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‘Me time’ happens when the girls fall asleep.

It’s during that time that I can watch endless Youtube videos, catch up on podcasts, blog, work on products for the Etsy shop, play games on my phone…

Because of this, I go to bed late.  Very late.  I go bed between midnight and 2am.  It just depends on what I’m doing..

The girls will wake up between 6:30am – 8am depending on whether or not there is school that day.

The logical response would be, “Go to bed earlier.

I guess I could.  There are some nights that I do.  Some nights, I’m just so tired that I abandon all that I feel I need to do and I just fall asleep.  It usually happens after staying up several days in a row.

So I know when to rest.

I’ve always been a night owl.  I like staying up late and I like sleeping in.

I haven’t been sleeping in because the girls like to wake up early.  So while my body is adjusting to waking up early, it hasn’t quite gotten the memo about learning how to sleep earlier.

It’s just the way it works…

Plus, the quiet and the stillness of the middle of the night helps me think better.  I feel much more productive.  My brain seems to work better at night…

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself…

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I watch too much Youtube.

I’ve suddenly become addicted to beauty vloggers and their channels.

I’m obsessing over make-up.

I hardly use make up.

However, I do have a bit of a make-up stash.  While I don’t  usually wear it, I love buying it.

Watching all those Youtube videos made me decide to start using it.

However, all those Youtube videos make me want to BUY ALL THE MAKEUP!

My mom and I recently went to Ulta and purchased about $200 worth of make up products.  It’s a good thing we decided to split the cost!

It’s so easy to get sucked up into the world of make up.  Those beauty vloggers really know how to sell a product and make me drool over them.

Shimmer eye shadow to make your eyes pop.  Highlighter to brighten and make your face look awake.  Liquid lipsticks.  High end brushes.


Hashtag.  The struggle is real.

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At around Easter time, we planted flowers.

You can read about it, here.

It started off as two, but more trips to Target meant finding more of those little $1 plant growing kits.

Preschool and “spring” also meant planting seeds and watching them grow.

So now, we have seven plants.

Let me correct that, we have seven pots of plants that we are tending to.  As for the number of actual plants that are growing…. see for yourself.


The two terra-cotta pots were the two flowers we started with.  That big plastic cup holds marigolds from M’s preschool class.  The rest are supposed to be tomatoes, cilantro, basil, strawberries and green peppers.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put labels down as I planted them.  So whatever decided to grow will be a total surprise to all of us!

Out of the seven pots shown above, only FOUR seem to be growing.

I’ll keep you posted.

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Ok.  I’ll admit it.

I’m getting lazy.

And it’s around this time that I usually drop the blog and take another unannounced break.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard keeping this up.

I have a good long list of blog topics to write about, and I’m too lazy to do them

Mainly because a lot of them involve pictures and it’s a little bit more of a hassle to add pictures to the blog.  There’s the watermarking, the uploading, the html adding…

What happened to the days when I just aimlessly typed whatever I wanted and it didn’t have to make sense?

I guess they are gone now.  I mean, I had to grow up eventually, right?  This blog needed to gain some maturity and some direction.  I’m not just some over emotional young adult discovering this new platform of blogging to express myself.  All the ‘teen angst’ I was actually too old for is just not who I am anymore.

So, I push through.

I give into the laziness and write a rambling post like this.  And then I push through

I will push through the long list of blog topics I have in the hopes that people will want to read what I have to offer.

But tonight, I ramble.

At least it’s not giving up and abandoning the blog… AGAIN!

I’ve got a long list of topics to tackle and I can’t be lazy about it anymore.  It’s time to push through and get it done.

What do you do when you find yourself too lazy to blog?

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A year or two ago, I joined the Top Mommy Blogs network.

The idea was to help generate traffic by climbing the ranks of the network through reader votes.  All the readers had to do was click on the little button I would paste at the end of each blog post.

At my best, I was within the top 50 blogs of my category.

Now that I’ve taken a year off of actively pasting the button on the bottom of entries, I’ve dropped down to around #150-ish in my category and about #570-ish overall.

Can we change that?

I’m going to start pasting that little badge at the bottom of each blog post and all you have to do is click it!  There is no sign-up.  There is no subscribing.  Just click the badge.

Clicking the badge will send you to the Top Mommy Blogs voting page.   If you like my blog, please consider clicking the ‘yes’ side of the screen.  Clicking that will send you to the actual Top Mommy Blogs site where you can browse other blogs, or you can close your browser and call it a day!

Click the badge each day after a new blog post is posted.  One vote per day will help me climb the ranks once again and help me gain more exposure.

Seems easy, right?

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As I’m typing this, it’s about 12:30 am.

Hubby is snoring.  Both girls are sprawled on our bed.

I’m sitting up in the middle of the bed.  The laptop is bunched up on top of the comforter.  I also have the baby’s foot on my lap.  #cosleeping

It’s not the most comfortable position, but it’ll do for now.

I can feel my feet starting to fall asleep from the lack of proper circulation.

But this is how I blog.

I try to crank out between 3 to 5 blog posts on nights that I write.  Some nights are easier than others.  Some nights I’m plagued with writer’s block and try desperately to remember anything amusing that has happened in the last few days.

I have a ‘note’ in my phone dedicated to blog topics.  When something happens worth blogging about, I try to type it into my phone to remember later.  It tends to help on those days I have writer’s block.

On nights I don’t blog, I’m usually in the other part of the house creating cards or fulfilling Etsy orders.

On nights I don’t work on cards or the blog, I’m spending a good part of this time on my phone.  I spend this time savoring the quiet “alone” time by watching Youtube videos or scrolling through my Facebook feed.




I’ve been watching Sex and the City on my iPad.

Thank you, Amazon Prime.

This has got to be the third time that I have gone through this series in my lifetime.  I can’t help it.  Once I start it, I have to go through the whole series.  It doesn’t seem to get old.  It’s gotta be one of my favorite television shows.

I find myself narrating my blog posts as I type it in a total “Carrie Bradshaw” way…

I think it’s amusing.

Looking back on the blog posts from before I took my six month hiatus, I notice that I was beginning to incorporate more pictures into the blog posts.


As I’m slowly starting to get back into the blogging world, I will work on adding more photos to my blog posts.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.


Look who’s back!

I’ve missed this little space in the blogosphere!

Life got the best of me and I was feeling so overwhelmed.  Something had to go to the wayside, and apparently, it was this blog.

I did try to start another blog, a food blog.  It’s Joe, Party of 4, if you’re interested.  Even that fell to the wayside.  I do plan on bringing that blog back, as well.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

I missed blogging.  I missed this outlet.

Instead of tentatively thinking about starting this up again, I decided to just do it.  So here I am.

So much has happened since my last posting, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

I’m still not sure what direction this blog is going to go, but I’m just going to keep blogging until I figure it out!

Stay tuned, this is gonna be fun!


The stories are all over social media.  Someone does a good deed.  Those stories show that there are still good people in this world.  Despite all the negativity in the news and in this world, there is a glimmer of hope that good still exists.

I never thought it would happen to me.

I never thought I’d be the recipient of a random act of kindness.

But on August 6th, I was.

It was my second attempt at going to the DMV to renew my license.  The first time, I didn’t realize that the DMV opened an hour later than normal and since Hubby was on vacation, we had places to go.  So, I decided to try again two days later.  Two days later, I find myself in line again for the DMV.

While in line, a DMV employee was going down the morning line making sure everyone had the proper paperwork.  I was given a clipboard to fill out some last minute information and noticed a sign on the clipboard.


Cash?  Not enough in my wallet.  Check book?  In my other purse.  ATM Card?  I forgot my PIN# so I couldn’t withdraw any cash.

I call up Hubby again to tell him that I was going home AGAIN because I didn’t have the money to complete the renewal.

The gentleman behind me heard that this was my second attempt to visit the DMV and said he would hold my place in line while I went to the ATM.  I told him that I didn’t know my PIN#.

Then, he shocked me.

He offered to pay for my driver’s license renewal.

I was shocked.  I told him that I wanted to get his mailing address or email address or some sort of information so that I could pay him back.

He told me not to worry.  He said he did stuff like this all the time.  He liked helping people.  He told me the only thing he would like me to do was pay it forward.  He wanted to me to do something nice for someone else in need.

Cue the tears.

I cried.  Tears streamed down my face.  I was so grateful.

My faith in humanity was restored.  It was a great remember that there is still good in this world.

I received my new driver’s license in the mail the other day.  I owe it all to the kindness of one man in line with me at the DMV.  Every time I see my license, I will be reminded that there are still good people out there and that I have to be good to others as well.

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