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In some random conversation, Hubby and I were talking about what age we met each other.

He had just turned 30.  I was 27. 

The conversation then progressed into the following…

Me:  And it was all downhill from there.
Hubby: Yup!
Me:  How sad, you could at least say something nicer..
Hubby:  Yes dear.  It was all UPHILL from there.  Me: ….

Somehow, that didn’t seem like a nicer response….

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It’s that time of the year when I start looking back at Hubby and my relationship.

Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the very first day we met.  We met at a Korean BBQ restaurant, so in continuing our tradition, we will be eating Korean BBQ for one of our meals today.  Yum!

Six years! 

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve grown a lot in these past six years.  We’ve truly become a family. 

We’ve had our share of adjustments, especially when M came along, it was a major adjustment. 

I feel that only in the past year or so that we’ve finally found our stride again.  We are laughing more, sharing more, cuddling more. 

Because M was born so fast into our marriage, we had to learn how to become husband and wife AND parents all at once.  I don’t regret having M so soon into our marriage, but I will say that it was a major jolt to the relationship.  It wasn’t bad, it was just different.  We shook up our dynamic by bringing in a child so soon.  It’s been work getting us to this point, and I feel like we are finally at an equalibrium.  We’ve found our balance between married and parents.  We’ve found our stride.  We’ve found our routine.

I know that eventually we will be bringing in another child into the mix (no, not pregnant yet).  There will be another round of adjustments.  There will be another time of unbalance and uncertainty.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be laughter and tears. 

But I know that we are a team, and above all, we are a family.  We will always find a way to work together and make it work. 

There’s no one else I’d rather go through life with..

Happy “first meeting” anniversary, Hubby! 

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This past weekend marked Hubby and my 5 year anniversary.

In April, we celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our 1st date, but in May was when we became an official couple.

Five years has flown by so fast.  Ever since we started dating, it seems like our lives just moved in warp speed.  Within 5 years, we started dating.. got married.. had a kid.. wow!

I know I say this every anniversary.. but I still can’t believe the turn of events that have occurred since we started dating.  It’s been blessings all the time!

We’ve had lots of ups.. some downs.. and surprisingly, rarely any tears (knock on wood!).  It’s been an adventure that I hope continues to be as fun and loving as it is..

We didn’t do much for our anniversary.. honestly, we both kind of forgot about it (it was on Friday.) and just went along with our regular day-to-day… we only realized what the date was that night.. by then it was really too late to do anything..

We did get to spend a wonderful weekend together as a little family (recap here) and made some wonderful memories.

Here’s to another five years.. and another five years.. and another.. and another.. and another after that!

I love you, Hubby!!

It’s that time of the year when I start reminicing about the beginnings of the relationship that is Hubby and I, or me, or mine.. what’s the correct word to use?!

Anyway, five years ago today was when Hubby and I met for the first time at Korean BQQ.

Everytime since then, or at least since we’ve been living together, we have been going to whatever Korean BQQ is available.  Since we have a toddler, we don’t really go to the “cook your own” type restaurants. 

Last year, M was eating baby food when we went.  Now, she can enjoy some food!  That’s exciting.

We have to figure out where we are going to go.  Because it’s a Friday night, it’s going to get busy fast, so we might have to go early.

I can’t believe five years have come and gone so quickly.  That seems like ages ago, but feels like a blink of an eye. 

Thank God Lent is over and we can have yummy Korean BBQ meat today!  Yay!

Hubby:  What date is it today?
Me: April 26th, why?
Hubby:  Nothing.. just wondering..

After a few minutes, I finally realize what he was trying to tell me this morning..

Today is the 3 year anniversary of our first date. 

I think I got through this every year on this date.. so I won’t elaborate much anymore..

Let’s just say that I’m really blessed that we had that opportunity to meet.. and now to build our future together. 

Marriage.. and starting a family.. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to do this all with..

So.. I know you read this.. happy 3yrs date-iversary! 

Hey hun, why is the seat wet?!

Three years ago, my besties and I took a trip to Sea World..

Little did I know that very day would be the beginning of the rest of my life..

Three years later.. I’ve been married for a little over five months.. and a little over three months pregnant with our first child..

All of that to the guy I met at the Korean BBQ place and shared my rice with..

So amazing how God points you in a direction and guides you through it all.. it’s just amazing..

Anyway.. I’m pretty sure I wrote something similar last year when it was our two year anniversary of meeting each other..

And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing something similar every year for the rest of our lives..

We’re starting a tradition that I wanted to start last year.. but since we weren’t living together yet.. it was difficult since it didn’t fall on a weekend..

This year.. and hopefully every year afterward.. we are going to eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant.. we will bring out children with us.. so they can appreciate our history..

Corny?  Maybe.. but I think it’s important that our children know that their parents love each other and will hopefully strive for a relationship that will be fulfilling and will make them as happy their parents..

So.. Korean BBQ tonight.. can’t wait!!!

Joe and I recently made our first major purchase together.. a desktop Mac computer.. an iMac!

This purchase has actually helped us a lot because he took it to his house to use since we do not live together yet.  We have been doing a lot of video chatting for the wedding planning.

This is us acting silly and learning all the little features that iChat has for us to offer.

Gotta love technology.. makes a “long-distance relationship” a lot closer!

With my wedding quickly approaching (there’s almost 4 1/2 months left!).. my coworker asks me.. “are you scared?”

I told her… I’m not scared of the marriage.. I’m scared of the wedding.. and by being scared of the wedding.. I told her it was because there is just so much to do and time is just flying!

She asks me why I’m not scared of marriage and I told her that I’m excited to finally find someone that I can be completely myself with.. and to have that comfort and security of having and giving unconditional love..

She asks if I’d get bored seeing the same person everyday for the rest of my life..

I didn’t even have to think about that.. my answer was a definitive “No.”


Hmmm.. because I won’t.  I know I won’t.. but can explain why I won’t?

Can we all really explain why?

Here’s my question to all you lovely married couples.. and those in long term relationships..

Are you scared of being bored with your significant other in the long run?  Why?  Why not?

Wedding planning has definitely slowed down in these past few weeks..

The running around trying to find vendors is all done.. I’m pretty much set with all the people I’ll needing to work with.. except my day-of wedding planner.. I still need to consult with Joe about that before I finally book it.. I really want a day-of planner..  I think it would relieve a lot of the day-of stresses that could occur..

We’ll see..

But what I am experiencing is the calm before the storm..

I’m just putting the simple things together before I dive into invitation making.. and after the invitations get mailed the chaos of table seating charts and rsvps will begin.. but I’m ready for that.. I’ve got my computer and a calm head.. sort of.. mainly I’ve got my mom and aunts to help me with that.. 

I’m just enjoying the calm..

Sometimes I wish the wedding would come sooner.. but that’s because there’s nothing for me to be scrambling about doing at the moment.. I just enjoy the browsing and daydreaming.. and helping other friends that have found themselves planning a wedding themselves..

Oh ya.. and I’ve also gotten into paper crafts.. I bought my Cricut Expressions and I’m in love with it.. I’ve already made birthday cards for Joe and his mom.. they look decent.. once I build my arsenal of material.. I think my projects will start looking better..

I’ll post pictures of my work.. I promise..

Right now they are in a Facebook album called “Cricut creations..”

I love it!!!

I had the boyfriend over this weekend..

It’s always great having him around.  As time goes by, you would think that I’d be used to the fact that we hardly see each other.. but I don’t.  I’d still love to have that kind of boyfriend that was around a lot more.  I’d love to have that kind of relationship in which people don’t really associate one without the other.

No.. wait.. I take that back..

As long as I think that would be great.. I think I’d still cherish having a separate identity from the “Joe/Rachel” dynamic..

Anyway.. we had a great date night which made me realize that it doesn’t matter where you go anymore.  What matters is the time spent with your significant other.

He and I, well, probably ME more than HE, wanted to go out for a “date night.”  It had been awhile since we did the whole “dinner and a movie” or “just going out” thing.  The only problem was there weren’t any good movies out… and we wanted to go hit up a lounge at a local casino.. but he didn’t have the right clothes..

So we found ourselves at my house after a dinner with my parents.. and on our respective laptops playing games.. eventually we found ourselves pulling out the old Mah Jong tiles from my parents bedroom and playing Mah Jong the whole night.

That has to be one of the most fun date nights we have had in awhile.  The quality of time was full of memories that I will cherish for a long time.

I learned that dates don’t always consist of some sort of outing, but special times together doing special things.


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