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It’s that time of the year when I start looking back at Hubby and my relationship.

Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the very first day we met.  We met at a Korean BBQ restaurant, so in continuing our tradition, we will be eating Korean BBQ for one of our meals today.  Yum!

Six years! 

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve grown a lot in these past six years.  We’ve truly become a family. 

We’ve had our share of adjustments, especially when M came along, it was a major adjustment. 

I feel that only in the past year or so that we’ve finally found our stride again.  We are laughing more, sharing more, cuddling more. 

Because M was born so fast into our marriage, we had to learn how to become husband and wife AND parents all at once.  I don’t regret having M so soon into our marriage, but I will say that it was a major jolt to the relationship.  It wasn’t bad, it was just different.  We shook up our dynamic by bringing in a child so soon.  It’s been work getting us to this point, and I feel like we are finally at an equalibrium.  We’ve found our balance between married and parents.  We’ve found our stride.  We’ve found our routine.

I know that eventually we will be bringing in another child into the mix (no, not pregnant yet).  There will be another round of adjustments.  There will be another time of unbalance and uncertainty.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be laughter and tears. 

But I know that we are a team, and above all, we are a family.  We will always find a way to work together and make it work. 

There’s no one else I’d rather go through life with..

Happy “first meeting” anniversary, Hubby! 

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Three years ago, my besties and I took a trip to Sea World..

Little did I know that very day would be the beginning of the rest of my life..

Three years later.. I’ve been married for a little over five months.. and a little over three months pregnant with our first child..

All of that to the guy I met at the Korean BBQ place and shared my rice with..

So amazing how God points you in a direction and guides you through it all.. it’s just amazing..

Anyway.. I’m pretty sure I wrote something similar last year when it was our two year anniversary of meeting each other..

And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing something similar every year for the rest of our lives..

We’re starting a tradition that I wanted to start last year.. but since we weren’t living together yet.. it was difficult since it didn’t fall on a weekend..

This year.. and hopefully every year afterward.. we are going to eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant.. we will bring out children with us.. so they can appreciate our history..

Corny?  Maybe.. but I think it’s important that our children know that their parents love each other and will hopefully strive for a relationship that will be fulfilling and will make them as happy their parents..

So.. Korean BBQ tonight.. can’t wait!!!

Seven days = 1 week!

Actually.. at this time next week.. we should be dancing the night away at our wedding reception..

Joe and I spent the whole day paying off balances and finalizing details with various vendors..

Bye, bye money… so sad to see it go..

We got to spend some quality time with some family today too.. I love everyone’s excitement level.. it really adds to the momentum.. its so comforting knowing how much support he and I truly have.. it’s so reassuring..

One week.. one week.. one week..

Then.. ALOHA!

Tomorrow will be one week.

Eight days..

That’s all I have left to get everything done. 

Bridesmaids and all involved are getting bombarded with emails, phone calls, and text messages.. information is flying out of my hands so fast.. it’s hard to remember if I told the right people the right bits of info..

The stress level is definitely up.. and no matter how much I try to relax.. it’s impossible..

My mind races at a billion miles a minute.. thoughts are darting all over the place..

All of you marrieds have been there..

I’m excited..

Knowing that I have been blessed with someone I will be spending the rest of my life with.. someone that I will start a family with.. it’s such a big concept to me to wrap my head around.. marriage. 

I’m truly blessed.. he’s been super extra cooperative this week and I couldn’t be happier..

Eight days, ppl… eight days.

The paranoia begins..

A few days ago, I text Joe “Hun, you better show up to the wedding.”

I’m getting the sudden irrational fears that he won’t show up.

I know he loves me.. he wouldn’t have asked to marry him otherwise.. but sometimes I freak out that my “bridezilla” behavior may have turned him off to the prospect of spending the rest of his life with me..

But then again.. I really haven’t been THAT bad lately.. or have I?

Anyway.. he keeps telling me that I have nothing to worry about.. and that he will definitely show up..

Well.. with the amount of money that we are spending.. he better show up!

Ten days!

Can you believe I have ten days left as a single lady?!  In ten days.. I’m going to be someone’s wife!!

Was this a huge impact on your life as I feel it is for me?

It just seems like a HUGE step in my life.. to finally feel like the “grown-up” I’ve been trying to be for years..

I mean.. the relationship doesn’t really change much.. does it.. the title does.. but the way you deal with each other shouldn’t really.. does it?

I guess it feels a lot different for me because he and I have been long-distance since we first met.. so knowing that we’ll actually be in the same city.. and the same living quarters.. that to me is exciting.

Ten days seems so fast.. and it is zipping by at lightning speed..

There’s still so much to do!

I gotta just take it one task at a time and trust that it will all get done..

It’s Thanksgiving day.. it’s usually a time for everyone to acknowledge everything that they are thankful for.


Well.. I’m especially thankful for the awesome God that has been in my life since day one.  He has given me so many blessings and shown me how strong of a person I really am.  He never gives me anything I cannot handle, and because of that I have learned of the many strengths I have, thanks to Him.

My life would be nothing without Him.  I would have nothing without Him.

I am thankful for my wonderful parents and my wonderful family.. immediate and extended.. who have been nothing but supportive in everything..

I’m thankful that my brief period of unemployment was exactly that.. brief.  I’m thankful that I was able to find a job within a month after quitting my new one.  I’m thankful that I will be starting on Monday.. it’s going to be a new adventure.. and I can’t wait!

I’m thankful for all the wonderful friends I have.. they are a source of happiness and laughs.. I cherish the times I can spend with them.. and hope for many more years of friendship!

I’m thankful for my wonderful boyfriend, who has been absolutely supportive in everything I have done.. who believes in teamwork.. and helps me carry any burden I have gone through.. he’s become such a strong rock of support in my life and I cherish every moment we can spend together.  I’m thankful for having him in my life.. even though he can drive me batty at times.. hahaha..

There are many things I am thankful for.. but I’m sure that if I list them all this blog entry would never end!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I had the boyfriend over this weekend..

It’s always great having him around.  As time goes by, you would think that I’d be used to the fact that we hardly see each other.. but I don’t.  I’d still love to have that kind of boyfriend that was around a lot more.  I’d love to have that kind of relationship in which people don’t really associate one without the other.

No.. wait.. I take that back..

As long as I think that would be great.. I think I’d still cherish having a separate identity from the “Joe/Rachel” dynamic..

Anyway.. we had a great date night which made me realize that it doesn’t matter where you go anymore.  What matters is the time spent with your significant other.

He and I, well, probably ME more than HE, wanted to go out for a “date night.”  It had been awhile since we did the whole “dinner and a movie” or “just going out” thing.  The only problem was there weren’t any good movies out… and we wanted to go hit up a lounge at a local casino.. but he didn’t have the right clothes..

So we found ourselves at my house after a dinner with my parents.. and on our respective laptops playing games.. eventually we found ourselves pulling out the old Mah Jong tiles from my parents bedroom and playing Mah Jong the whole night.

That has to be one of the most fun date nights we have had in awhile.  The quality of time was full of memories that I will cherish for a long time.

I learned that dates don’t always consist of some sort of outing, but special times together doing special things.


Sunday was my 29th birthday..

I’ve now officially entered the last year of my twenties..when did that happen?

I honestly have no idea when I entered my late 20s… but here I am.. in the latest 20s I can get.. next year.. I’m 30.. I shudder to think of it..

It was a great birthday weekend.. my boyfriend was totally awesome about it all.. I’m really blessed to have a caring person like him in my life.

The last year of my twenties..

It’s just crazy to believe I’m at that point in my life now.. it’s just.. weird.  I always pictured my life differently.. but.. here I am.. and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way!

So I’m back from a nice trip to the Bay Area with my boyfriend.  We spent Labor Day weekend up there because we had two weddings to go to on Saturday.

Honestly.. I am all “wedding’d out!”

Two weddings.. they were both very nice.. but I ended the day extremely exhausted.. I’m getting to old for that kinda busy stuff.. haha..

The boyfriend lived up there for several years… and he took a little trip down memory lane on Sunday… we drove to all the places he used to live and to the place he used to work at… it was nice getting to know about him a little bit more… we’ve been together for almost a year and half… it’s the thing to do…

It was nice to know a little bit of his past… and I hope we can continue working on our future…

I’ve got pictures… so when I figure out how to post them without them being ginormous… I’ll put them on some blog entries..

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