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We’re a few days away from the six month mark to our wedding.. so far so good.. cool.. calm.. and collected..

But I’ve totally been procrastinating everything that has to do with the invitations.  I’m making them myself.. to save money.. and because I think it’s fun.. well.. the decorating part.. I don’t know how fun printing all 150+ invitations.. rsvps.. and info cards are gonna be.. then there’s the table settings.. the place settings.. the table numbers.. the programs.. the favors..


I just gave myself a mini-panic attack..

I guess I should stop blogging.. and get to working.. at least work on the favor tags.. that I know for sure I can finish before the wedding..

I just gotta breathe and tackle one task at a time.. I can handle that..

So when Joe proposed to me in January, I told myself that I would take my time finding the perfect dress..

I told myself that I would go from store to store and not settle on one right away. 

I also had aspirations of going into a bridal boutique that carried the Disney-princess inspired dresses so I could try one on..

I also wanted to include my bridesmaids.. aunts.. future mother-in-law.. etc.. in the dress picking.. it was going to be a scene right out of that TLC show, “Say ‘yes’ to the dress.”

But.. that didn’t happen..

The same month that I was proposed to.. my mom and I went into Alfred Angelo’s on a whim and we just started looking around for dresses..

And.. I found THE dress..

It’s absolutely the one because my eyes teared up and all I could see was myself walking down the aisle in that dress..

Well.. it’s been about four months later and the dress is finally in the store ready for pick-up!

I’m sooo excited.. I’m going in on Saturday to pick it up and I absolutely cannot wait to see it!!!

A part of me wishes I took my time.. playing dress-up is always so much fun.. but another part of me is glad that I got this part of the wedding taken care of so soon.. even though I really need to keep my weight constant for the next 6ish months to make sure that the dress isn’t too big or too small come time for alterations..

I honestly don’t know what I’d recommend to newly proposed “bride-to-be’s.”

I mean, if you found the dress.. you found the dress.. and I don’t think it really matters how soon or how late into your planning you are..

The only thing I recommend for brides is.. before you do go dress shopping.. figure out where the dress will be stored in your living space once it does come in..

That’s the thing I am trying to figure out..

I’m a “wedding traditionalist” in that I do not want Joe to see the dress until the doors open and I’m walking down the aisle.. so I really need to find a place where he’s curiosity won’t take over and he’ll sneak a peek..

So if you are like me, figure out where the dress will be before the wedding before you buy the dress.. just so you aren’t scrambling for a place on the day you have to pick it up..

I made this card today.. I might be going to a birthday party tomorrow and I thought I’d make a card instead of buying one at the local Hallmark.. I have a Cricut now.. and that’s one of the reasons I bought one.. so I can expand on my creative energy and handmake cards and gifts..

I actually didn’t use the Cricut as much with this card.  I did use the Stand and Salute cartridge to make the card.  I cut it at 8″ and it worked out well.  I tried to do the envelope too, but I also set it to 8″ and it was way too small.  But since I only  had 8 x 11 paper, the machine wouldn’t let me make an envelope big enough to fit the card.. I’m sure I’ve got some envelops lying around.. or I could always buy a big pack at the local office supply store.

I had the scalloped squares from a person I bought stamps from on and they worked out so well for this card.. I love the colors..

I think I’m going to get a cartridge that has those scalloped shapes so that I could make some of those.. I liked what the did for the card.

I have so much patterned paper but I still dont’ know how to coordinate it with my projects.. I keep looking at videos on Youtube about cardmaking and I love what they do.. but I just don’t know how I can replicate that with the stuff that I have..

If you have any suggestions.. comments.. or criticism.. please leave comments.. I’d love more ideas for some projects..

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