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Hubby and I switched sides of the bed last night..

Since we moved in.. I had always slept on the side farthest from the master bathroom.. that is also the side that is closest to the wall..

Hubby slept on the side closest to the open space of our bedroom..

When we got pregnant, we figured that for the first few months.. the crib would be in our bedroom.. on hubby’s side of the bed.. and a few weeks before the baby is born.. we’d switch sides of the bed so we can get used to sleeping opposite..

But.. this child has found a permanent resting spot on my bladder.. and I’m constantly getting up in the middle of the night..

To solve this problem.. we decided to switch sides now..

It may not be a big deal to him…. but it felt like a whole new world to me!

Our bed is only a queen-sized.. yet.. the things I saw before sleeping felt totally foreign.. AND my phone and it’s charger are now on the other side!

Ok.. I’m making a huge deal out of nothing.. and we had every intention of switching sides in the first place.. but I didn’t realize that the subtle change would be THAT wierd to me..

Haha.. marriage is fun!

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