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Picture this.  Sunday Mass. 

We’re in the pews and Little M starts sucking her thumb.  That’s her sign for “I want milk.”

I’m holding her, so I put Hubby in charge of milk making.

We use playtex drop-ins.

Hubby puts the bottle between his knees and fills it with required water. 

He puts the first scoop of powered baby formula into the bottle..

Without warning, Little M and her lightning quick hands reach in and grab the liner..

This is all going on during Mass, so we have to be quiet..

Struggle for the bottle liner between Hubby and Little M ensues while I try to hold Little M to prevent her from sliding down my lap..

Suddenly, I hear it.. a gush of milk-water..

Then.. I feel it.. all over my lap.. my jeans are soaked and there’s milk-water all over Little M, me and the floor.

Hubby said she grabbed the bottom of the liner with both hands and just squeezed.. so all the milk-water came gushing out.

It took every inch of control we had to prevent from laughing out loud..

Lesson:  Babies have very quick hands..

Little M is a pointer..

She’s figured out how to tell people where to go.. and what she wants to touch.. and who she wants to go to..

Sometimes she uses her tiny little pointer finger.. but most times she just uses her whole hand.

It’s really cute, that is, until you dont take her to where she’s pointing.. then you really hear it from her.

She’s always been a really loud baby.  When she cried, her voice just booms through a room.  The nurses used to joke that they would see the windows shake when she would cry in the recovery room after she was born.

So.. when you dont go to where she points.. oh boy!  Our entire complex probably hears that scream..

Luckily, she is a good kid and is easily distracted by something else so the screams don’t last long.

This new form of communication does make things a lot easier between her and I. 

Gotta love that!

I finished my first week of Pilates.  I took 2 Level 1 classes.  Tuesday and Thursday.

I have to say that I really do love it.

My personal trainer kicked my bootie just as much as pilates does, but I seem to like pilates much better.

This kind of work out just seems “prettier” to me.  I can’t explain it. 

Pilates just seems more feminine than running a treadmill and pulling on cords..

But in our pilates class we work with springs.. and a apparatus called a Reformer.. just feels more girly too me.. I don’t know.. don’t ask me to explain..

I found new muscles that have never seemed to be used before.. like in arms and inner thighs.. I thought my trainer had woken up every muscle.. but looks like some of them missed that wake up call. 

I leave that class feeling like jelly, but in a total good way.

I’m re-energized, motivated, and excited for next week’s set of classes.   I can’t wait to try some Level 2 classes.  Maybe after another class or two..

It’s great to find a form of excerise you actually enjoy.  Then it doesn’t feel like a chore.  I felt that way about yoga a few years ago.  I found myself at that yoga studio 3-4 times a week because I liked it so much.

Now, with a child, I’ll have to limit that to maybe 2-3 times a week depending on my schedule. 

I’m so glad Groupon offered this class.  I would have never known that there was a Pilates studio so close to home. 

I can’t wait to start seeing the results too!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday, I know I did!

Started off the day shopping.  Yes, shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to buy my tops Small.  Yes.  I’m a Small again.

Ok, so my arms still look a little beefy, and my thighs still are bigger than I’d like.. but I’m a size small again!

I feel so much better about shopping now.

I guess working out DOES have it’s advantages.. hahaha..

It feels good to see some progress.  It really does..

I’m probably around the size I was when I was at my heaviest during my last year of college.  I had gained weight because I lived off of pop tarts, large cookies, and caramel macchiatos.. ah.. the life of a college student.

I think I’m in that range again.. so all I need to do is workout a little more and I’ll be back to my normal self.. I hope!

Babies really do a number on your body..

Did you know I have another blog?

It’s a crafting blog called “CutieQ Cards n Crafts

“Cutie” because I like to think that some of the things I make are more on the cutsey side than anything else..

“Q” because my last name starts with Q.

“Cards n Crafts” because even though I’m primarily a cardmaker, I do make other crafty things in the realm of papercrafting.

If you ever want to see what I’m up to when I’m not being a full-time working mother, feel free to click the link!


With Little M turning 10months tomorrow, she’s again surprising us with more milestones to accomplish..

Little M loves her playpen.  She can walk the perimeter while holding on to the rail..

But lately, holding on and walking in endless circles (or squares.. since the playpen is square) just isnt’ enough for her. 

She began using one hand and walking in little arcs around the playpen.. forward and back.. forward in back.

Then…she thought it would be cool to cut corners by reaching over as far as her little arm can go to get to the other side of the angle..

Getting tired of that she started letting go completely and learning how to balance..

She can let go and clap.. she can let go and make herself fall back on her little diaper booty..

That got old so now she’s starting to let go completely and take a few steps towards the complete opposite side of the playpen!

Yup.. walking.

She can take about two steps before falling.. which is a great feat in itself!

Yesterday, she actually made it all the way across almost falling forward but caught herself by draping her arms over the railing..

We can also stand her up with her back facing away from the couch.. and show her something tempting.. like the TV remote, or a cell phone.. and she can take about two steps toward it.

Of course when you put her on camera, she won’t do it.. silly kid.

Looks like it’s only a matter of time before she’s up and about.

Sigh… they weren’t kidding when they say that babies grow up so fast.

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