland Hotel.

I made Hubby slow down while turning the corner into the hotel parking lot so I could take this photo.  Luckily, there wasn’t anyone behind us!

We had such a great time and it really completed the Disney magic for me.

Staying at the hotel really added some extra fun for the whole experience.

The room wasn’t huge, but we had enough room for all of our belongings.  M also had enough room to run around a little bit, but not too much room that should could accidentally hurt herself. 

The best part about the room is the back wall against the bed.  The back wall was a carving of the castle in the park.  There was a little switch on the night table with a little Tinkerbell next to it.  I flipped the switch and the back wall lit up with little LED lights simulating fireworks and stars!   “A dream is a wish your heart makes” also played when the switch was flipped on. 

M LOVED it.  We would have it on all night until she wanted to go to sleep.  She loved flipping the switch so she could hear the song too.

That little detail made the room so magical and special!

We truly had a full Disney experience!

I hope to share more Disney stories and photos in the coming entries.  I just have to load the photos from my camera onto my computer!
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Everyone that knows me knows I love Disneyland.  Before I got married, I was a Premium Annual Passholder and went at least once a month.  It’s my place where I go to recharge.  I love walking down Main St smelling the waffle cones.  I love walking around.  I love people watching.  I can’t explain it anymore than it’s just my “happy place.”  It’s my excessively expensive happy place.

We also all know that I’ve been in desperate need for a recharge.  So…. we did what any family would do.. we did “Disney without Disney!”

The family and I went to Downtown Disney yesterday. 

We had lunch at the Jazz Kitchen, which is one of my favorite places to eat there, then we took M to go wild at the huge World of Disney store.

She had the greatest time looking at all the Disney toys.  She was so overwhelmed at the big wall of stuffed Disney characters.  She loved all the Princess toys.  She couldn’t keep her eyes off of all the Frozen things. 

We definitely took our time browsing the store.  We let her just go and look at everything she wanted to see and play with anything she wanted to play with.  She ended up leaving the store with two little cars with Mickey and Minnie in them, Frozen figurines of the sisters, and I walked away with a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake mold.  Thank God for grandmas!

After, we took her over to Build-A-Bear.  That was INSANE!  It was so crowded.  We didn’t stay long, but she did leave there with a My Little Pony Spike stuffed dragon.  It wasn’t something she built because the actual building line was just way too long to deal with.  Who knew they had My Little Pony there?  I sure didn’t!  We are probably going to go to a local mall and do the building there eventually.

We took in a quick ice cream break then headed toward our car.  We ended up walking into the Disneyland Hotel and spending sometime unwinding there.  We let M walk around a little bit, even though she was visibly tired and ready for a nap. 

Eventually, we found our way back to my parents house for dinner.  Hubby got to rest a little bit and then we went back home..

It was a very busy and tiring day, but we enjoyed every bit of it.  The smile on M’s face never left.  The day made me want to take M to the actual parks even more!  

We plan on taking a trip to the parks soon.  I can’t wait!

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There’s a really cool Disney store in the Montclair Plaza in Montclair, CA.

It’s been there for years and years and years.  They’ve never changed.  It’s got great character statutes above and it’s totally “disney’d out,” if that’s a term.

We went to that mall on Sunday and M got to experience this store for the first time.

She’s gone into many Disney stores, but this was her first time at this fun looking store.

She was a kid in a candy store!  She loved it.

Luckily, for a Sunday, the entire mall wasn’t very busy.  The Disney store wasn’t very busy either.  There were many opportunities for her to just explore the store freely.  And she did just that.

At one point, I told my Hubby and parents, “Look, she’s so excited.”

Apparently she heard me.  So as she ran through the store she would say, “Ah-sited!  Ah-sited!  I running! Ah-sited!”

Several times, I had to remind her to just walk through the store.  So she would start walking and say to me, “Mimi, I walking.  I walking.”

She LOVED seeing all the merchandise.  She would name off every single character she knew. 

Her joy made me so very happy.  I love seeing her get excited over something.  She lights up so brightly and she gets so happy and loud.  It’s the cutest thing.

What store makes your child so very happy?

Five years ago, Hubby and I went on our first date.


I have been on several first dates in my life, and the first date I had with Hubby was the best one.

Since that day we met in early April, we had been talking non-stop.  We would text each other throughout the day.. and we pretty much knew enough about each other to make it comfortable being on a date.

In some small way, I kind of knew that he and I were destined to be together from that day on.. A small voice in the back of my head told me “he’s the one.”

It’s been 5 years since that day.. since then, we’ve gotten married, moved in together, and started a family..

Maybe one of these years we’ll start a Disneyland tradition, where we go to Disneyland on this day just like we go to Korean BBQ on April 5th. 

It would be nice to relive this memory with him and our family as the years go on..

Happy first date-iversary, Hubby!  I love you and our little family! 

Tomorrow is Hubby and my first date anniversary..


I miss Disneyland..

From around 2007-2010, I was a Premium Annual Passholder..

I loved it..  I could go to Disneyland as often as I wanted.. I could stay all day, or just for a few hours to kill some time..

I could go ride one ride then go home, or take an out of town relative for the day..

I had to finally give up renewing my pass because I had moved to San Diego and I knew that it wouldn’t be as easy to go anymore..

Also, the prices were climbing..

Now, there’s no way I’d want to spend my money on a Premium Annual Pass.. I could do so much more with that money..

But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.. because I do.

I miss Disneyland.

I miss the smell of waffle cones when walking down Main Street.  I miss the feeling of passing the turnstyles and entering the park.  I miss just walking around and people watching.. I miss the music.. I miss the rides.. I miss the characters..

I haven’t even been to Carsland yet! 

I think I need to plan a trip this year.. before it gets too hot.. especially since M is all about Disney Jr and Mickey Mouse, I think she’s appreciate this much more than when she went last year.

I need to get my Disney fix.

A few days ago on Facebook, Disney Baby posted a blog post on “10 Funny Things You Find Yourself Doing Now That You’re A Mom (or Dad)”

Click here for the article.

It’s pretty funny and I totally relate to a few.

The Phantom Cry
Guilty as charged!  I’ve especially when M was a newborn.  I’d hear her cry from another room, only to find out that it was all my imagination..

A Love For Kid’s Music
I’ve been known to belt out a few Fresh Beat Band tunes in the car on my way home from work.  I also know every theme song to every show M watches on Disney Jr and Nick Jr.  It helps a lot in when M is feeling restless in the car.  I can always distract her with the theme song from Special Agent Oso or Doc McStuffins.. Yes, I take requests.

Why Are You Swaying Like That?
I’ve heard this question a bajillion times.  I’ve been seen swaying while standing in Church while Hubby is carrying M.  I’ve had the hand on my back several times telling me, “You can stand still, you aren’t holding the baby.”  It’s good for a little giggle every now and then.. why can’t I stop swaying?!

Pat, Pat, Pat
Definitely guilty here!  I “pat, pat” so much that whenever I hold M, she starts to “pat, pat” me!  Don’t get me started on the “pat, pat” of others.. it’s just too much patting!

Wipes Are The Magical Cure All
You can frequently hear me say, “Quick, get me a wipe!” for anything.. It’s so easy, especially when you buy those boxes from Costco!  You have to use them for everything, or else you’ll never make a dent in your stash!

Those are pretty much the ones I seem to identify with the most.  Click the link and read the article and tell me which are the ones that hit home for you!

Today is a sad day. 

Today is the last day of validity for my Disneyland Premium Annual Passport.. I’ve been a passholder for the last 3ish years.. and today.. is my last day..

I’m not at Disneyland though.. I’m at work.

My last visit to Disneyland was earlier this year.. and it’s been so hard to go back since then..

I’m not renewing it for several reasons.. the first being that its crazy expensive now!  When I first got the pass, I was paying a little ovr $350 for it.. I thought it was expensive then.. now it’s over $400!!!  Sheesh!

And with the baby coming, I highly doubt we’d be visiting Disneyland anytime within the first year or so of her life..

And it’s harder now.. considering where I live.. it’s feels like a weekend endeavor for a simple visit.. not like before when it was 45 minutes away and I could jet on down after work during the summers..

Life has definitely changed for me.. but in a good way..

So.. this is not “good-bye,”  but a “see you real soon, Disneyland!”  I’ll miss you, but I know that the next time I see you, I’ll have my little princess in tow and I’d be able to show her why I love you so much!  I hope she enjoys the Disney magic as much as I do!

So remember when I said I was going to make it my resolution to go to Disneyland at least five times this year..

Well.. it’s been done!

I went to Disney’s California Adventure yesterday with OT.

On April 2nd, I plan on going to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure again with some family.

I know.. I’m a grown woman.. Disneyland should be the last of my priorities..

But seriously.. that place helps “destress” me when life gets too hectic.  It’s one of those places that you can just let things go and have fun..

Funny thing is that OT and I saw my ex’s best friend working at the park yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting to see him but I always knew I was going to run into him there.

It wasn’t a big deal.. I didn’t go over there and say hi.. why would I?  And I know he saw me.. cuz I saw him notice us..

He may something to the ex.. but I don’t care.. I’m so far detached from that relationship that things like that are no longer a big deal.

I just found it amusing that I finally saw him there..

Anyway.. I got one thing done of my list of goals this year.. and we are only three months into this new year..

Looks like this maybe be a good year.. let’s keep praying that’s so!

I’m running out of ideas for blog entries.. I’d love it if someone who was reading this would add a question in the comments.. get me going on something to write about..  I am struggling for something to write and I don’t want to be the type of blogger that rambles about aimlessly.

I’ve done that so many times on other blogs.. it’s not that fun..

I guess I can revisit a past blog entry.. Oh, the places I will go..

According to that entry.. it mentions Las Vegas.. Disneyland.. Solvang.. Comic-Con.. a cruise.. and going out of state..

Looks like I’m working my way through the list..

I have plans for Vegas.. so I’m not going to mention them here because I really don’t want to jinx anything..

I went to Disneyland again a few days ago.. I think I’m up to.. two visits.. OT took me for V-day weekend.. and I took Mom on Sunday..

Solvang looks like a lost cause this year.. I don’t know if I want to waste three hours of driving for Solvang.. or three hours of driving for Vegas..

Comic-con comes later in the year.. so we’ll see about that..

A cruise may have to wait due to some saving up of money.. need the money.. need the money.. need the money..

And out of state.. well.. I did just come back from Arizona.. so that totally counts!

See.. I’m chuggin’ along!

Pictures?  Why.. yes.. I have pictures..

These are some of the pictures from

Rachel and Joe’s First Valentine’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!!!!


From Valentine’s Day 2009

That’s my hunny in the kitchen..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

And that’s what we ate.. filipino food.. so yum!

From Valentine’s Day 2009

And what we drank… mudslides..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

The next day.. at Disneyland..

We rode Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters.. not..

From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009

Four times!!!!

The next morning..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

I swear my boyfriend is under there…

From Valentine’s Day 2009
From Valentine’s Day 2009


That Monday morning was spent being lazy.. and watching TV and the rain fall.. until he finally went home..

That’s all for now.. hope you enjoyed the picture show!!

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