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At my new job, I am pretty much THE ONLY girl working on second shift.

Seriously.  The only girl.

I’m used to be being in laboratory settings in which men are a rare form in the building, but this time.. I’m the lone female..

After working here for about a month, I have learned some very interesting things about men..

Men are messy.
Seriously.  They are messy.  The other day, someone’s cheesy goodness boiled over in the microwave and they left it there to harden.  I don’t know how long it’s been there or how many times other people have microwaved over it, but it was caked on when it came to my turn to use it.  I tried my best to scrape if off, but it seemed fossilized in the microwave.

Men like to talk.
Men like to talk, about everything.  It leads to interesting conversation, therefore I hardly have a dull day at work.

Men are competitive.
They like to outdo each other, or talk about how they can outdo each other.  They are very competitive among themselves.

Men are pretty careful around “the only girl.”
Being the only girl, most of the guys tend to be pretty nice to me.  Some of the guys could care less that I’m there, but most of the guys are pretty  nice when it comes to acknowledging my presence when they walk by the lab, or when I’m roaming the floor.

Men laugh.
Men like their jokes.  Men like to laugh and be witty.  Men like it when a girl can hang with their jokes and their wit.  Men like it when girls act too girly or too good for their man-jokes, or man-attitudes.  I think the more down to earth a girl is, the more easier it is to be in a man-centric environment.

So far these are the things I’ve observed about men in my work environment.  I’m sure as time goes on my observations will be more in depth and more insightful.  So far, so good.  Let’s just hope it stays that way.

Christmas Day is over.. the presents have been opened.. and now I have one confession to make..

I am a terrible gift giver…

There’s this certain stress that comes along with gift giving.  I can’t handle it.

I’m always worried that I won’t get them something they want.. and then I also worry that someone else will be giving them the same thing.

I do so much better when I’m given a list  of things that the gift-receiver would really like to have.  But it’s difficult to acquire when some people just don’t find gift-receiving a priority.

I survived the gift-buying.. but I can’t say that I enjoyed it much.

I take that back.. I love giving.. it’s just the stress of not knowing if I’m doing right is what gets me..

I think I just over-analyze the art of gift-giving too much.

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a great Christmas day.. and remember that Christmas is a SEASON.. not just a day.. and always remember why we even have Christmas.. thanks be to God!

Every year Christmas seems to come faster and faster.. the years just seem to feel shorter and shorter.

Christmas sneaks up on me and I’m never prepared.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Well.. not here.. the past weekend’s weather was icky and dark and rainy.. but today is just absolutely sunny and beautiful.

Throughout the month of December I have found myself in t-shirts and jeans.. in DECEMBER!

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas..

Sure.. the radio stations are playing the music.. the malls are INSANE.. and it is cold..

But.. every year it just gets harder and harder for me to get into the “Christmas spirit..”

Going to Church every Sunday reminds me just what we are all preparing for.. but its still so hard for me to embrace that Christmas spirit..

I don’t know.. I guess I’m just never prepared for this time of the year.. time flies by so fast that I never realize where we are headed to..

If time learned to slow down.. just a little bit.. maybe I could appreciate a year and all it’s seasons a lot more than I do now..

Is that depressing?!

I’ve pretty much dropped every other game I’ve been playing on Facebook, except that Treasure Madness game.

I think I’m seriously addicted to it.

I WAS almost done with the maps that they were given, but then they keep adding a few more.. which is ok.. I’d hate to think I’d actually finish the game without finishing all the collections.

However, I hope that they add more collections for us to collect stuff for.

The only thing that sucks is that I’ve been getting the same items over and over and over.. for collections I’ve finished ages ago!

Sheesh.. I’m such a nerd.

I can’t help it though.. I’m obsessed with the mini-games.. especially Pearls Mania..

I’m about to finish Farm Island soon.. I’m thinking of tackling Huge Island next..

Maybe I’ll squeeze in some homework along the way.. hee hee..

We’re in the second week of Advent and i can’t believe how fast this season is progressing.  Before we know it, we’re celebrating Christmas and the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

One thing I learned in the recent years was that the season of Advent was not just a Catholic thing..

As a Catholic, we have our own set of liturgical seasons in addition to the calendar seasons.. such as Lent.. my understanding is that Lent is mainly a Catholic thing.. please correct me if I’m wrong..

But Advent.. that was a surprise to me.. until I started to notice many Advent calendars being sold in various places such as Target and Disneyland.. and I knew someone of a Christian faith that had told me that they celebrated Advent..

It makes sense for Advent to be something recognized by all Christian faiths.  We are all preparing for the birth of Christ in December.  We all celebrate Christmas, why wouldn’t we all recognize the time period beforehand as a time of preparation.

So lets take a moment out of our busy schedules.. the Christmas shopping.. the hustle.. the bustle.. and chaos.. and everything in between.. to really recognize this time of year for what it truly is… the birth of Jesus Christ.. let us prepare for his coming..

I’m working on my schedule trying to figure out my “groove” since I’ve gone to the second shift.  It’s just such odd hours.  While everyone is enjoying the rest of their day and night, I’m at work.  I’m working during the same hours everyone else is watching some wonderful prime-time TV.

Thank goodness for DVR.

It’s an easy shift.  The workload and the people there are alright.

I like the way it’s so easy going but I wish that easy going atmosphere came with a better set of hours.

I can’t complain though.  I have a job and I’m grateful.

I just need to figure out how to make more time for the gym.. and homework.. and blogging..

Bear with me.. I’ll make time..

So.. I have a new job.. newer than the new job that I started in September..

Without getting into it too much.. let’s just say that there were things that I didn’t expect when taking that job.. and it didn’t sit well with me.. so I made the executive decision to just quit.. hands clean.. and never look back..

That brings me to this new job.. I work as the Quality Assurance Tech for a pet food company.. and I’ve been there for a week..

It’s.. interesting..interesting good and interesting bad.. let me explain:

Interesting good
I’m doing quality control and assurance on batches and batches of pet food.  It’s overwhelming to think that I am partially responsible for some of the petfood you are all buying your dogs.. and cats.. it’s amazing to think that I have to check it to make sure that it’s suitable to sell.. it’s a learning experience.. and smells a lot better than the vet lab I used to work for..

Interesting bad
It’s a mix of manual labor.. and laboratory work.  Since I’m working in a huge manufacturing plant.. I have to have the hard hat.. steel toed shoes.. ear plugs.. eye protection.. the works.  I’ll be getting a uniform as soon as they give me one.. so I come home sometimes dusty and smelling like dog food.. My hair is always flat because of the hard hat.. I can no longer have manicures.. and I can’t wear my ring.. so that means that if Joe ever pops the question.. I won’t be able to flash my fancy bling around at work.. haha..

Today was interesting.. I was learning how to test finished product and I didn’t realize that it meant I had to pull random bags from the assembly line.. well.. today.. the bags were 52lbs!


On a good day.. I weight between 120-125lbs.. that bag is a little less than half of what I weigh!!  And they expect me to eventually be able to pick that up?!


That is pretty much the worse part of my day.. the heavy lifting..

I’m scared I’ll get man-hands.. eek!


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