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Because of our move, we had to register with a new Church.

The welcome packet came with a brochure of the various ministries that the parish has.

One ministry caught my eye.


Yes, a crafting ministry.

I contacted the coordinator as soon as I could.  We exchanged emails and now we will officially meet some time this week.

Exciting!  I know!

I will definitely keep you posted about what we discussed and how I can incorporate my crafting into my faith journey.

Today is K’s baptism.

By the end of the day, she will have completed her first Sacrament in the Catholic Church.  She gets to wear the long white dress.  She will smell like Chrism oil by the end of the day.  We will have celebrated the big day with a little reception at a restaurant and will probably have some people come over the house at the end of it all.

By the end of the day, little K will be a part of the Catholic Church.

I’m excited.

I’m hoping she won’t cry too hard when the water gets poured on her head.

Congratulations to little M on fulfilling the first of many Sacraments.  We love you!

After the birth of Little M.. the next big thing that needs to be planned is her baptism.

Being Catholic, I believe in infant baptism.  It is her first sacrament and sets the foundation, as I plan on raising my daughter under the Catholic faith.  It’s important to me that she get her baptism done as soon as possible and so we were able to tentatively schedule her baptism for December 3rd.  Coincidentally, on her 3 month birthday.  I totally just realized that!

So now, the planning begins.  The godparents, hubby, and I have to take baptismal prep classes and turn in all the required paperwork that the diocese requires of us.  That’s the easiest part of it all.

I need to buy Little M her little white dress.. that’s probably pretty easy too..

The hardest part is planning the reception.  Do we go with a restaurant, or do we rent out a hall and get it catered?   How many people are we to invite?  How big/small do we want this event to be?

Most importantly, do I have time to make the invitations myself?  Honestly, I would LOVE to do it.. but it’s so hard with a newborn and my constant need to sleep.  She sleeps so well during the day that I tend to catch up with most of my sleep during the day.. and I just can’t function at night.

Planning parties is definitely NOT my thing.  I’d much rather create the papercrafts and goods for such parties..

I need to start getting used to minimal sleep so I can be functional again!

I’m Catholic.. I don’t know I would say I’m “devout..” I definitely have my flaws.. and my faith journey is miles and miles and miles long..

But I do know that I love my God.. and I love the Faith and religion that has brought me closer to my God..

The pregnancy has gotten me thinking a lot about my Catholic faith.. my faith journey.. and the future.. every bit of my maternal instinct wants to see this child grow into the faith that I have learned to love over the years..

Having a child is a great responsibility.. because now.. I’m not journeying through my faith alone.. I’m journeying with child.  This child is going to follow my examples.. and I’m going to be setting her foundation from day one!  That’s a huge and overwhelming thought to process.

I’m sure every mother has gone through the thought process of what a huge responsibility motherhood really is.  It’s not only physically creating this human being.. but being the example in which they learn how to live their life.. from Day One..

Joe and I are Catholic, so the obvious solution is to have a nice Catholic wedding.

Easy peasy.. NOT!

Did you know that you had to book an inquiry appointment BEFORE you can even reserve the date?

Well.. I didn’t… but I do now..

Oh.. and a word to the Church secretary..

This is my first time going to the Church to inquire about a wedding.  Don’t act annoyed when I ask a lot of questions.  Don’t expect that I’m just supposed to know what I’m doing right away.  This is a wedding.. my first wedding.. and if God permits.. my last wedding.. I’m new at this.. as are many young couples that inquire about weddings at the Church.  So have a little patience.

We’re still on Cloud 9 over the proposal and the idea of planning our dream weddings.  Don’t shoot us down with your bitter, annoyed ways.  Really..

Did you know that I went back to my car and cried a little bit?

Ya.. you were that harsh.

So for the next bride-to-be.. please be a little nicer.. please smile.. and at least be happy for us.. even if you have to fake it.. and help us.  Really.. that’s all we want!

This Church booking thing is rather difficult.  The appointment has to be made, but priests are usually only available on the weekdays.  Joe lives in San Diego.  He’s going to need to take a day off for this.

So far, so good.  I’ve got my wonderful aunts helping me out.

God will make this all work out.  I trust in Him completely.. and seriously.. that’s a hard thing to do sometimes..

But it’s all part of the journey.. everyone’s gone through this..

We’ll make it work.. thanks be to God!

We’re in the second week of Advent and i can’t believe how fast this season is progressing.  Before we know it, we’re celebrating Christmas and the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

One thing I learned in the recent years was that the season of Advent was not just a Catholic thing..

As a Catholic, we have our own set of liturgical seasons in addition to the calendar seasons.. such as Lent.. my understanding is that Lent is mainly a Catholic thing.. please correct me if I’m wrong..

But Advent.. that was a surprise to me.. until I started to notice many Advent calendars being sold in various places such as Target and Disneyland.. and I knew someone of a Christian faith that had told me that they celebrated Advent..

It makes sense for Advent to be something recognized by all Christian faiths.  We are all preparing for the birth of Christ in December.  We all celebrate Christmas, why wouldn’t we all recognize the time period beforehand as a time of preparation.

So lets take a moment out of our busy schedules.. the Christmas shopping.. the hustle.. the bustle.. and chaos.. and everything in between.. to really recognize this time of year for what it truly is… the birth of Jesus Christ.. let us prepare for his coming..

This wordpress dashboard is quite nifty.. It shows me what people have been searching and how they came to find my little piece of the Internet here on Living life in the carpool lane..

For all you lovely readers out there.. and I do get a few.. maybe one or two a day.. thanks for stopping by.. and I hope you’re enjoying what you read..

Anyway.. I noticed that there was a search for “ultreya witness talk..”

And I know that I have promised to post mine up and I have been a total flake and haven’t yet..

I promise soon.. maybe someone should remind me.. leave me a comment.. and I’ll post it..

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t posted it yet.. it’s on a Word document in my personal laptop.. all I got to do is “copy and paste” it onto here.. read it over.. edit it a little.. and POOF..

I’ve been lazy, I guess..

I could have posted it today.. but silly me forgot my personal laptop at home.. so I’m without that file while I’m here at work..

People have said that it was a good talk.. maybe it’s because they found out something about me that they didn’t know previously.. those that have known me for the past three-five years would know what it was about.. but those that have just met me.. or have just re-acquainted themselves with me.. will find this is something new..

Overall.. the talk was about my journey of knowing how to “let go.. and let God.”  It was my journey about learning to pray.. learning to trust.. and learning to love the life I have.. because no matter what obstacles had come my way.. my life was a gift from God.. how could I hate something so beautiful as LIFE…

The talk wasn’t over-dramatic.. putting my life in perspective of others.. it’s been fairly easy.. but we all have our personal struggles and our personal crosses.. and the talk was about mine.. how I got through it.. and how the Cursillo helped me gain that strength..

Now a favor to my lovely and loyal readers that are waiting for this talk to blossom on the pages of my humble blog.. if I don’t post the talk by the end of the month.. please give me a lovely comment reminding me to do so..

Any other comments are welcome.. any questions.. suggestions.. compliments.. and complaints.. I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone..

Just make sure you go to to leave them.. thanks!

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