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This year’s Independence Day was a memorable one.

This was K’s first Fourth of July.  This was M’s first experience with fireworks.

Curbside fireworks aren’t allowed where we live, but they are still allowed in the area that I grew up.  So, we made the trek to my parent’s house and bought a set of fireworks and sparklers.  We took them to my aunts house so the whole family can have fun.

I thought M would be scared of the loud, booming noises.  I was wrong.  She absolutely LOVED it.  My aunt’s house is perfectly situated between several of the local fireworks shows, so we had a great view of fireworks without the crowds!

M loved the “fireworks in the sky.”  She loved watching all the colors and how it sparkles all the way to the ground.

When it came to the curbside fireworks, she loved those too.  She was a little apprehensive about holding a sparkler stick, but I don’t blame her.  I was a little afraid at first too.  However, by the end of the night, she was holding on to the sparklers with a little help from Hubby.

She also had fun with those little poppers that you throw on the ground and they make a popping noise.  She figured out how hard to throw to make those little things go off and she was so happy when she succeeded.

K was in awe of the fireworks in the sky.  I thought that the loud noises would frighten her.  We covered her ears as she watched the show.  She didn’t flinch or turn away.  She watched the fireworks as they lit up the night sky.  It was great watching her experience it for the first time.

It had been a long time since I had played with curbside fireworks.  I had forgotten how fun it was to be with family and watching the fireworks light up the street.  This past holiday brought back many memories of childhood and I’m so glad we got to experience this.  I’m so glad my girls had a great time.

How was your Fourth of July?  Are fireworks still allowed in your city?  How did your kids enjoy the fireworks and sparklers?

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy Thanksgiving.

I’ll be taking today and tomorrow off the blog to spend with my family.  I hope your holiday is filled with as much laughter and love as mine will be.

See you on the weekend!

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Christmas could not have come soon enough this year.  I think you can tell by my rare blog entries that it’s been a real challenge to keep from drowning in my “to-do list.”

It’s been a definite struggle to get everything ready.. between M and I getting sick.. and all the other obstacles we had to get through.. I’m exhausted!

But M is totally enjoying this holiday season.  It’s puts things into perspective having a kid around..

She LOVES Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas songs..

I love the way her eyes light up when we drive through neighborhoods with the awesomely lit homes.  I love the amazement in her eyes as she looks up a gigantic Christmas tree.  I love her reaction to seeing Santa Claus at the mall.  I love how she continually finds her “hidden” Christmas gifts in the closet and gets so excited knowing that she has those toys..

I love the way she appreciates the Christmas lights hanging in our apartment and the little 4ft tree that only has lights as it’s decoration…  I love how she always asks to turn “Christmas on” when ever we are home…

She helped me feel the Christmas spirit again.  She’s helped me feel the warmth and joy of the simple things that Christmas is about. 

It’s my job now to teach her WHY we have Christmas.  I know that at this age, it’s all about the lights and the presents.. but as she gets older, I hope to really instill in her the reasons why we have this holiday and that it will help her appreciate this season even more..

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers.  May you be blessed during this holiday season!

This Christmas, you can definitely say I’m drowning..

There is so much to do and there always seems to be a reason to get distracted..

Preparing for Christmas with a two-year old is definitely harder than preparing for Christmas with a one-year old or an infant.. She’s everywhere and wants to get into everything.  She also wants my attention. 

She always picks the perfect time to want me to read to her.  Right when I get everything set up to start a Christmas task, it’s “Mimi, read book.  I sit on lap.”

Sometimes telling her, “Let daddy read,” works.  Sometimes, I get, “No.. Mimi read.”

Another issue I’ve been dealing with is M finding her presents! 

Hubby made the mistake of hiding M’s Christmas presents in plain site. 


When she went to play with something else, I quickly grabbed the gifts and shoved them in the closet in her bedroom..

I thought we were in the clear, but I forgot that she knows how to open the closet door. 

Several times, when we are in the bedroom, I’ll hear the sound of Dora and Boots singing.. when I turn around, M is deep in the closet playing with her toys.. When I take her out, she cries out, “Dora, guitaaaaaaaaar!!!”

I’m going to have to wrap those soon so she can’t see it anymore…

I am trying so hard to get everything ready before Christmas day.. but I’m totally willing to accept that some of our gift recipients will probably just get their gift handed to them unwrapped.. I hope not!

Holy smokes, it’s December..

Getting Christmas cards out.. getting Christmas shopping done.. wrapping all those purchased Christmas presents.. making Christmas gift tags..

All these tasks will basically consume me for the entire month.

All these tasks PLUS dealing with my rambunctious toddler.

Please forgive me if I tend to disappear this month.  Just know I’ll be trying my very best not to drown in my to-do list..

It’s the end of August, and I’m going to take a few days away from the blog to spend the Labor Day weekend with my family.

A few days from now, my little M will be two years old.. I still can’t believe it!

I’ll see you in a few!  Enjoy the holiday!

Today marks the second full week of work of the new year.  It’s the second full week of work after we had two weeks of four day weekends.

Man, I’m ready for the next holiday weekend.

I’m burnt out.  I know I’ve said this before, but I feel that there really is more to life than this.

Work, home, work, home, CRAFT, home, work, home…

When’s the next three-day weekend?  I’m sooo ready for it!

So my little break took a little longer than expected.  It’s no joke that life with a toddler is very unpredictable.  My blogging break is a testament to that.

Our Christmas plans were simple.  We’d be up at my parents house starting on Sunday.  Then we’d go to Mass for Christmas Vigil on the 24th.  We’d wake up early the next day and head out to my cousins house to spend all of Christmas day there.   Then M and I would stay at my parents house until the new year.

But then, Sunday at lunch, it started…

M started sneezing a little bit more than usual.. and her nose was just barely starting to run..

By the time we got home from Mass, she didn’t want to eat much.  She didn’t even want curly fries from Jack in the Box!  She LOVES the curly fries from Jack. 

Her nose turned into a faucet, and she was running a fever.

Not good.

That night, she was miserable.  She tossed and turned.  Neither of us had a good nights sleep.  She also ended up with a fever of 102 at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Not good at all.

A high fever has so far meant an ear infection for her.. never fails… 100% of the time she gets a fever of 101 or higher, it’s an ear infection.

On Christmas day, instead of getting into the car to head off to my cousins house.  We were getting into the car to head off to the local urgent care.  Sure enough, it was an ear infection.. in BOTH ears this time. 

At the same time, my mother started feeling under the weather. 

In order to allow everyone to get the proper rest and keep all the germs separated, I made the decision to go back home instead of staying at my parents house for the rest of the week. 

I had blogged earlier about how I had no more days off left.  However, mommy duties take priority and I took the 26th off of work to take care of M.  She was extremely clingy and I wanted to make sure I was there to comfort her and look after her.

Thankfully, she’s been getting better and better as the days are going by.  The nose is still a little stuffy and runny.  She isn’t as cranky anymore.

She’s started to laugh and run around again.

I’ve never been so happy to see toys scattered around everywhere..

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

Christmas is days away..

I’m happy to say that I’m done with all the Christmas preparations.

Gifts are wrapped.  Cards and made and done.  Gift tags are finished and written out to their recipients..

Life is good.

I’m going to take the next few days off of blogging. 

No new entries for Dec 24 and 25. 

I want to concentrate on family for the next few days. 

Hopefully this break will give me time to recollect and find some new memories to add to this blog.

Have a great Christmas and see you on the 26th!

Black Friday is coming up…

That means Christmas shopping will be starting up soon.

I’ve got my list, and I’m pretty sure we can find gifts for everyone on the list.. I just have one that I’m unsure of..

Little M.

This is her second Christmas.  She’s fully aware of how to open gifts, play with toys, play with boxes, play with paper.. etc. 

But what am I going to give her? 

My parents are most likely going to get here that Rockstar Elmo that plays the drums and sings songs.  M loves watching Elmo sing whenever we find ourselves in the toy aisle.

I was going to get her the first and second season of The Fresh Beat Band and both CDs of their music.

But, I can always let her watch episodes off of Netflix.. so why spend the money on the DVDs?!?

She’s also very much into Dora the Explorer.. so I can probably find something for her Dora-related..

I just don’t know what to get her..

I think I’m going to have to take her to Toys R Us and let her roam the aisles so I can see what sort of toys she is drawn to.  Then I can make my selection from there..

How did you decide what to give your toddlers for Christmas?

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