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I’m sitting here in the living room of my suite.. and my feet are cold.

I’m about to transfer into my bedroom and put my feet under the covers.  That would be lovely.

I’m having fun here in this hotel.  The suite is beautiful and the things I am doing and learning are pretty fun for a science geek.  Last night I went out with some of my collegues and the instructors.  We went to the complimentary happy hour then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory a few minutes away.. walking!

I am literally an alley across from this high-end mall.. I love it.

Not going to buy anything.. and I’ve only been there once.. but I just love the fact that it’s next to me.. hee hee..

I’m here til Friday afternoon.. then it’s back home..

Tomorrow is a huge group dinner.. so I probably won’t be able to get online.. which is a little discomforting for an internet addict like myself.. but I’m learning.

Trying to keep my mind off my upcoming flight to Phoenix (flying scares me.. but I like doing it.. so it’s just a whirlwind of emotion..), I’ve decided to make a list of the things I’ve never done.. and would probably do.. or probably never do..

Aside from those $15 cruises along the Long Beach Harbor.. I’ve never been on a cruise.. you know.. those ones that last for days.. and take you some where fun.. nope.. never done it.. but I will.. one day..

Paid actress
I’ve done a lot of theater in my day.. but it was always community theater.. and the non-paying kind.. it would have been nice to get some money for all the hard work I had done..

Professional family portraits
The fam was never into getting all dressed up and sitting in a studio to get some pictures taken.. the only family pictures we have are when we get dressed up for some party and have some random background.. once.. I was a little tipsy when we took the fam pic.. and it totally shows!

As big of a Disney fan as I am..  I have never been here.. but one of these years.. oh yes.. I will..

I have yet to go to New York.. I would watch as many shows as I can!

I was never in any organized sports league.. never did any of that.. I was.. and am… a complete girly girl that danced.. sports were icky..

Detention or suspension
I was such a good girl in elementary, middle and high school.. that I was never suspended or never had detention.. except I was sent to the principal’s office in kindergarten.. cuz I talked back to my teacher..

Fast food
I have never worked at a fast food place.. nor have I worked at a coffee shop.. but I really wouldn’t have minded the coffee shop..

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now.. I’m sure that when I finish this a whole bunch of things will flood my mind.. but I’m sticking to this list for now.. who knows.. they may be a part two in the future..

Hahah.. OT.. you left me last year for three weeks.. now it is MY turn to leave you..

Well.. for one week..

And.. it’s not like I’m going to some distant, far off land.. like Vietnam.. or Thailand..

I’m going to Phoenix.

And it’s not like it’s a relaxing vacation..

It’s for work.

Ok.. so maybe it’s not anything to get really jealous over.. but I expect you to miss me as much as I missed you while you were gone.. and it’s kinda like being gone for the same amount of time that you were gone because we won’t be seeing each other for a few weeks.. so it’s almost the same…

So it’s my turn to sing..

I’m leaving.. on a jet plane.. I don’t know when I’ll be back again..

Pictures?  Why.. yes.. I have pictures..

These are some of the pictures from

Rachel and Joe’s First Valentine’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!!!!


From Valentine’s Day 2009

That’s my hunny in the kitchen..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

And that’s what we ate.. filipino food.. so yum!

From Valentine’s Day 2009

And what we drank… mudslides..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

The next day.. at Disneyland..

We rode Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters.. not..

From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009


From Valentine’s Day 2009

Four times!!!!

The next morning..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

I swear my boyfriend is under there…

From Valentine’s Day 2009
From Valentine’s Day 2009


That Monday morning was spent being lazy.. and watching TV and the rain fall.. until he finally went home..

That’s all for now.. hope you enjoyed the picture show!!

The weather makes me tired.

I’ve been yawning all day and my eyes are having the hardest time staying open.

What I wouldn’t give right now to just be in my nice warm bed.. in my nice warm room.. in my  nice warm house..

I’m freezing my *beep* off!  I’m so tired I’m practically dizzy..

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the weekend.. so I can deal with all this..

From Valentine’s Day 2009

Isn’t he the sweetest??

OT just left the house.  It’s rainy outside and so I’m hoping he has a very safe drive back to SD where he lives.  It’s an hour and a half away from me.. so I should be hoping to expect a text or something from him by 4:30-5:00ish..

Anyway.. it’s time to recap the festivities from our “First Valentine’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!!!”

He got to my house around noonish.. we went grocery shopping at the Asian food store by my work.. we had lunch at the pho restaurant by the Asian food store by my work.  I also had to bake some red velvet cakes for mom’s outing… make other stuff.  After my parents left for their outting.. OT and I got started on our dinner.. we made Sinigang (my most favoritest food.. ever!).  We also went to Mass.  It’s nice being able to have someone I can fully share my Catholic faith with.  We ate dinner.. and then sat around the house watching movies on TV.. I think we were able to finish “A Walk To Remember” and “The Princess Bride..”

We woke up and got ready for my “surprise date!”  He told me a few days before that he had something planned for us on Sunday but it was a surprise.  I was to wear some casual clothes and then bring something nice to change into.  It so happened that we spend the first part of the day at Disneyland.  He then told me that dinner was going to be at The House Of Blues.. in Downtown Disney.  We had a blast at Disneyland.  It marks off Visit One for the year.  If you recall, I mentioned I wanted to go to the parks at least five times.. I got four more to go.  We get to the parking structure to change and then all of a sudden we’re in the car driving off somewhere.  He then tells me, “oh.. we aren’t going to House of Blues..” but he wouldn’t tell me where.. he just kept saying that we were gonna go where ever his GPS tells him to go.. We end up at the Flemming’s Steakhouse in Newport Beach.. So sweet..

Just a lazy day at home.. watching TV and getting some homework done..

I had a great weekend and really enjoyed myself.. He really is a great guy and I am very blessed to have him around.  He makes me happy and I hope I do the same for him.

I won’t be seeing him for about three weeks now.. it makes me sad.. but we’re always connected through our phones and  computers anyway..

I really had fun and if he reads this blog.. thank you, thank you, thank you.. you’re wonderful and the bestest!

I’ll try to load the pictures as soon as I finish my paper.. and then probably do a picture blog entry.. let’s hope I do it before the next Valentines day!

Tomorrow officially starts

Rachel and Joe’s First Valentine’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!!!!!!!

Ya.. I know.. I said I never put much into Valentine’s day.. and here I am having a “weekend extravaganza..”

It’s not what you think.. really…

We’re spending all of tomorrow at home.. He’s coming tomorrow and then we’re going to do some grocery shopping and then we’re going to cook ourselves a nice dinner.

Yes.. we’re domesticating our Valentine’s Day extravangza!

He’s got some plans on Sunday.. he’s keeping them a surprise from me.  It involves going out to Orange County and thats all he’s telling me. 

It should be fun.  I know it will be fun because we get the whole three day weekend together.

Even if we didn’t do anything at all, it’s just nice to have him around.. those are the weekends I cherish the most..

As I am sitting here at work.. with sadly.. nothing to do.. I realized that I was lacking in one more category for this lovely blog of mine..

My life as a musical..
This is for the occasions where I feel like I could break out into song and dance at any minute.  This is where the song lyrics live in my life and in my head..

So.. anyway.. how’s that for a “random-ism.. “

Has anyone seen that new Knight Rider.. ok.. so I’m a few seasons too late..

But.. O.. M.. G..

He’s a cutie!

Ok.. that is all..

I’ve decided that what this blog needs is some categories. 

Yes.. my ultimate nerd-dom has gotten the best of me and I decided that we are going to go with..

Living life in the carpool lane.. version 2.0!
Now.. with nifty categories!

I don’t want to sift through all the past posts and categorize them all.. what do you think of me??  You think I’m some sorta uber-geek? 

Well.. maybe.

I just thought that maybe I’d list out the blog categories.. and start categorizing my blog posts from here on out!

Blast to the past
This will be used for the times that I decide to take a trip down memory lane and give you a story of my life.. from the people I have met.. to the places I have been.. to the person I once was.. it’s just a blast from the past!

Boyfriend.. girlfriend.. relationships..
This is probably the category that OT would benefit the most from reading.  This will feature entries that pertain to anything concerning our relationship.. and maybe sometimes things that DON’T directly relate.. but need to be mentioned..

Oh, the many lists..
If you haven’t noticed reading some of the past entries.. I like making lists of stuff.. this is the category to do it.. and it looks like this entry may be the first one.. so proud!

For those times that an entry just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.. this is the place it will go!

The crystal ball..
When I reflect on what I want to do.. who I want to become.. and how I can go about doing this.. my goals and resolutions.. my dreams and aspirations.. all in the crystal ball..

And there you go, readers and writers..

Version 2.0 is up and live!!!

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